What you may have missed (November 16 - November 29)

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--> Support Migration for UIM Customers:

Changes to CA UIM and CA CSM Support Procedures

November 2015 Webcast - Migrating from

--> Stay close and follow the CA World '15 community for more post CA World '15 updates!

--> ADA 10.4 Single Port Monitor on Windows 2008 R2 Issue

--> Get Involved, can you answer this (Spectrum) question --> Users Per One Click



[Press Release]  CA Technologies Unveils New Solutions to Drive Business Agility in the Application Economy - CA Technologies

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CA Unified Infrastructure Management: Usability Survey 2015

How long have you been using UIM?

What database do you use with UIM?



Tech Tip: SRM initial alert

Tech Tip: How to Schedule Automatic Packet Captures Using tshark

Tech Tip: SCOM Connector Service starts and stops

Tech Tip: How to capture SNMP packets

Tech Tip: Throttled Port Polling

Tech Tip : ORA-04021: timeout occurred while waiting to lock object ORA-06512: a).

TECH TIP: Is eHealth's license Ip Based?

Spec KB: Third party apps, Windows kernel memory and Spectrum

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Needs Product Category defined:

[Test Profile] on logmon probe will be failed if monitored file name is including wildcard(*)

ntservices probe i18n support


CA Performance Management

95 percent report

SNMP polling configuration improvement

Mass Modify in CA PC

Collect Latency metrics to specified interface address

Specific permissions in "My Dashboard"

IM Device MultiView: support sorting by Device Name when component names are the same


CA Unified Infrastructure Management

Certificate age monitoring with url_response should send QoS

Error details shown when failing to add a MIB to UIM Self Cert portlet.

vCloud probe support for higher encryption

Improved aws probe functionality



Naming wires in Project Wizard


CA Spectrum

Spectrum should provide meaningful error messages for SNMPv3 discovery problems


CA Unified Infrastructure Management

Emailgtw probe need to support Traditional Chinese

More flexible QOS units of measurement

Please make CertificationExpirationCheck available as Probe to get QOS for "days remain until SSL expire"

Enhancement Request - Support of Japanese (URL Characters) via the URL probe

CDM ability to alert when no swap space

UIM database password


CA eHealth

Bits value to be shown for NBAR reporting



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