What you may have missed (November 30 - December 6)

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Hello Community, there are lots of opportunity for you to get involved in our community and I am hoping you have noticed a spike in our CA product team(s) asking you, the community, to participate in things like usabilty interviews and studies and to participate in polls.    At the end of the day, this is all because we are on a mission to prove and demonstrate that your satisfaction is a very important priority.  I am here as your Community Manager to help deliver that message.  Please read on:



Spectrum Reporting DB Schema and Samples

Re: CA Performance Management – Usability Interviews - Volunteers Needed!

Re: We are looking to BETA for a new SD Gateway Probe

CA Unified Infrastructure Management: Usability Survey 2015

Product Feedback: Survey Launched!



Tuesday, January 12 --> IM Community Webcast - CA Spectrum 10.1 Details with Vision and Roadmap

Thursday, January 14 --> IM Community Webcast - Introducing CA Virtual Network Assurance



Office Hours for CA NFA --> read the transcript --> CA Network Flow Analysis Office Hours Transcript - December 2015



Re: Spectrum CA World 2015 Presentation

CA Support “Chat” Off to a Great Start!

CA data center infrastructure management (DCIM) 4.6x and CA ecoMeter 4.70, 5.00 resources



Tech Tip: Knowledge Docs Published November

Tech tip: How to backup your nas alarms

Tech Tip: Published Knowledge Docs Oct-Nov



CA Virtual Network Assurance



CA Network Flow Analysis

SSL configuration automatic during NFA setup


CA Spectrum

Comments within EventDisp-Files disappear after modifications with the Event Configurator

Don't destroy formattings of the Spectrum EventDisp and CsEvFormat files after modifications with the Event Configurator

Tech Tip: Server Crash in ResCollectorIf::service_policy_change



Logmon: Change default behavior when using "match on every run"

Update alarm on Group/device tree in sync with device alarm detail

Oracle probe should track last successful backup

weblogic probe to support AIX platform

Change the "Job is Held"-parmater in the JOBSCHED-probe


CA Performance Management

Event Rules: Deviation from Normal needed

Need the ability to schedule day of month for monthly email.

Improve Access Permissions to set default group as subgroup

Monitored Device Device type

Export Needed for Iems in the Inventory Tab

CAMM Unwanted_Branch_List: MFs, VCs, Tables should not be created


CA eHealth

nhSaveDb and nhLoadDb should use modern Oracle tools to perform faster again


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