What you may have missed (February 29 - March 20, 2016)

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Another jammed-packed blog recapping the events in the community from end of February to middle of March.  If you haven't stopped by in a while, this will be a nice recap for you:



Tuesday, April 5 - Update on CA eHealth -->

Thursday, April 7 - Office Hours for CA eHealth -->

Tuesday, April 12 - Introducing CA Spectrum 10.1.1 + demo -->

Thursday, April 14 -  Office Hours for CA Spectrum -->

Wednesday, May 11 - 12 - EMEA CA EM DevXchange -->


*we are trying something new! Office hours immediately following (usually 2 days after) a webcast event. Why? We want to give you a chance to think about what you heard and then have an opportunity to come back and ask questions to the same team that delivered the webcast. let us know what you think!



Webcast Recap: Update on CA Unified Infrastructure Management 8.4

Webcast Recap: Experience a New Admin Console for CA Unified Infrastructure Management

CA UIM 8.4 Office Hours Transcript - March 2016



March 2016 Webcast - New Admin Console for CA Unified Infrastructure Management

March 2016 Webcast - Update on CA Unified Infrastructure Management 8.4



CA Spectrum 10.1.1 - Now GA!

Historic list of GA release dates and support status of CA Unified Infrastructure Management

Spectrum 10.1 - Direct Upgrades from 9.3

UIM/NFA Deployment Guide

How can I maintain control of my highly dynamic and complex SDN/NFV network?



Bookmark this page --> IM Tech Tip Rollup (2016)

CA on CA Tech Tip - DNS Monitoring

CA on CA Tech Tip - Monitoring IBM XIV

Tech Tip Knowledge Documents - February (With Links!)

IM Tech Tip Rollup       (November 2015)

IM Tech Tip Rollup       (December 2015)

TECH TIP: Managing SNMPv3 devices with eHealth

Tech Tip: Alarm on ESX model in maintenance

Tech Tip: The wrong device type is chosen for the Catalyst 2960X-48FPS-L Switch


Spec KB: Adding selectable authentication option to CA Business Intelligence 4.1 BI Launch Pad

Spec KB: Receiving HTTP 404 error when accessing Spectrum OneClick debug page

Spec KB: CA Spectrum 10.0 exception in the tomcat log when enabling Report Manager integration with CABI

Spec KB: Unknown alert for Nimsoft/UIM models received in CA Spectrum

Spec KB: Running CA Business Intelligence 4.1 PostInstall script fails due to missing packages relating to 'bc: command not found’

Spec KB: HTTP 400 errors accessing various pages in CA Business Intelligence 4.1 BI Launch Pad

Spec KB: On a device is it possible to export the list of self monitor resources under system resources sub view

Spec KB: What types of SNMP v3 encryption does Spectrum support

Spec KB: Is it possible to use versions of CABI 3.x with Spectrum 10

Spec KB: Should I use Modeling Gateway (MG) to change versions or upgrade to a Major Release of Spectrum?

Spec KB: Error processing event in Spectrum South Bound Gateway

Spec KB: How can we modify the settings in NCM to reduce the number of configurations being captured at the same time?

CAVI Model Database Export - HOWTO





CA Performance Management

Send View-URL directly per Mail or scheduled

Retrofit Existing Views with New Features

Integrate CAPC with CA APM Cross Data Viewer

Apply Changes to "My User Account"

Mapping of Device ItemIDs between CA PC and DA

Override Speed In and Override Speed Out

Need to increase max number of charts for ON-demand Charts per Item with multi-metric view types

Throw a few dollars to the Netqos NPC and give it an update.

Idea:  Provide trend/tables with sparklines

Show Min & Max Value of a Trendline in same Chart

Create Event Rule out of On Demand Report

Rename Columnnames of Table Views in CA PC

Sync Interface Status to CA CP to improve interface identification and correlation


CA Spectrum

WLC Support for DHCP enabled AP's

Fix Alarm filtering using REST API

EXPECT Support in Spectrum

Schedule Maintenance at the Container Level

Create more model discover options in Spectrum.

Monitor multiple primary addresses on a device

CA Spectrum -Troubleshooter Search Engine

Add spanning tree visualization to Spectrum

NCM Support for CISCO 5500 WLC

UCS AIM adjustment to also support Rack Mounted Servers

Certify additional F5 devices for Spectrum

Certification of Extreme Networks WLC and integration in  Spectrum

Certify Spectrum OneClick for the planned Java releases 1.9 and 1.10


CA Unified Infrastructure Management

ICMP Provisioning API

ibmvm probe - Integrated Virtualization Manager (IVM) Support

Request for enhancement: Create EWS_RESPONSE dashboard for UMP

Read-Only ACL's in Admin Console

Integrate CAPC with CA APM Cross Data Viewer

Include OS Data into Alerts

vmware Probe Raise an Alarm when the Config File becomes unreadable

AS400 pSeries support on UIM

smsgtw probe:make compatible with HUAWEI E5332 Mobile WIFI

Self-Cert Portlet: Exportable custom vendor certs

Update to SDK_Perl

Dashboard showing multiple Drives and Memory

Windows 2012 Support for SNGTW Probe

Add 95th Percentile to UIM List Reports

Probe to monitor faulty NIC

Oracle Probe metric in AAG reports and UMP Console

CDM - posibility to monitor multiple mountpoints as one disk

UIM MCS - Free text field to apply an arbitrary file to arbitrary probe

UIM: get interface information for servers (without SNMP)

UIM: install agent as other user as root

UIM: changing logging path robot

Robot, cdm, processes, logmon support for Debian 8

UMP SelfCert portlet does not support Mozilla's private browsing mode

Use ACL to create dynamic reports

Change QoS Source snmpcollector probe

assign an origin to each vm inside the vmware probe


CA Network Flow Analysis

FIPS setting for Network Flow Analysis



Virtual Assurance for Infrastructure Manager Admin Guide needs to be updated



Improve Database Status page



What you may have missed (February 15 - February 28, 2016)

What you may have missed (February 1 - February 14, 2016)