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Once a month we'll shine our virtual spotlight on one of the CA Plex community members. It's just a fun, easy way for us to get to know one another a little bit beyond our work-related interactions here on the site. This month, we're featuring Ashfaq Ahmed. ashfaq.m.ahmed.


Location:  Karnataka , India

Current Gig:  CA Plex , support, enhancements and maintenance projects

One word that describes how you work: Dedicated


How do you use CA Communities and any suggestions for others?

To arrive at best possible solutions for problems/issue within the constraints of plex. My suggestion for others, be open to solving issues outside of CA:Plex


Mac or PC?



Mobile Device?



Apps/software/tools you can’t live without?

CA:Plex , gmail & CA communities.


Besides your phone and computer, what's your favorite item?



What’s your daily work space like?

9:00AM - 5:00PM , explore CA:Plex issues/problems find solutions after hours.


How do you balance life/work?

Keep both segregated from each other.


Best advice you can give and you have received?

Dynamic Tooltip in plex. Displaying all image types in a Grid or Plex panel, Meta-Coding ..... mostly anything in CA:Plex

Most often have tried to give advice/solutions surrounding CA:Plex.



What everyday thing are you better at than anyone else?

Doing things with dedication and right/correct . Avoid shortcuts.

Here is just a sample of what you may have missed in the CA Plex CA 2E Community.

Update on Plex/2E from Aline Gerew


Dear CA Plex and CA 2E Customers:

I hope this finds you well.


I would like to update you on recent developments here at CA Technologies. First, as you probably know, our CA Plex and CA 2E Product Manager had left CA Technologies. We are actively pursuing candidates for this critical product management position and will inform you as soon as it is filled.



Welcome Steve Solomon as the Product Manager for the Development Languages

I want to welcome Steve Solomon to the AppDev product management team.

Steve will be the Product Manager for the Development Languages portion of the Application Development portfolio. Dev. languages includes the following products Gen, Plex, 2E, Telon, Aion and Easytrieve.




Impl Name and Variants

CA plex version 7 , publicar en la web

Change Background of Treeview

Using +UseRecordsetSize to limit rows  - but handling Paging

Plex Wiki out of service?

C++ COM AUTOMATION Get Input/Output Fields Names of some DLL

Impl Name and Variants



Improvements on *MOVE ARRAY function

Make Model Configuration Dialog Sizable

Resizable Dialogs

Provide API to update dynamically the cache and the ini settings

OBApi for the tooltips

As a Plex developer I would like the ability to write code that will iterate through all of the controls on a panel.


Water Cooler Happenings:



Office Hours events are a chance for you to ask your questions in a

live chat to CA Support and Product Managers. Learn a bit more by watching the video below.

91aa81bf907abab992a495c605b4c187_400x400.pngInstall Jive for outlook. With it you can create discussions,

direct messages, view your streams, including custom, and

a few more right from your Outlook application.