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Most Sites and applications should be accessible to users 24/7 no matter where they are or which device they are using. It is crucial for an organization to detect performance issues or downtime before user experience is impacted and the application reputation is deteriorated.


Synthetic Transaction monitoring provides an excellent mechanism to verify that your online assets are available and responding quickly. CA App Synthetic Monitor (CA ASM, formerly CA APM Cloud Monitor) is a great solution to detect issues in online resources before the user does. CA ASM conducts checks from an external user perspective to replicate an actual real-time user experience from +90 monitoring stations worldwide.


These synthetic transactions can enrich the deep transaction monitoring offered by CA APM, providing a valuable insight and end-2-end visibility on application availability and performance issues.


In addition, integrating CA ASM with CA UIM is also available via a Field Developed Utility that can bring data and alarms from ASM into CA UIM, providing these key benefits:

- Automatic device views into CA UIM from services monitored by CA ASM.

- Advanced correlation capabilities between CA ASM metrics and CA UIM data.

- Display online asset performance statistics (Connect Time, Download size, Resolve Time...) in the Unified Management Portal.

- Benefit from CA UIM Service Level Agreement (SLA) to report and track availability and performance of ASM monitored services.


CA ASM is offered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based solution and it is the ideal Synthetic Transaction tool to supplement your APM and/or Infrastructure Management data by the 2 integrations described in this post, helping you to deliver high service levels and an exceptional end-user experience.