What you may have missed (November 9 - November 15)

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Hello IM Community.  We have so much going on including Live Updates from CA World, roll-out of Product Surveys + Migration of Case Management for UIM Customers to


Your participation in product surveys is very important and we want your candid feedback.  Please follow this link for more information about how you can share your opinion about our products --> Product Feedback: Survey Launched!

--> read this message from kiran_diwakar, Product Management, about the CA Spectrum Product Survey:  New Spectrum NPS Survey


* For UIM Customers * (case management migration + beta opportunity)

  1. FAQ: Support Portal Training Tips for CA UIM and CA CSM Users
  2. Webcast Recap: Migrating from
  3. We are looking to BETA for a new SD Gateway Probe
  4. We have two Open Polls - please participate!
    1. What database do you use with UIM?
    2. How long have you been using UIM?


This week is CA World '15.  If you were not able to attend you can still catch the keynotes live and online. Follow this link to register --> Missing CA World '15? Watch the Keynotes Live Online

Other CA World Information:

Going to CA World '15 and have SDN/NFV initiatives??

Meet The CA UIM Experts At CA World

Meet the CA UIM Product Managers @ CA World

Featured CA Unified Infrastructure Management (CA UIM) Customer Speakers @ CA World (Part 1)

Important: Spectrum Session/s @ CA World

CA Spectrum Users!! All The CA World '15 Sessions here...


Stay close and follow the CA World '18 community for more CA World '15 updates!



Tech Tip: Published Knowledge Docs Oct-Nov

Tech Tip: Where can I find a list of the latest NFA Knowledge Base Articles?

Tech Tip: Upgrading Gigastor

Tech Tip: MySQL 5.6 Performance

Tech Tip: NETAPP - how to replace the OID in probe configuration

Tech Tip: Unable to login to devices using Secure Shell from the OneClick console


Spec KB: How to configure the CA Spectrum post_olb_script to perform a DDM back-up at a specific time

Spec KB: CABI 4.1 installation fails with a SidebySide error

Spec KB: Options and best practice to update device model connections in CA Spectrum?

Spec KB: Error importing SRM content when attempting to enable Spectrum Report Manager and CABI integration



Get your NFA system healthy with the new CA Remote Engineer "Check UP"


NEW IDEAS - Please cast your vote !


CA Spectrum

Define and lock an IP Address for Virtual Machines in Spectrum

Disable Maintenance Mode Attribute

Specify the exact version tested for Device Certifications


CA Unified Infrastructure Management

Exceptions to maintenance mode

[UIM] Request - Tools for Import / Export SLA/SLO definitions/profiles

Filtering functionalty in discovery_server

Origin that qos_processor probe genarated for group filter on USM

IBM V5000 probe

Url_response probe QOS_URL_STRINGFOUND

Delegate dashboard design access to account contact

maintenance_mode on secondary nas

Auto Enablement of Disk I/O reports and other Parameters

Add the capability to "rename" a profile within the logmon probe.

Online Sizing Tool

Validate package health before ace probe inserts to database

AWS probe pulls old irrelevant data from the RSS feed

AES 256-bit encryption discovery for SNMP v3


CA Network Flow Analysis

Iftype exclusion device-interface specific intelegence


CA Unified Communications Monitor

UCM should support latest Java version


CA Performance Management

Create a group or collection using a batch job instead of manually creating rules

AWS probe pulls old irrelevant data from the RSS feed


CA eHealth

eHealth installation when Server and Service account belongs to different domains



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