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Please join us February 13, 2017 at 11am ET for an informative discussion on proven approaches that bring both the cloud experience and modern DevOps approaches to mainframe development. Hear from leading analyst Jason Bloomberg, Intellyx, and CA DevOps experts Serge Lucio and Jean-Louis Vignaud to learn how you can make your mainframe platform accessible to a new generation of developers, agile in speed of development and automated for faster time to market.


Security Enhancement

Posted by Jay_Z Employee Jun 1, 2017

To help trace potential compromising situations, have CA TPX log the IP Address of a terminal where a potential illegal logon attempt is being initiated.

Catch up on all the great content from CA World ’16 – from our launch of two new DevOps for Mainframe solutions to the latest and greatest from our Mainframe Application Development, Quality and Testing Tools portfolio.


Key Highlights

Mainframe Keynote by CA Technologies Mainframe GM Ashok Reddy

Analyst Keynote by Forrester Research Principal Analyst Rob Stroud

DevOps for Mainframe Roadmap Presentation by CA Technologies SVP Aline Gerew

DevOps for Mainframe Customer & Analyst Panel (coming soon!)



Advanced Techniques for Initiating the DevOps Journey by HSBC Technical Specialist Steve Blackett

Enterprise Developers, Linux and z Systems by CA Technologies SVP Scott Fagen

Mainframe Application Modernization for Enterprise Developers by Facet Consulting Executive Director Ryan Johnson

Enable End-To-End Enterprise Development With CA Gen by Facet Consulting Executive Director Ryan Johnson


Pre-Conference Education

Interactive Session: Mainframe & DevOps in your Organization

High Performance Masking and Test Data Generation for IMS and DB2

Migrating to COBOL 5 and Beyond

Achieving Continuous Test & Delivery for Mainframe with CA Application Lifecycle Conductor

Webhooks & Continuous Feedback with CA Application Lifecycle Conductor

Learn, Engage and Grow with CA Endevor: What's New, What's Ahead

The Role of SCM in Agile Development Methodology: CA Endevor Administrator Perspective

CA Testing Tools Educational Session (Part 1 of 3): Learn, Engage and Grow your Mainframe Testing Toolset with CA File Master Plus

CA Testing Tools Educational Session (Part 2 of 3): Learn, Engage and Grow your Mainframe Testing Toolset with CA InterTest and CA SymDump

CA Testing Tools Educational Session (Part 3 of 3): CA Mainframe Application Tuner Demo and What's New


Once again OPS/MVS and MIM is participating in the Annual CA NPS Survey.  Last year we had a great customer response and received a ton of valuable feedback.  There were several pain points that were high-lighted out by customers which allowed our development team to redirect their effort to the most important customer requirements.


That’s why I encourage you to let your voice be heard and take a brief Customer Feedback survey. Your feedback will be key in helping us understand what is or isn’t working.  The Mainframe Automation leadership team will review in detail the overall results, and will build out action plans based on your feedback to further improve the overall experience and value you receive from your investment with us.

Click the product name below to take the brief survey, which should take no more than 2-3 minutes to complete.

CA MIM Resource Sharing Survey Link

CA OPS/MVS Event Management and Automation Survey Link


Michael Kiehl

Product Manager


Take CA Testing Tools Survey

Posted by maoma02 Employee Sep 15, 2016

Please take five minutes to give us your opinion on CA Mainframe Testing Tools. Participants are eligible for a $500 prize drawing. Thank you very much for your time!

Michal Koch

CA MICS 14.0 is now GA

Posted by Michal Koch Employee Sep 1, 2016

The CA MICS team is pleased to announce that the CA MICS 14.0 Complete Release is now Generally Available. The continuous development release program for CA MICS Version 14.0 has formally concluded. All new features and maintenance introduced during the program have been incorporated into this ‘complete’ release for CA MICS Version 14.0 (PSP1604).


New features for CA MICS Version 14.0 include:

  • Support for these products:
    • z/OS 2.2 and z/VM 6.3 running on z13
      • Including insight on z/OS and z/VM Simultaneous MultiThreading info here - link 1 & link 2
    • CICS Transaction Server 5.2 & 5.3
    • IDAA 4.1
    • WebSphere MQ 8.0
    • TMON 4.1
    • TS7700 3.2 & 3.3


    • Support for this technology:
      • PCI Express Card
        • Including zEDC
      • SAS ODS Graphics
      • Large Block Interface


    • Maintenance Simplification
      • Multi Unit Checklist
      • Inteligent Supplemental Job Management


    • Documentation on DocOps platform


    You can access the documentation for the new features on the CA MICS documentation site, and download your copy of CA MICS Version 14.0 from CA Support Online

    The World Needs More Mainframers.


    The CA Mainframe Academy is a curriculum of core mainfarme programming skills designed to accelerate learning and technical achievement via real-world scenarios and specialized courses -- all within a single class cohort. It includes:

    • 220+ hours of training
    • 26 mastery tests
    • 3 certifications exams

    Want to learn more? Visit Mainframe Academy - CA Technologies


    Scholarships Available!

    Prove you can “Master the Mainframe” by applying for the CA Mainframe Academy Scholarship. If you are looking to perfect your mainframe programming skills, now is the time! CA Technologies, in partnership with SHARE, is generously awarding scholarships of $35,000 each to cover the cost of attending Mainframe Academy (up to $1 million!) where in just eight weeks recipients can become certified mainframe professionals.


    Applications close Friday, July 22, and scholarships will be awarded during SHARE Atlanta, July 31–Aug. 5. Apply today.

    How long have you been at CA?   Ryan_Bonser2.jpg

    15 Years


    What was the career path that lead you here? 

    I joined CA right out of college and have been a member of the team ever since.


    What product do you support? 

    CA Repository for z/OS


    What keeps you at CA?  

    The relationships that have been formed with my colleagues and love for what I do.  


    What is your passion outside of work? What do you like to do?

    I love to exercise and participate in events like Spartan races. Anything that challenges myself to get better.   I completed my first marathon last year and am planning on doing another one this year.   I have two children, ages 8 and 5 and love to spend time with them  and watch them grow.   Ryan_Bonser3.jpg


    What is your educational background? 

    Graduate of James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA with a BBA in Business Administration and concentration in Computer Information Systems.


    How has support changed since you started? 

    When I first started each product was its own team.   Development, level-2, QA, Level-1 all reported to the same manager.   Fast forward to today where the each organization is separate from one another.  


    Why should people be involved in the communities?   

    Knowledge is power and the communities are a great place to share information, ask questions, and stay in the loop on what’s happening at CA. 


    Why should customers read Knowledge Articles? 

    Time is precious and being able to self-serve is important for our customers.  Being able to find answers to commonly asked questions and tips in Knowledge Articles saves the customer’s time which in turn allows them to be more productive. 


    Follow the Engineer Here ryan_bonser

    We are excited to announce the general availability of the Advanced Authentication Mainframe feature for CA ACF2™ and CA Top Secret® at no additional cost to licensed customers. This initial release of the functionality supports use of RSA® SecurID® tokens as the second factor. Click here for more information on RSA SecurID.


    CA Technologies continues to invest in mainframe data protection, in this case, the CA ACF2 and CA Top Secret offerings.


    This continued investment is why CA now offers the option for two-factor authentication of mainframe users using RSA® SecurID® tokens. In this latest enhancement, the Advanced Authentication Mainframe feature for CA ACF2 and CA Top Secret gives customers an increased level of diligence for qualifying whether a user seeking access to z/OS is who they say they are. This is a recognized best practice that all are encouraged to adopt.


    The authentication requires that the user enter the value provided by the RSA token, which is then checked against a synchronization server before authentication is granted. The value changes frequently, making it far more difficult for cyber criminals to gain access.


    The Advanced Authentication Mainframe feature is designed to prevent data breaches and address customer compliance requirements by leveraging the existing enterprise security infrastructure, delivering compliant two-factor authentication for privileged users, or all users, on the mainframe, automatically updating controls, and addressing regulatory requirements for two-factor authentication.


    More specifically, the Advanced Authentication Mainframe feature:


    • Addresses NIST standards, supporting RSA SecurID hard and soft tokens for two-factor authentication to z/OS.

    • Leverages CA Top Secret and CA ACF2 R16 installations along with current RSA SecurID v7.x or v8.x infrastructure for implementation.

    • Enables a consistent two-factor authentication approach across mainframe and enterprise infrastructures, for those organizations using RSA SecurID.

    • Requires any individual user, group of users, or all users to authenticate successfully with two factors before logging into z/OS applications.

    • Maps user IDs between the mainframe and RSA Synchronization Server.

    • Requires selected applications to use two-factor authentication and leverages all authentication options offered through RSA SecurID.


    There has been a growing recognition in the industry and amongst security practitioners that mainframes are subject to attacks in ways never originally contemplated. Innovations such as adding the Advanced Authentication Mainframe feature to CA ACF2 and CA Top Secret is therefore critical to our customers and the wider mainframe ecosystem in which we participate.


    For any questions regarding the CA ACF2 and CA Top Secret Advanced Authentication Mainframe feature, please contact John Pinkowski at


    To learn more, read Mainframe General Manager Ashok Reddy’s latest Highlight blog:

    ca dot com chip.jpgShare your experience. Be the teacher. Enhance your resume.


    CA World is the best opportunity to learn more about CA software and partner solutions that fuel digital transformations. And we want you to be a part of it.


    The Call for Speakers is now open, and we look forward to receiving your amazing session ideas specifically stories about transformative projects, compelling use cases, and best practices that aim to educate and empower our customers in succeeding in the application economy.


    We're looking for ideas covering several of CA's mainframe products -- learn more and submit your topic today.


    Make sure that you hear about all of the latest CA World '16 news by following the CA World '18 Community




    We have started our call for Customer Presenters at CA World!  I would love to increase of Mainframe Automation presence at the conference this year. The best way to demonstrate how thriving this community is to get multiple customer presentations.  There are multiple different ways that customers can do presentations; individually talking about how they are using CA products at their company, splitting time with a CA representative so both a customer and CA’s view on the topic is discussed, or in a panel discussion with multiple customers and/or CA representatives. These presentations can cover individual products, multiple products, or be a high-level business topic.  I would be more than happy to help anyone with any aspect (topic, preparing, submitting, presenting, etc) of this process and would encourage anyone that is interested to submit an idea or contact me to pass on your interest.


    The following link is the CA World ’16 Call for Speaker information:


    Mike Kiehl

    Automation Point, MIM, and OPS/MVS Product Manager

    I wanted to thank everyone that participated in the MIM Net Promoter Score Survey recently conducted. We received some outstanding comments and scores and we only have you to thank for it. We will strive to continue to put forward great product and exceptional customer service. 


    Diving deep into the scores, we have detected several areas of improvement; documentation being the area of greatest needs.  We have already taken steps through the previous release to begin this improvement effort.  Our documentation writers have begun an analysis of the individual responses and will be looking at the best way to improve (Video’s, scenario based, etc). If you would like to provide additional insights into either of these items or anything else around your usage of MIM, please feel free to reach out to me.  Customer input and opinions are always welcomed and valuable when shaping the products future direction.


    Once again, a heartfelt thank you for your time to take the survey.


    Share your experience. Be the teacher. Enhance your resume.


    CA World is the best opportunity to learn more about CA software and partner solutions that fuel digital transformations. And we want you to be a part of it.


    The Call for Speakers is now open, and we look forward to receiving your amazing session ideas specifically stories about transformative projects, compelling use cases, and best practices that aim to educate and empower our customers in succeeding in the application economy.


    We're looking for ideas covering CA Output Management products among other solution areas -- learn more and submit your topic today.


    Make sure that you hear about all of the latest CA World '16 news by following the CA World '17 Community

    We are just one week away from the next Testing Tools webcast, "Save Money, Improve User Experience: How to Improve App Performance with CA Mainframe Application Tuner". Frank Schuler (Product Manager), Tom Quinn (Engineering Architect) and Lloyd Spiegel Jr (Senior Software Architect) will be leading the charge in providing an overview of the tool and how it helps customers save MIPs costs and optimize the user experience.


    Register now!

    WYMHM.jpgHere's just a sampling of what you may have missed during the month of March in the CA Mainframe Community.


    Featured Post:

    Preview the next stage of the "incremental release program" in an upcoming live webcast!

    Over the past year CA Mainframe product development teams have adopted the incremental release program in an effort to allow customers to enjoy new feature benefits more quickly. We hope this has provided value to your organization, and if it has, then I would highly recommend visiting the CA Endevor forum to learn about the next stage of program delivery. In an upcoming live webcast, CA Endevor product owner Pete McCullough will chat about the new continuous delivery program, which completely bypasses the packaging of features by making generally available each new individual feature as soon as it’s declared minimally viable by customer validation partners. Hope to see you there!



    Tech Tips:

    Tech Tip: How does CA CSM determine what CSI's to listed on the Related SMP/E Environments panel?

    Tech Tip - CA Repository for z/OS r7.2 Installation fails with error GIM23901E during installation using CA Chorus Software Manager (CSM)

    TECH TIP: After CA CSM Installation is Complete, Back Up Installation Options File and Summary Report


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    Solve:Access and Kerberos for Single sign on

    The specified item was not found.




    Water Cooler Happenings:



    Office Hours events are a chance for you to ask your questions in a

    live chat to CA Support and Product Managers. Learn a bit more by watching the video below.

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