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Dear CA Plex and CA 2E Customers:


I hope this finds you well. 


I would like to update you on recent developments here at CA Technologies. First, as you probably know, our CA Plex and CA 2E Product Manager had left CA Technologies. We are actively pursuing candidates for this critical product management position and will inform you as soon as it is filled.


Second, I am aware that there is some confusion with respect to the product direction so I would like to lend some clarity. Our approach was outlined last year at the CA Plex and CA 2E User Conference and there has been no change to that approach. While the development, release, timing and support of CA products remain at CA’s sole discretion, CA is currently supporting CA Plex and CA 2E and we are continuing to address the certifications of new platforms, operating system releases, and third-party dependencies. We recognize that our customer's who work on CA Plex and CA 2E have been changing the way you work in the application economy and we know that application development is evolving rapidly. As we mature in our agility here at CA, we have switched from Scrum to Kanban to help improve the flow and throughput of work. We have spent a great deal of time working down our sustaining engineering backlog for both products and getting up-to-date with certifications. Our CA Plex and CA 2E teams have put tremendous effort into Engineering Excellence initiatives, such as improved QA Automation and Continuous Integration environments, so that our customers can be more efficient than ever before. Regarding new functionality, we are being very selective and deliberate in terms of what new capabilities are added and in what product(s) these capabilities are added and are focusing on what will help you be successful in application development today.


Thank you for your dedication to CA Plex and CA 2E. We look forward to working with you as we shape the future of these products.



Aline Gerew

SVP, Software Engineering



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