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comm-rewrite.jpgThank you for attending last week's session by GeorgeJeffcock titled "CA Plex Support for Modernizing Your IBM DB2 for i"


We thank you for your time and hope that you found it valuable.


Whether your missed the session, or attended and simply want to run through it again, this blog post will consolidate everything in one place for you:


Community Event Invitation: CA Plex Support for Modernizing Your IBM DB2 for i)

Video Replay: Webcast Replay: CA Plex Support for Modernizing Your IBM DB2 for i  [Nov. 12th]

Presentation:  (see attached)


Thank you again for attending our community webcast. Keep an eye out here for our next CA Plex CA 2E Community event announcement!

If you joined Mike Amundsen, Director of API Architecture for the API Academy, for his great webcast this morning Webcast Replay: Beyond Source Code The Convergence of DevOps, Microservices, Internet of Things, and RAD Tooling thank you for taking time from your day.


Whether you joined late, missed it or just want to watch part or all of it again, I wanted to quickly share the replay link as well as Mike's presentation.


Thank you again for your interest in this webcast. Keep an eye out for our next event announcement.

Are you new to the CA Plex CA 2E Community? If so, welcome -- I'm glad you found us!


My name is LennThompson and I am the Lead CA Community Manager supporting this community. I'd also like to introduce you to my colleague, Chris_Stallone who is also a Community Manager supporting this community. Please feel free to reach out to either of us at any time if you have questions or need help with anything here.


To help you get started and get the most out of your time here on the community, we've put together this "Getting Started" guide.


Be sure to Update Your Profile

After logging in to the community site, you’ll see a global drop down with a silhouette icon to the left of the search bar (if you already have a picture uploaded, you’ll see your picture instead). Open the drop-down menu and click on “Edit Profile.”  From the edit page, you can upload a picture or two, add your contact information, select an avatar that will be displayed in any posts/comments you create, and control your privacy settings. You can also add some of your skills/expertise from your main profile page so that other members can find you and identify your areas of expertise.


This video will walk you through the steps of updating your profile: CA Community GO! Setting Up Your Profile.


Connect with People and Communities
Now is a great time to get connected with other people and places that interest you. Follow friends, colleagues, partners or even network with people you don't know yet.  If you are a new member of the communities, be on the lookout for our New Member Webcast Events which will be posted in the The Water Cooler Community. Another great place to visit is our Training community which has many how-to documents as well as tips and tricks for using the site.


Create a Stream

Streams are a great way to follow specific content. The default streams on the CA Communities homepage include an Activity Stream (all activity on all communities) and a Connections Stream (all activity from people/places you are following). There is also an option to create a custom stream where you can select certain people or places that you’d like to follow more closely. Click “+New Stream” from the navigation panel on the left side of the Home page to begin creating your custom stream. Once you create that Stream, you can default the stream as your homepage by clicking on the gear symbol, and selecting “Set as Home.” Streams are also a great tool for using the Jive Mobile App.


Check out this doc for more info on how to create a stream: Creating Custom Streams.


Important: Get emails for the content you are following

Click the down arrow next to your Avatar (top right of page) and click “Preferences.” Click the "On" button next to your custom streams or inbox in order to begin receiving email updates. You can also elect to receive a community digest which will provide you with periodic updates on places and content you are following. To do so, click on the frequency you'd like next to the "Community Digest" option in your preferences. More info on updating your preferences can be found here: Preferences.


Ask a Question or Answer a Question -- and Follow, Like, Share and Bookmark

Now that you are set up, visit the CA Plex CA 2E Community content area to review questions posted by others (use the filters to find answered vs unanswered questions), or click on the pencil icon (top right) on the top grey banner to start your own discussion. When creating content, don't forget to add a product category. You can select a category by checking the box just above the "submit" button after you've selected the community. Adding a product category allows experts and other users to find your content more easily, and increases your chances of getting a response.


Submit and/or Vote on an Idea

You can access all Ideas by going to the “Content” page and then selecting the “Ideas” tab.  Open a specific idea to review the details, add a comment or vote it up or down. Your votes will help Product Management to determine how popular the idea is when deciding whether to implement it into the product. Interested in submitting an idea?

Watch this video for an overview on how to create one: Create and Submit an Idea within CA Communities


Download and use the Jive Mobile App
There is a mobile app that can be downloaded on all iOS or Android devices that will enable you to access the CA Communities right from your phone. Click here to learn more.


That's it -- I hope you find this useful. Again, if you have any questions or need any help, just let us know!




Your CA Community Manager


Good morning CA Plex CA 2E Community!


CA World '15 will take place November 16-20 in Las Vegas and while we won't officially release pricing information until registration opens (planned for next week), we leaked special pricing for CA Community members yesterday: CA World '15 Pricing and Discounts for CA Community Members


Briefly, the early bird rate (register before September 18) is $1,295 -- $700 off the regular $1,995 price -- and if you register by September 18 you also receive a free complimentary pass so you can bring a colleague with you! (Some exclusions do apply so please check the CA World website next week).


For CA World '15, we've added 50% more Pre-Conference education classes to help you get the most out of your CA investments as well as hands-on sessions on DevOps, Security, Management Cloud and our Mobile-to-Mainframe platforms.


Get the details about the special community offer here: CA World '15 Pricing and Discounts for CA Community Members


And make sure that you're following the CA World '18 Community to get all the latest news and updates!

Happy Friday, CA Plex CA 2E Community! In case you missed it, we hosted the first office hours session for this community earlier this week. You can read the transcript here: CA 2E Office Hours Transcript (Feb. 18)


What are office hours? They are online chat sessions where you can get answers to your product questions from a team of experts. We ask that you not talk about open support tickets, but most anything else is fair game. We'll have representatives from the product management, support, education and other groups available to answer your questions.


We had such a great response to the first set of office hours that we've decided to make it a monthly session -- on the third Wednesday of every month. And, we'll alternate the focus between CA Plex and CA 2E from month to month. The next three sessions have been scheduled and published here in the community:


I hope that you'll join myself Dan Short, Simon_Cockayne, Cindy Michaels and the rest of the team during an upcoming office hours session!

Every month we'll shine our virtual spotlight on one of our community's members. It's just a fun, easy way for us to get to know one another a little bit beyond our work-related interactions here on the site.


This month, we're shining the spotlight on Anne-Marie Arnvig from Websydian -- who also happens to be a CA Plex CA 2E Community Board Co-President.


Communications & Relations Manager


Based in
Websydian is located in Denmark, in Søborg which is just outside Copenhagen


Former Job(s)
Before working for Websydian I worked at an advertising agency and at Danish Technological Institute in the center for research in concrete technology


What do you enjoy about your work?

There are many things I enjoy about my job at Websydian. However, two things stand out. It sounds corny, I know, but I get really happy when the Websydian development and support team gets praise. They deserve it. With a team like the Websydian guys I get so much positive feedback from customers that my job as the relations manager is a constant joy. Regarding communications management I find the entire process of communicating continuously fascinating.


About your family

In my private life I’m the proud mother of two incredibly clever, gifted and beautiful teenagers (You would never have guessed the proud part, right?).


Three favorite movies

I'm not much of a movie buff but I like a good movie, and there are a couple I can watch over and over again: Gosford Park - a ”who done it” and a great portrait of British society in the 1930’s and the imminent downfall of the empire. And, The Nightmare before Christmas – clever, funny and poetic stop motion.


Favorite book

My favorite book (or books) is the trilogy 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami. Man, it’s weird.


My hobbies include running, yoga, food and art. There’s nothing like a touching exhibition followed by a well-cooked meal. When we go to Austin for The 7th CA 2E/Plex Worldwide Developer Conference in May 2015 I will try to make time to visit the HOPE outdoor Gallery (If it still exists then).


Interesting fact about yourself

I didn’t know my real name until the age of six when I started first grade. I was so surprised to find out I was actually called Anne-Marie. Until the teacher called our names the first day in first grade, I had no clue.


Thank you, Anne-Marie for being under the spotlight! Cheers!