What you may have missed (February 1 - February 14, 2016)

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Hello Community, The month of February was extremely busy in our community and what you see below only represents the first half of the month.  Either way, thank you for all your contributions.    I wanted to call to your attention that we have a new Events page --> CA Infrastructure Management




March 22:

IM Community Webcast - Consolidated Device Certification Program for CA UIM, CA PM and CA eHealth


March 24:

CA Office Hours for CA UIM, PM and eHealth - A Live Online Chat


March 29:
IM Community Webcast - Vision and Roadmap for CA Unified Infrastructure Management


March 31:
CA UIM Office Hours: A Live Online Chat


April 5:
Update on CA eHealth


April 7:

CA eHealth Office Hours: A Live Online Chat


Webcast Recap: Vision and Roadmap for CA Performance Management and Introduction to Release 2.7

Webcast Recap - CA on CA: Featuring CA Unified Infrastructure Management (UIM)

CA Performance Management Office Hours Transcript - February 2016



February 2016 Webcast - Vision and Roadmap for CA Performance Management and Introduction to Release 2.7

February 2016 Webcast - CA on CA: Featuring CA Unified Infrastructure Management (UIM)



Free script to identify which devices are assigned to a Vendor Certification

nimsoft_alarm_reporter v1.5



Announcing CA Unified Communications Monitor 4.1 General Availability

Why CA feels it is so important to assure the new SDN/NFV networks

ORACLE "CPU January 2016" kits for eHealth posted on CA Support Online



Tech Tip: When importing the signed certificate into the jetty keystore on CAPC make sure to use the correct alias

Tech Tip - UCM 4.1 Enable Automatic DNS Resolve



SLM/SLA reports/wasp should  not allow characters that later on is considered invalid

device list with datasource information


CA Unified Infrastructure Management

UIM - Auto clear for remedygtw probe alarm_ids

"Back" widget for UIM dashboards

"PDS Table" widget for UIM dashboards

MySQL Probe upgrade

UIM - Single source for all discovery.

Logmon Probe - Missing copy profile functionality in Admin Console

USM 8.31 alarm filtering

ntp_repsonse symmetric mode

cuegtw alarm source flexibility

Improvements required when Filtering on Data-Sources (QOS) and MASS Deleting items

Improvements when Copying, Creating new dashboards

Flashing Alarms

UIM Individual Probe-Videos

Cloud Monitor - the option to monitor from all stations at the same time

Server & Devices Uptime report

[CA UIM - Unified Reporter] Ability to display the total unavailability time of multiple SLOs in a SLA report

Monitor temperature- VMware Probe

Release signed NimRecorder extension for current Firefox browser

Robots with basic probes


CA Spectrum

CA Spectrum x CA ServiceDesk Integration - 250 Problem Type Limitation

Event for Spectrum Model deletion

Spectrum_Servicedesk_autocall logs

Improve the representation of Etherchannels/LACP in Oneclick

Move location of server.xml and axis2.xml to $SPECROOT/custom directory

Adding offline possibility for CA Spectrum Wiki

IM/Spectrum Integration - Monitoring Profiles

CA Spectrum One-Click LDAP Caching/Retry when using CAC

User Last Login Information in OneClick Console

Discover Connections for Cisco Fabric Switches

Display links between devices also in World topology view

Maintenance Mode with Load Firmware Task

CA Spectrum, SANM Policy Tupology filter UTF-8 character support

Small Improvements for the Wireless Information View in Spectrum 10.1

Spectrum to provide time of DELTA counter watch calculation


CA Network Flow Analysis

NFA Reserved Seating rules by "Host"

CAPM and NFA polling redundancy



Enhancement Request for Solaris 11.2

UCS AIM for supporting UCS 2.2



Subject Mail - Trouble Ticket

[SRM] Support encrypted LDAP communication


CA Performance Management

Support for multiple CAPC’s for scalability and physical multi-tenancy

CAPM and NFA polling redundancy

IM/Spectrum Integration - Monitoring Profiles

Option to sync DA-filtered items to CAPC to report on historic data

Deleted interface, pinned to view as context value on dashboard page, doesn't allow re-use of same view settings

CAPC/PM SNMP Traps need Breach Value in Trap



LAST EDITION --> What you may have missed (January 4 - January 31)