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What you may have missed (March 23 - March 29)

Blog Post created by Melissa Potvin Employee on Mar 29, 2015

Hello IM Community:  This update covers one week of information for March 23 - March 29.  Be sure to apply proper categories and tags to all your content.  Here are some helpful documents: How to Create Content and Tagging Content in the CA Communities


Reminder to our new UIM Community Members:  A special training location has been established for you right here: Training


Upcoming Events

Office Hours for CA UIM - May 2015

Office Hours for Network Flow Analysis - May 2015

Office Hours for Application Delivery Analysis - June 2015

CA Technologies IM DevXchange May 20-21, 2015

IM Tech event EMEA - May 20-21, 2015 - Ditton Park, UK

We'd love for you to join us on 4/1 for the CA Partner Speedcast: Unified Infrastructure Management (UIM) 8.2 and Big Data, Big Picture Can you see it?


New KBs / Tech Tips

Spec KB: List of third party upgrades in CA Spectrum 9.4

Spec KB: Error messages “No Associated Text” and "….no event format file exists.” seen in the NOTIFIER.OUT

Spec KB: CA Spectrum 9.4 enhancement to NCM Device Capture functionality

Spec KB: When creating a report in Spectrum Report Manager for "Alarm->All->Alarm Activity by User: All" not all users are showing in the available dropdown list menu.

Script to generate Trend,TrendAgg,TopN,Health and Stats Summary reports csv

The specified item was not found.

New KB Article: Event Notification emails from CA Performance Center (CAPC) use HTTP in the URL

New KB Article: Unable to log in to CA Performance Center

Tech Tip: EEM is not currenly supported for single sign on between eHealth and CAPC

IPMI interface doesn't work for new MTP installations


New Videos:

CA Spectrum 9.4.1: Integration with CA UIM to Monitor Virtual Datacenters

CA Spectrum - Top Impacting Outages

CA Spectrum View Root Cause & Symptoms in SOI



CA DCIM Good Practices to Implement Dashboards_belgl01_v1.0.docx

IM Tech event EMEA - May 20-21, 2015 - Ditton Park, UK

CA Unified Infrastructure Management:  January 2015 Monthly Product Release Update

CA Unified Infrastructure Management:  February 2015 Monthly Product Release Update


New Free Utilities:

EMS Load Balancer

CAMM – Alcatel5620Sam Fault Management


New Ideas

SNMPCollector: Ability to turn off polling

Live Chat Options

Show the product category for all ideas in all views of the CA IM Community

enable blog posts in community / category

Periodic status updates from CA for ideas with more than 30 votes.



SPM ping tests on IPv6 interfaces

Spectrum should verify same device after contact restored

Topology-Search option

zh_CN characters trap

Cisco ASR 1001x Device Certification

Sync Custom Alarm Attributes during failover

Improve Spectrum Certification Process



snmpcollector: override template

ntperf superpack template

Make discovery_server and snmpcollector to use the same way of device correlation

Processes probe: Monitor a process based on a pid extracted from a file

A SNMPCollector probe alarm is needed when profiles enter a failure state.

ntservices probe should be able to alert if service state is ANYTHING other than running

UIM - Net_Connect & Maintenance

UIM - Alarms - Table View

UIM - net_connect - Select Multiple groups or device profiles and change settings on all profiles at once

SnmpCollector Enhancement

Enable graphs to display dynamic settings or max values

Robot Alarm Notifcation

Migrate 1hour and daily samples from eHealth to UIM

UIM - SNMP Collector - Add an easier way to see the reason why a profile is in Failure State


Performance Management/Performance Center

Ability to delete interfaces and components on DA

Performance Center request to have the Data Aggregator search field recognize all of the fields in the details page

Auto Export CSV

All (popup) windows should be resizeable



CA Visual Infrastructure - Devices mounted in the same U



CA ecoMeter - Total Current (Amps)

Migrate 1hour and daily samples from eHealth to UIM



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