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7th CA 2E/Plex Worldwide Developer Conference

With a strong initial response to our Call for Ideas, we’d like to see more insightful ideas submitted straight from Our Community.

The following provides a sneak peek into what we'll be covering in some of the workshops and sessions:

  • Leveraging DevOps and .Net
  • The Latest Features in CA 2E r8.7: SQL Happiness!
  • Proven Innovations in Modernizing 2E apps
  • How to Create RESTful API's from Plex and 2E
  • Customer presentations on best practices.
  • Product Roadmaps & Backlog grooming

  We know you don't want to miss the 7th Developer Conference.                

So, do you want to save $150 including your Conference and Uber pass?


More information:

And don't forget Thursday, June 4th: Small Group Deep Dives, Community Hackathon for CA Products, including some you haven't played with yet.

Have a cool session idea or thinking about becoming a sponsor?

  Contact us directly at:

CA Community customers, partners, and industry influencers from around the world come together at this conference for intense learning, networking and insights to transform their businesses.

We invite you to share your depth of knowledge, product expertise, and lessons learned-both good and bad. We are always on the lookout for diverse agenda ideas focused on technical and business topics of interest to our Community.

Attendees want to discuss real time experiences with Databases, Web, Mobile, Cloud, API’s and more, because these projects improve your business while you promote your professional reputation.

Applications are open to our customers, partners, and industry experts. Be a part of CA 2E/Plex History!

If you have a Session Idea you would like to present/discuss, please send an email to today.

P.s. Your idea does not have to be world shattering. You don’t have to invent a time machine. You’d be surprised what you take for granted, that would be incredibly helpful for other folks to know.

Simon Cockayne
Product Owner: CA App Services Orchestrator / CA Plex / CA 2E

Christoph Heinrich
President Ca Plex/CA 2E User Group

We’re Looking For A Few Good Speakers To Share Their Cool Ideas

If you are a CA 2E or CA Plex customer and have an interesting presentation idea, you are invited to submit an application for our Call For Presentations. Hot topics for the 2015 conference are DevOps, API Development, Mobile and much more.

Call for Presentations Opens | CA 2E/Plex Conference


See you in Austin

Join CA Technologies and CM First Group on Wednesday, October 29, 2014 at 11:00 AM EST describing the newest release of CA 2E 8.7 and streamlined CA Plex 7.1 Dev-to-Market deliveries.  CA Technologies Product Owner, Simon Cockayne, will summarize the newest capabilities in both products.  CA 2E 8.7 builds on decades of success in many shops with powerful migration support from DDS to SQL-style databases.

CA Plex 7.1 has already been adopted by many enterprise customers seeking Active-X controls, a .Net client generator and improved automated test support.  For both CA 2E and CA Plex, streamlined roadmap releases assisted by CA Community Users among others are here to stay; learn how you can be part of this exciting process.


Following roadmap discussions, CM First CTO John Rhodes will relate CA 2E and Plex product upgrade tips and techniques, share lessons learned on managing Technical Debt, uplift assistance and highly automated CA 2E Modernization services now available.


Bring your product roadmap questions and get a front row seat for CA’s plans to turbocharge your development efforts. Fasten your seatbelts!


Register here: New CA 2E 8.7 & CA Plex 7.1 Invigorated



CA Technologies / CM First Group


NOTE: Features and dates are subject to change and withdrawal.