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Currently, during DB2 authorization, if a DB2 Secondary Auth ID does not have a defined ACF2 Logonid of the same name, the ACF2/DB2 process ignores the error and proceeds.  The problem is that the ACF2 DB2 support will attempt to obtain the Secondary Auth ID Logonid for EVERY validation.  I have seen 500,000 "No Logonid Defined" ACF2 SMF records…
Lenn Thompson
Managing cryptography for applications using CA IDMS becomes especially challenging when considering the expanding scope of cryptography and key management policies along with auditing mandates. Fortunately, there is a solution designed to resolve these challenges and help lower the security risks for users and applications.   Join us on June 11,… (Show more)
I am increasing the ACID size (MAXACIDSIZE & ORGACIDSIZE). I have performed this on several TEST Lpar's. The last step of the process says an IPL is required. I did this on the first TEST LPAR and it was successful. For the next few LPAR's I just shutdown TSS and started TSS pointing to the new SEC files. No errors. Is the IPL really necessary ?… (Show more)
in CA Mainframe Security
We do not want to have to use the MSCA ACID to do a TSS LIST(ACIDS) DATA(PASS) to determine whether or not an ACID has NOPW. This would be useful for getting important information without the elevated risk of cross authorizing an administrator ACID to the MSCA ACID.    I am submitting this idea for a Top Secret customer.
Lenn Thompson
Good morning, everyone. This post is just a quick reminder that this Friday, May 24 at 9 a.m. ET this site will become read-only in preparation for our final content migration and the creation of the new Broadcom Communities.    After the site is read-only, you will still be able to access the site and all of your communities, but you won't be… (Show more)
For a very long time mainframe was a monolith and ACF2 (or any other ESM) just was a standalone entity managed by ACF2/mainframe specialists.   In the last years things have changed a lot, mainframe became an integrated server in our IT environment and is no longer the monolith it used to be. Nowadays users are typically managed by Identity… (Show more)
in CA Mainframe Security
It would be helpful if the TSS Acid name field could be enlarged from 32 characters to 255.  Some descriptions do not fit easily in the 32 characters which are currently available.  For example, for personal userids, if the name field gives surname and department, that can take 32 characters already.  If there is a further requirement to show…
It would be nice to see the UserID which has created/inserted an user account. There could be added a CRE-USR field along with CRE-TOD filled with the creating/inserting UserID at creation time.  Kind regards, Christian
It would be great if resources especially db2 resources accepted program pathing.  I have a case now where I want an id to have dbadm and create tab but only if it's scheduled, we don't want people to set their current sql id to it and delete tables.  Source would work as well
Pershing requests that CA provide a TSS solution that will allow the user to freely switch between an 8 and 20+ character password. new password   should be 8-20+ characters in length REGARDLESS of whether the "old password" was 8 characters or 20 characters in length. This is a feature Pershing customers desire and claim to HAVE available from…
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