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Hi Community, This blog series is moving to bi-monthly. There are many opportunities for you to get involved and engaged on community -- see section below "please participate" for latest polls, surveys or opportunities to volunteer.  Also, we have many events planned for FY17 so be on the lookout in about a week or so for new events to be published to the community.



Got an Idea? We’re Listening CA World ’16 Session Ideation

CA eHealth® r6.3.2.12 is Generally Available (GA)

Announcing CA Application Delivery Analysis and Virtual Multi-Port Monitor 10.6 General Availability

Spectrum 10.1.1 Patch List

CA Spectrum Upgrade Content

Top 5 Reasons To Upgrade Spectrum 10.1+

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Interested in SDN? interviews CA's Tim Diep (Director, Product Mgmt) on SDN/NFV Assurance

A Major Threat Looms To SDN/NFV Success
SLIDESHARE:  Research Shows Most Are Not Ready To Manage SDN/NFV



Feedback survey for CA Support App for Case Management

Over 40 features implemented from Community Ideas!

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Tech Tip Knowledge Docs - March

Spec KB: Some Spectrum users are getting: "It is advised you contact Spectrum Administrator to increase client memory limits. Console memory has hit critical threshold of 95%"

Spec KB: NCM Captures fail the majority of the time with “SPC-OCC-11656: Unable to authenticate with SPECTRUM Remote Admin”

An ADA/MTP/APM TIM Release Compatibility List

Supplemental: "How To Configure the CA eHealth® - Single Sign-On Integration"



Webcast Recap: Update on CA eHealth

Webcast Recap: Introducing CA Spectrum 10.1.1 and Demo

CA eHealth Office Hours Transcript - April 2016


April 2016 Webcast - Update on CA eHealth

April 2016 Webcast - Introducing CA Spectrum 10.1.1 and Demo



CA Performance Management

Please add the device status to „Device Life Cycle“ view

Dont Revert Polling Status of Interfaces back to Normal with Change Detection

Ability to change rolled up data points on IM tables view

Ability to Filter Metric Families in ODR for groups where only components included

Save Sorting & Column Width in CAPC Dashboard Table views

Data Aggregator Starting Sequence

Discovery result for devices not responded to ICMP

Export function for discovery result

Add Scale Option to Side-by-Side Interface Utilization View

User dashboard view for metrics families assigned to a device

All users announcement banner in CAPC

Ability to access data sources and retain properties associated with proxied user

Dashboard vs. Context Report Resolution Settings

Provide additional options for Editing Role Rights for User account on Dashboards/Tabs.

Give administrators the ability to Synchronize UCM during off peak hours


CA Spectrum

Idea Updates for CA Spectrum

CA spectrum asset configuration from backend

MIB Support Request for CISCO-PFR-MIB

Service Dashboard Improvement

Basic function: SNMPv3 selection of Authentication and Privacy Protocol

Make Rollup Condition of Universe Model User-aware

Re-Enable Syslog Trap Handling for Cisco ASA Models in Spectrum 10.1

Make it possible to configure a default severity mapping in a severity map file

Configurable Report Manager Database Update

Enhancement request: Spectrum setting to Use device short names (ignore FQDN)

Provide Spectrum Read Only User Role for  SANM Configuration Access Privilege

Option for auto-repair of Archive Manager in case of corruption


CA Unified Infrastructure Management

More descriptive error messaging if non-core ump components are out of date.

Change oracle Probe Internal Query to Potentially Be More Efficient

Logmon regex defined in external file

Power HA Probe

Allow portlets to be set in the Liferay Control Panel

Enhance UIM rest API. New method to read all details from a maintenance schedule

Add sorting levels to SLA's tree in SLM portlet in UMP

UMP SLM Portlet - Add ability to automatically scroll up and down in the SLA tree while using Drag & Drop

UIM portlet SDK

Add support for more special characters to be encoded in custom Dashboards

UIM Unified Dashboard for XenApp

Add "IfAlias" filter to Performance Reports and List Reports

snmpd probe specify suppression key at the PDU variable rules level

Add a Template for the Controller Probe to the UIM Monitoring Configuration Service (MCS)

ems should support high availability

Openshift support.

Spectrum UIM integration regarding UCS


CA eHealth

Alarms available in Live Exception - Report

Scheduled Trend Report for last 2 weeks

Don't associate alarm rules of LE profiles to child elements of subject group members

eHealth compatiblity with EEM 12.51 CR 04



GUI administrators interface page for managing user and system default settings


Read the last edition --> What you may have missed (March 21 - March 31)

UPCOMING EVENTS - Don't miss out on this community webcast:

Tuesday, April 26, Vision and Roadmap for CA Unified Infrastructure Management -->

Wednesday, May 11 - 12:  EMEA CA EM DevXchange -->



Webcast Recap: Consolidated Device Certification Program for CA Unified Infrastructure Management, CA Performance Management and CA eHealth

Consolidated Device Certification Program Office Hours Transcript - March 2016



CA ADA r10.5 / CA ADA MTP r10.5 now GA



Spectrum 10.1.0 Patch List

Featured APMDigest BLOG:  SDN and NFV Can Help Safeguard Service Continuity and Quality in a Digital Age

Aruba Wi-Fi: Controller-managed APs Vs Aruba Instant APs

Important: CABI (BOXI) Downloads Removal from CA Support Site



New Spectrum Videos

March 2016 Webcast - Consolidated Device Certification Program for CA Unified Infrastructure Management, CA Performance Management and CA eHealth



Spec KB: How can I check what the landscape handle is for my SpectroSERVER using the landscape hex value

Spec KB: What is the correct procedure for exporting Policy Manager policies between Spectrum environments?

Spec KB: SpectroSERVER on Windows shutting down with "Out of disk space" message even though there is plenty of disk space

Spec KB: The Viewer could not Process an event. Failed to open the Connection - Error Code:0 [CRWEB00000119]

Spec KB: SRM has not finished starting after upgrade

Spec KB: Enable the CA Spectrum SOI Connector to run 64-bit

Spec KB: Spectrum 10.1 Install / Upgrade Hang

Spec KB: Service Manager Customers are missing in Report Manager

Spec KB: We already have an existing Developer ID provided to us by Spectrum support but we need to know how this can be imported to a new Spectroserver. How is this done?



CA Unified Infrastructure Management

Request for enhancement: Improve DB2 probe with ability to define option to collect QoS information without CI object creation

Enhancement Request for NAS probe

Probe start time for sqlserver probe GUI

Alarm messages in UMP - USM different than those in IM for the same alarm

UIM - url_response probe 4.23

Nimsoft (UIM) probe to monitor KVM Environment.

Local Discovery Probe

Support for NetApp Metro Cluster

update cisco_monitor to handle ALL cisco devices

Add support for user authorization in mongodb_monitor

Reduce Amount of Licenses Keys

Secondary UMP connection information be directly from the data_engine not to the target DB instead on port 1443


CA Spectrum

CA Spectrum: Working with third-party e-mails (Idea)

[Spectrum] Possibility to deactivate SNMPv1/2 trap processing

Make Online Backup enabled by default

Add support for Cisco ACI in CA Virtual Network Assurance


CA Network Flow Analysis

NFA Stacked Protocol Trend in/out - App Drilldown needs ToS trend by App


CA Performance Management

Dark theme in CA Performance Center - ideal for NOC Video Wall


CA SysEdge

SysEdge AIMs shouldn't run as root user

SysEdge should report all(!) IP addresses configured on a device



What you may have missed (February 29 - March 20, 2016)

What you may have missed (February 15 - February 28, 2016)