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Announcement 1 REGISTRATION OPEN: 2019 Mainframe Technical Exchange Events
Announcement:REGISTRATION OPEN: 2019 Mainframe Technical Exchange Events
Announcement 2 [WEBCAST] What's New in CA Automation Point 11.6? – February 19, 2019 @ 11 a.m. ETAnnouncement count
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Lenn Thompson
Clayton Donley Head of Security and Integration, Broadcom Inc. & Greg Lotko, SVP and GM, Mainframe Division, Broadcom Inc. sits down with John Furrier & Stu Miniman at IBM Think 2019 in San Francisco, CA.
I can think of lots of good uses for SYSPLEX global variables at my site. It would however be really helpful to be able to view/manipulate these special variables via the OPS;4;8 panel and not just via the OPSVASRV function.
Adding specific idea for supporting GLVJOBIDs in OPSVIEW 4.8 as commented within other previously submitted idea to add support for Sysplex variables....   Debugging/monitoring rules (specifically when responding to GLVTEMP warn errors) that utilize GLVJOBID variables is for the most part a 'black hole'. Entering OPSVIEW 4.8 , and entering…
Idea created for BMW BAYERISCHE MOTORENWERKE AG   The CA Disk Restore Log should be enhanced to contain also unsuccessful restores. This might be helpful for debugging and to proactively detect possible underlying problems.
Add a feature where we can automatically logout users that have been logged onto Sysview via the TSO interface but are idle, based on some criteria such as usage activity over a varied amount of time that we can set via a panel (such as the security panel) or through parms. There are some similar options in the VTAM side for users that are…
Could be very interesting to have te possibility to define two or more Threshold linked between each other . For example if CICS transaction TRN1 of CICSA region consume more then 10% of CPU and CICS transaction TRN2 of  CICSB consume more then 10% in a specific range of time, then raise an alarm . Could be very interesting also have the…
Hello Team,   I am a little bit confused regarding CA OPS/MVS® Event Management and Automation versions. I saw one version for JES2 and other for JES3. FMID of our version in SMP/E is CCLXC30. CA web pages connect this FMID with both versions (JES2 and JES3). Is there a way to identify version explicitly? Thank You very much in advance.
Could be very valuable the possibility to have PREREQ/MISSING_PREREQ fields lenght increased from the current limit of 1000 Character to a bigger value.  In the current implementation of SSMGA V2 the way to provide the name of the prerequisite has the following sysntax :   PRD1.OPSS.STCTBL.RESNAME (4 character System Name. OPS Subsystem Name .…
hello   , I ask in reference  the issue number  00913064,  if possible to implement on the CAOPS  the support per ABSCAP  when using SETATTR . Currently is possible to use on OPS  SETATTR  , GPCAP (Group Capping at CPC Group Level) , DEFCAP (Capping value at Lpar level) ; didn't posslible to use ABSCAP (Absolute capping for one single lpar).  …
Actually we have the parameter SSMMONDISP (SSM MONITOR DEFAULT DISPLAY MODE) for which the default is E (Edit). Changing the value to B has only consequences for new users. In their ISPF-profile, the standard will be set to Browse. Changes to SSMMONDISP have no impact for existing profiles Actually all the users are able to change the settings…
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