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Community News:

Call for Presentations Opens for the 2015 CA 2E/Plex Conference in Austin TX

General Availability Announcement for CA Plex V7.2 Incremental Release


Featured User:

Community View: Markus Wagner, Featured User (Dec. 15th)

Previous Events:

CA 2E Community Replay: SQL Improvements Valuable solutions to pressing business problems



Ideas: metaphor-lightbulbs_unique.jpg

Control Database access RLA vs SQL at database access layer

CA 2E generator enhancement for better control of the SQL engine respective the use of an index versus a full table scan

IBM I Kerberos Single Sign-on support (RM VOTE Nov 2012: 13489638, 14117594, 14542767, 15583297, 15745294, 17137054, 17187940, 17584857, 19550080, 19734710, 19741176)

Triggers for IBMi - remove limitations that its for SQL based generators only.

RPGIV - Built in Functions for Strings: %LEN

RPGIV - Built in Function %SCAN

Copy to Edit Line enhancement


yobsytcpdp failing intermitently to assign tasks to the right job

Deployment time partitioning

Restricting entry of special characters in text fields in 2E

Compatibility with Plex and IBM i 7.2.

Is there a way to drag and drop files in Plex apps

Dynamically loading JAVA Tabs

Job Scheduler or Workload Automation tool wanted

Migrating from Plex 6.1 to 7.1, new OB600 runtimes causing application to crash

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