Are You In the Right Place?  Finding the Right Community.

Blog Post created by MelissaPotvin Employee on Dec 4, 2017

Did you know we have over 10,000 followers in the Infrastructure Management community?  We have folks in here that are our 'regulars' and then we have those that jump in to ask a question, get what they need and leave. We have lurkers, stalkers and all sorts of visitors.. the community thrives with the vast personalities, thoughts, opinions and ideas! 


However, I am starting to wonder if you folks are actually in the right place.   It was about a year ago that we moved some products into their very own communities and we'd like to make certain that you are actually following those new spaces.  It's important to us as a company and trusted partner to make sure that you are receiving timely information about the product(s) you care about.  So .... this begs the question... are you in the right place? If not, let's get you there.


If you are not following the correct product community you might be missing out on:

-Product specific events (webcasts, roadmaps, askCA)

-Announcements (Product or Community Specific)   

-Interesting Blogs and Documents like Tech Tips

-Interaction with Product Managers and Support Engineers for the product(s) you care about

-Networking with like-minded folks


Plus, if you are asking questions in the wrong place, it may take longer for you to get an answer!   


Here is a quick product-to-community table.  Be sure to FOLLOW the communities that matter to you!


Do you care about?Then follow this community

CA Unified Infrastructure Management (UIM)

CA Unified Infrastructure Management 
CA UIM for z SystemsCA Unified Infrastructure Management 
CA SpectrumCA Spectrum 

CA Performance Management

CA Performance Management 
CA eHealthCA Performance Management
CA Virtual Network AssuranceCA Performance Management
CA Service Operations Insight (SOI)CA Service Operations Insight (SOI) 
CA Network Flow Analysis (NFA)you are in the right place. Stay here! CA Infrastructure Management
CA Application Delivery Analysis(ADA)

you are in the right place. Stay here! CA Infrastructure Management


looking for Gigastor? CA Gigastor removed as a category in community. What you need to know

Other Products:  

  • Mediation Manager
  • Unified Communications Monitor 
  • NetVoyant
  • SystemEDGE
  • Virtual Assurance for Infrastructure Managers (VAIM)

you are in the right place. Stay here! CA Infrastructure Management

CA Capacity Management

CA Capacity Management 


If you are looking for CA DCIM please go here: DCIM, NSM 


If you are looking for CA NSM please go here: DCIM, NSM 


It very well may be the case that you will follow numerous communities.  Whatever your situation, we are here to help you find what you need quickly.  I suggest this additional directory:  Community Hack - Find Your ES Product and MF Product Communities 


You can also unfollow a community if you need to change the community you are following and want to limit notifications as a result.


Prior Announcement on this subject: (December 2016)


and there is more you can read in the Training Community

How to Access and Join the Communities 

Following a Tag 


Feedback always welcome, message me MelissaPotvin or leave a comment.