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CA has recently deployed dataset pervasive encryption on ACF2.  We are in the process of implementing it across our organization.  Once it's enabled, it provides for the ability to create dataset masks that each application team can use to encrypt their data.   What it doesn't provide, is for a way for applications to exclude datasets that they…
It would useful if ACF2 could enforce 3 out of 4 elements of a password policy while allowing the use of all 4.  Such as:   -Lowercase characters (a through z) -Uppercase characters (A through Z) -Base 10 digits (0 through 9) -Special or non-alphanumeric characters (@,#,+,etc)   The current constructs for the GSO PSWD record would allow me to…
Does anyone have something to do this?  I need to "explode" the roles, integrate any included roles, and list the role members with their names.
in CA Mainframe Security
This is just an INFO question. I was working on getting rid of UADS entries. So I was testing adding the TSO segment to the ID's and removing the UADS entry. No problem with that. The question came up that some of the UADS entries needed to be retained to allow disaster type recovery. I have always heard that and have had that at every place I… (Show more)
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Tom Breuer
We are looking at the adding the email address attribute to the ACID and have some questions about how others have done this. According to the CA documentation, the email address must be unique... If a user has 2+ ACIDs but only one email (within the organization), what email is used for the subsequent email addresses? What email addresses are… (Show more)
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Within Top Secret the control option NEWPW has setting for LC, UC, and TS as listed below.   LC - Password must contain at least one lowercase letter.   UC - Password must contain at least one uppercase letter.   TS - Prevents users from specifying a password that is too similar to the previous password.   Can the NEWPHRASE have the above…
As a CA-PAM Admin, I would like the ability to use NMAP capability from the Admin UI Console, feeding a delimited text file of IP Addresses or Hostnames into the tool to find out if typical ports are opened or filtered (RDP-3389, SSH-22) etc.  
in CA Mainframe Security
Lenn Thompson
Click to view contentJoin our CA Data Content Discovery on May 16, 2019, at 11 a.m. ET to get a clear view of what’s coming down the road for the product, including details on upcoming product functionality, features, and architectural enhancements.   Presenters: Chip Mason (masca04), Product Management  …
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Top Secret R16 stated its supports R_password; associated with IBM SAF APAR OA43998.  Has anyone worked with this?  Just wondering as we are seeing multiple events using TSSOERPT utility and it is not impacting our production.  If I need to open a case let me know.  I am just soliciting comments and ideas on how to resolve it.
in CA Mainframe Security
We recently had an issue with a customer trying to connect his CICS to our CICS using SSL certificates . Everything seemed to be ok since we didn't see any violations in TSSUTIL from our side but constantly received error messages in CICS CSM5 file that SSL connection could not be established . No error was observed either in TSSOERPT for the time…
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