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There are many logs that we back up daily.  Hostlog, xcmsglog, rexxlogs….  We keep about 10 generations – but Remote Viewer users do not have access to these. Prior to AP going to a server and having to use Remote Viewer,   our Merged Message window had a menu item to view old logs.  With Remote Viewer, there is no way to view the old logs (or…
Currently Automation Point only allows one file loaded. Which does not scale. Comparable functionality exists in  BMC I/O Concepts. This allows one main rule file loaded and issues a "call" to a file when a requirement is met. Such as any message starting with $HASP goes to the rule file for that. This would then not require a rexx to be started. …
The CA-AP Notification Server service is dependent on PPQ and Telephony services. The Telephony service is by default disabled on our production servers. As server admin I can change status to "automatic" and start it, but security implemented a 15 minute interval based procedure, which checks all running services against a "white list". As the…
I have been asked to find a way to trigger events on the MF from non-mainframe systems.   Users on a Linux system would like to be able to start and stop test CICS regions on demand.   So I am looking for a way to receive communication from the external Linux systems.   My first thought is SNMP, I have ENF SNMP running, I'm not familiar enough… (Show more)
Lenn Thompson
As you all probably know by now, CA Technologies has been acquired by Broadcom. As part of this transition, the CA Communities will be merging with the existing Broadcom Communities and moving to a new platform on June 6, 2019.   The new platform is called Higher Logic and this is the platform that the CA Communities were likely going to be moving… (Show more)
DAR 20018406;01 - BENDIGO AND ADELAIDE BANK - PAUL ROBINS ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We would like Automation Point to be enhanced to have the ability to use one or more GSM\GPRS modems in place of or in parallel with a traditional dial-up modem.      …
As requested in case number 01293278, we would like to have a "All datasets online" object like for unix files, a place where to have the list of all files mounted in my Unix environment. Today is possibile to list files only by zooming them in Unix directories, but only going in deep for two times. We have a very complex directories architecture…
With z/OS 2.3, zFS Aggregates can be compressed with zEDC. However, since the compression information for this is not in a LISTCAT, we would consider it a UNIX related compression (not z/OS or hardware compression). That is why we believe that this compression information should be added to object OBJ11100 which displays all Mounted zSeries File…
Since moving to ECKD Thin Provisioned Volumes we now also need to do SPACEREL on all volumes (+-4K) intermittently to reclaim physical space. Having similar functionality as SPACEREL in Vantage GUI and having it work on the same concept as “Idle Space Release” based on a filtered list of criteria (e.g. Volume Name) would be a major plus in…
Since you put the brakes on NCL I would advise you convert to REXX in a big way.  REXX is more common for us and used on various platforms.  NCL is limited to net master only.... So I say go big on REXX.....There is much more expertise with rexx than your ncl language
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