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Once a month we'll shine our virtual spotlight on one of the CA Plex/2E community's members. It's just a fun, easy way for us to get to know one another a little bit beyond our work-related interactions here on the site. This month, we're featuring Lorenz Alder, plexcat , CTO @ CM First AG  33e1385.jpg

Location:  Lucerne, Switzerland

Current Gig:  Working for CM First AG, Cham, Switzerland

One word that describes how you work: Think!


How do you use CA Communities and any suggestions for others?


Sure you are an expert yourself, but asking helps you to complete a task faster ...


Mac or PC?

I use PC's for everything, even for ProTools :-)


Mobile Device?

Still using an old I-phone 4, I love these funny connectors!


Apps/software/tools you can’t live without?

CA Plex, Redgate Reflector, Eclipse, VS Studio, Sonar X3, ProTools 11, RME Interfaces


Besides your phone and computer, what's your favorite item?

Bourgeois acoustic guitar


What’s your daily work space like?

I am sharing a room with our office manager. It is quiet and I can concentrate on solutions.


How do you balance life/work?

Work belongs to life, it's not an antagonsim. It is important to happily do different things! Some activity will result in money on your bank account. This is called work.

Besides solving all kinds of IT problems I'm always engaged in music production, playing myself and recording bands. If I need a rest, I go for a walk at the lake or in the mountains.


Best advice you can give and you have received?

Resist peer pressure.


What everyday thing are you better at than anyone else?

We are 7 billion humans ! Very difficult to prove that I am better at anything. But I am very good at operating tiny italian coffee machines in the morning :-)


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CA Plex/2E Webcast: Rapidly Modernizing CA 2E Enterprise Models to CA Plex (March 24)

CA Plex Office Hours (May 20)

CA Plex Office Hours (Mar.18)


Previous Events:

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Ideas: metaphor-lightbulbs_unique.jpg

Plex - web support

Upgrade to Visual Studio 2012 (or later if available)

RPGIV - Built in Functions for String Manipulation: %TRIM, %TRIML, %TRIMR

EXEC SQL support for IBMi

Native string handling routines.


Newer RPG BIFs in 2E pipeline ?

Displaying an image retrieved from LDAP on a panel

Running out of time -- 7.0 DTE field

CheckRow or SingleFetch for only a part of the key

Unbound Results set with GridView in ASP.NET

Go Mobile:

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