What you may have missed (December 14 - December 27)

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Hello IM Community, we have two HUGE events happening next week and you should really try to attend both.   The first happening January 12 will cover CA Spectrum and kiran_diwakar will be discussing Spectrum 10.1.  The second event happening January 14 will showcase our brand new CA Virtual Network Assurance (CA VNA) solution.  Please let us know if you can attend by clicking on the links below:


--> Tuesday, January 12  IM Community Webcast - CA Spectrum 10.1 Details with Vision and Roadmap

--> Thursday, January 14 IM Community Webcast - Introducing CA Virtual Network Assurance


Then we have this event!   Listen in as Alquin Gayle Alquin, Advisor of CA Platform Engineering talks about how CA uses our Unified Infrastructure Management solution here at CA.

IM Community Webcast - CA on CA: Featuring CA Unified Infrastructure Management (UIM)



Tech Tip: Error when launching Spectrum 10 Command Line Interface on Linux

Tech Tip: Is it possible to stop or delete disable autowatches from the Spectrum OneClick Console that were configured in sysedge

Tech Tip: How to disable UAC in Windows 2012

Tech Tip: Error seen when running a backup of a device configuration in Spectrum NCM

Tech Tip: How to Add Variables to Linux/Solaris

Netflow enabled interfaces with ifType 1 don't show up in NFA 9.3.3.

Spec KB: How to revert back to "Basic Authentication" from CAC Authentication.

Spec KB: Error exporting Cabi data using Import Wizard:Failed to create JVM

JUNE Published Tecdocs / Tech tips / Posts to Spectrum Community board



CA eHealth Adds Support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.x (RHEL 7.x)

User Resource Notification for

Spectrum WLC & AP Support - Incorporated Feedback..



BLOG: More complexity doesn’t have to mean less visibility in the software-defined world



CA UIM Overview for Managed Service Providers

Customers and CA Experts Talk About CA UIM at CA World 2015



There are many ideas around the Spectrum Maintenance mode. Are there any changes planned?

System Edge should report zpool informations

Enhance the Spectrum/OneClick Event Manager error handling

Different Poll interval for services & Processes

Enable QoS Monitor functionality back in UIM8.3+

Probe Monitoring network cards OS400

SNMPGET should be able to query based on MIBs


CA Unified Infrastructure Management (UIM)

Launch a specific Report or Graph directly from the Alarm

Enhancement Request - Japanese language support on script recorders (e2e)

Support for Skype for Business Server 2015

Enable QOSMonitor type features again

Query discovery server - Schedule - SNMP Collector

CA UIM Oracle DB scalability improvement

Support for Clustered Hyper-V environments

Enable message editing & creation of custom messages in url_response in Admin Console

SLA reports on USM

Maintenance Mode - Add Robot to Maintenance After It Has Gone Down

process probe requires /usr/ucb lib to run

OS400 Probe sysstat print variable  Auxiliary Storage Pool  in percentage

If the disk latency alarm is triggered on a host, it is not possible to tell what VM is most responsible for this

hostname resolution is disabled for security reasons

UIM HTML5 Widget/Data Source: JSON


CA Performance Management

WebService Buffering Requests


CA Network Flow Analysis

NFA automatic interface purge


CA Spectrum

Show User Cleared Alarms in Cleared Alarms History

Request: New arithmetic event procedures

Creating watches which can handle if an instance doesn't exist

Allow removing attributes from Spectrum database after they've been mapped

Allow NCM Block Policy to be rule-based in order to make granular and conditional policies




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