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CA World ’15 Registration is Open!

Not only is registration open, but as a community member, you’re eligible for a special discounted rate of $1,295 from now through September 18, 2015. That’s a $700 discount off of the regular $1,995 price.



But that’s not all! This year we’re offering a new Buy One, Get One promotion. Register before September 18 and you will receive a complimentary registration pass for a colleague. Some exclusions apply.


Get more details here and make sure you’re following the CA World '15 Community for updates!

Upcoming Events:

CA Plex Office Hours: A Live Online Chat [July 2015]


Open Questions:

Is it possible to find what are all the panels that has one type field?? Ex:- I need to know what are all the panels has fields inherited from Int (or) Character (or) obs-strd/Belopp.

Is it possible to change edit mask at run time ?

Can an Edit Box(Text field ) be resizable at run-time?

RDi plugin

Ability to run a Plex app on Win 8.1 or Win 10 PC that has a touch screen

Dependency functions of View/Function

Is it possible to do a SQL JOIN to a CURSOR in CA2E ?

Ideas: metaphor-lightbulbs_unique.jpg

Create the WCF - > IIS Deployment Process as a runnable script

Being able to drag and drop outlook files, Excel, Word etc.

Add option for a function to access files in a mode based on each individual file’s gen mode in mixed DDS/SQL

CA provided tool for automated gen and build from Plex

Automated model extract

Multi-threaded plex Generations

Native REST based API publication

Go Mobile:

Don't have time to log on to the CA Communities on your computer? Go Mobile on your iPhone, or Android device. Quickly browse and check in on the Workload Automation community. Don't just  consume, create.


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