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We’re Looking For A Few Good Speakers To Share Their Cool Ideas

If you are a CA 2E or CA Plex customer and have an interesting presentation idea, you are invited to submit an application for our Call For Presentations. Hot topics for the 2015 conference are DevOps, API Development, Mobile and much more.

Call for Presentations Opens | CA 2E/Plex Conference


See you in Austin

Once a month we'll shine our virtual spotlight on one of the CA Plex 2E community's members. It's just a fun, easy way for us to get to know one another a little bit beyond our work-related interactions here on the site. This month, we're featuring Simon_Cockayne, Sr Principal Product Manager of CA Technologies. profile-image-display.jpg

How do you use CA Communities and any suggestions for others?

I use it to try to connect to customers and to encourage customers to connect with each other. If someone has a problem, it’s pretty likely that EITHER someone else has already solved it (therefore would be great to find that person to tell you the answer) OR that a bunch of other folks have the same problem (therefore it would be great to bring those folks together, with their diverse perspectives and experiences, to work together on a solution). I love seeing the energy that a community can generate. I love seeing people in a community trying to help each other.

Mac or PC? MacBook Air. Beautiful piece of engineering.

Mobile Device? iPhone 5S. But…I just ordered an iPhone 6 Plus. Immediately wished I'd ordered an iPhone 6. In a parallel universe I am doing the opposite.

Apps/software/tools you can’t live without?

OneNote (This is what I use as my “trusted system” for getting things done). Also need Outlook (for work). Gmail (for personal). Not forgetting Chatter app (from Salesforce) which is our internal business social network at CA. We have thousands of bright passionate people here at CA and Chatter is an awesome way to connect with them. Also enjoy Twitter app, to try to A) share and encourage folks to be more agile and to continuously improve. B) To learn from amazing people form around the world.

Besides your phone and computer what's your favorite gadget?

I like my iPad for doodling with the Paper app and posting on Twitter (@simoncockayne). Otherwise, I would say tin opener.

What’s your daily work space like?

Tidy desk, tidy mind. Notice board above my desk with stuff I find important or what to be reminded of. Agile Manifesto. Agile Principles. Pictures of my family. A graphic showing one circle labelled “Your comfort zone” and another labelled “This is where the magic happens!” :-)

How do you balance life/work?

I love my job. I’m all about happiness, more specifically “Nurturing happiness through innovation". I try to apply that and live that whether I am at work or not. Day in day out, I see stuff I learn from work, that I can apply at home or with my kids…and vice versa. I keep my phone away fom family mealtimes…and I typically don't work on the weekends…and usually spend that time with my wife and kids. I also try to keep fit and healthy, I love trail running. I can’t begin to count how many problems I’ve solved, or new ideas I have had when I have been running in the woods. I feel lucky that I have a job that I love so much. Frankly, with a goal of building really ace software, that helps bring a little happiness into the days of the folks that use it…it really doesn’t feel like work.

Best advice you can give and you have received?

Best advice I can give "Always tell the truth.”, that’s the corner stone of earning trust.. Best advice I have received "Life is not a dress rehearsal”.

What everyday thing are you better at than anyone else?

I’m not better at anything than anyone else. That said, I am pretty awesome at loading a dishwasher. I wonder if that planning and organizing helps me to be an effective Product Owner?


Community News:

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What do Magic Johnson, Biz Stone, Jennifer Hyman, Jason Tanz, and Chris Anderson have in common? They are some of the visionaries driving the application economy...and they will be sharing their perspectives at CA World '14. Take a spin through this deck for a quick look at what else we have in store for what we know is going to be the best CA World yet.


If you're ready to join us, don't forget that CA Communities members can receive $200 off registration here:  CA World ’14 Community & User Group Discount(Note that you must be a registered user and logged in to see this page.)

Featured User:

Community View: George Jeffcock, Featured User 10/14


Upcoming Events:

CA 2E Community Webcast: SQL Improvements: Valuable Solutions to Pressing Business Problems

CA 2E Community Webcast: SQL Improvements: Valuable Solutions to Pressing Business Problems


Tuesday Tips:

Tuesday Tip: 2E Toolkit Library List commands



Native string handling routines.

EXEC SQL support for IBMi

RPGIV - Built in Functions for String Manipulation: %TRIM, %TRIML, %TRIMR

Plex - web support

RPGIV - Built in Function %SCAN

Improvements on the Screen Attributes implementation


On Your Mark, Get Set. Go!:

Do you have what it takes to complete the Decathlon? Finish the race for a chance to win a prize! The CA Communities team has decided to extend the decathalon deadline to Thursday, November 6th because we are strong believers that slow and steady wins the race! You now have a better chance than ever of winning an iPad mini or Jawbone wristband! Earn your Decathlon badge now, before it's too late!


Go Mobile:

Don't have time to log on to the CA Communities on your computer? Go Mobile on your iPhone, or Android device. Quickly browse and check in on the Workload Automation community. Don't just  consume, create.


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