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Ideation created on behalf of Angel M H YIP.   I need a report that allows to get the physical Space usage in bytes  for any Endevor definition This report should give information a little like CONRPT02 but in different format The information we need to know is the number of bytes used for: SITE definition STAGE definition SYSTEM…
 How do you avoid running the step for every object in the package?  I'd like to remove some external batch jobs and let Endevor Processors do the work - but we don't want to update the object directory until all source module have compiled...
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Please create an ENCOPTBL option to prevent developers from updating the package EXECUTION WINDOW FROM/TO fields (panel C1SP2000). We have an exit that will submit packages in batch as soon as they are approved - but then Endevor issues " ENBP062E Package ID 'CX180325EB1' is not available for the EXECUTE action".      Yes, I had to search for the…
Although the User ID is often in the output of the spawned started task I think we need a new message dedicated to displaying the User ID in the Job output so it can easily be found.    C1MSGxx - SPAWNED TASK STARTED FOR USERID XXXXXXXX   You could go a step further and also display this in the output of the started task for the Tomcat Server. …
As an Endevor user, I want to be able to hold more than 96 levels and take advantage of the fact that Endevor can hold up to 9,999 delta levels so that I can maintain more history.   Some time ago, Endevor was modified to do away with the restriction of only holding 99 levels per version. Instead, version was married to level and 01.23 became…
Hello, As of v18, the User Guide is now jammed with all sorts of User Doc that was previously nicely segregated. This idea is to split out PDM, Quick Edit, and Web Services content into separate documents.   Thank you for considering this idea....Dana
Currently when receiving the CA Mainframe Webhook Server Error Report Email you get limited information -   CA Mainframe Webhook Server Error Report   The CA Webhook Server has identified the following issues: Problem appeared while running configuration Configuration 27xxxxb-xxxx-xxxx-818f-9e67ff402eba set to INACTIVE   Related Error:…
Lenn Thompson
As you all probably know by now, CA Technologies has been acquired by Broadcom. As part of this transition, the CA Communities will be merging with the existing Broadcom Communities and moving to a new platform on June 6, 2019.   The new platform is called Higher Logic and this is the platform that the CA Communities were likely going to be moving… (Show more)
Hey, Don't know whether anyone can provide any insight.  I'm on V18r12 of Endevor and we are now updating to z/OS  2.3  Is there anything I need to do or be aware of?   Thanks.
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We are playing with esp submitting endevor pkgs and have run into a few snags and am in search of some "real world" feedback.    Here's what we have set up: ESP appl  run under a "service id" that kicks off enbp1000 job contains a "manual job" entry for the endevor submitted intrdr pkg job   IF %ESPEVENT = 'ESPM2D.ADHOC' THEN JUMPTO ADHOC… (Show more)
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