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Dear Plex and 2E Customers,


CM First, Broadcom, and other sponsors are providing intensive training sessions for CA 2E, CA Plex, Web/Mobile UX, and more! This training is included in the conference fee at the 10th Annual CA 2E / CA Plex Worldwide Developer Conference April. 29th - May 2nd, 2019 in Miami. This is the only event 100% focused on enterprise software built with 2E and Plex.   Check out the agenda here.


What to expect at the conference?

At the conference

Yes, you read it right, at the conference you get the opportunity to engage in person with the lead architect on Plex - Arun Painuly (paiar01)  as well as meet the new Product Manager - Dheeraj Pershad (perdh02) in person and chat about the future of these products.


One session you certainly do not want to miss is the ability to help us stack rank the features in future using a famous 100$ stack rank technique.


Are you still looking for reasons to attend, I am sure these are good enough for you to book your slot now

Why attend


Looking forward to seeing you in Miami!



Dheeraj Pershad

Principal Product Manager - Plex & 2E