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Dear Spectrum Community Members,



We have been hearing about the problems/issues on integration of Spectrum and CABI from various sources. We are working on each and every issue. And as I talk today the Spectrum and CABI engineering team both are working to provide resolutions towards the issues. Spectrum engineering team will be issuing patch shortly. The patch will address the issues around install and post-install areas.



In addition we are also updating our documentation/Wiki pages around installation, packages, post installations steps, etc. Will also add if any known issues, FAQ’s, recommendations, etc. This will help in clearing confusion because which these issues may have occurred.



Thanks for your patience and cooperation. Please feel free to add your comments. If you want to give a personal feedback then you can reach out to us at, and






Hello CA Mediation Manager Community Members,


CA Mediation Manager Team is pleased to announce GA release of CA Mediation Manager version 2.6. This release aligns with the GA of CA Performance Management version 2.6.


For the information on the release content please see the attached GA letter. For detailed documentation on the 2.6 features please visit the wiki site at CA Mediation Manager Home - CA Mediation Manager - 2.6 - CA Technologies Documentation.


You can obtain the CA Mediation Manager 2.6.0 from the Download Center on

Also see detailed post from Dan Holmes at Introducing CA Performance Management 2.6 and what we learned during Early Access


For any feedback or questions on CA Mediation Manager please feel free add comments or mail me at



Hello All,


We want to confirm that we don't expect CA Mediation Manager to have problems due to Leap Second clock adjustment. There as no known, anticipated issues with upcoming leap second.





PS: For more information on leap second please visit UTC – Coordinated Universal Time and