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Is there a command to get a list of job names from previous months that were late in CA7? I know that I can use the 0100 graph to get the number total, but I am being asked for job names from January till now
Lenn Thompson
As you all probably know by now, CA Technologies has been acquired by Broadcom. As part of this transition, the CA Communities will be merging with the existing Broadcom Communities and moving to a new platform on June 6, 2019.   The new platform is called Higher Logic and this is the platform that the CA Communities were likely going to be moving… (Show more)
Lenn Thompson
Click to view contentDid you miss our webcast [WEBCAST] Introducing the New CA Workload Automation ESP Edition REST API from April 17?   If so, the replay is now available here: 
We have a large Batch team which now have access to Manage (CA7) SLAs.   As part of this there is a requirement for full auditing of all SLA changes which have been made. This should also include their EEM/AD account they use to login to iDash Web UI.
Hello! I am working on creating my first db_trig job.  What I would like to do is monitor a table for change, and then run a job when the table has been updated.   My question is two fold:  Can this only be done by using alerts?  Secondly, would anyone be willing to supply some sample db_trig definitions where they are doing this?   Thanks!
In the current version of iDash ( whenever a user filters the SLA status dashboard this does not persist when returning to the Dashboard (from Explorer/SLA List or Alert List, Reports or Catalog/SLA Management or Tag Management) or whenever a user logs off and back on again.   This enhancement is for the SLA status filtering to persist…
Currently when an iDash (r12.0.05.00) SLA Trend Report is produced the .pdf report does not format the SLA Deadlines axis. It always formats as MM/DD.   This enhancement request is to pick up the query the time format and use this to format the "SLA Deadlines" axis correctly.
Currently Dueout exec and Dueout input all will only mark a job overdue if he has not ended by the dueout time. This prevents the job profiles, or duration statement from affecting the overdue time of a job. For example if I have told ESP that a predecessor to a job with a dueout time has a duration of 60 minutes. ESP will work to make sure that…
This idea is to allow a numeric in the 1st position of an Agent Name.  We have a need for our corporation to include a numeric in the 1st position to allow for our standard mnemonics which now begin with a numeric character.   I do not believe this to be a difficult update since all other characters are valid.
Does anyone use only ESP for a file transfer solution? Is it robust enough and secure enough to handle all of your file transfer needs? We have not used ESP for file transfers yet and were wondering if it was capable of replacing a product like Connect Direct or MQ/FTE. Anyone have a pros and cons to their ESP FTP setup? Thanks leo
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