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I have found a small archive of some of the blogs I posted under the old system and am re-posting them here as they did create some nice feedback.



Experience from the Trenches:  Failure, *****-ups, and Laughter


I must apologize for being a few days late for this blog.  I had a recent 8 pound, 11 ounce addition to my family so my attention has been else-where.


Failure and major *****-ups are common in life and occur all around us. When we are starting out in our career we are very much fearful of screwing up or failing completely. Lets face it, all through our life we have all been involved in failure, witnessed failure, tried to avoid failure, and have seen those that caused the failure even get promoted! (Arrrgh!) Lets be honest, life will provide the opportunity to fail or *****-up and no matter how hard we try, some things will just not go the way they are planned.


For example: About 12 years ago a client required an architecture document. This 300 page monstrosity took 4 weeks to complete. When it went to be printed the laser printer died. When the printer was repaired, then power went out due to a voltage spike. When the power was restored, it was discovered the computer was fried due to the voltage spike. The computer was fixed only to find the hard drive was now dead. We managed to recover the architecture document from the dead drive (at a significant cost) only to find that it was now corrupt. Two weeks later we have the document fixed and ready to deliver. When we delivered it to the client we were told by their manager that it was too big and to break the document down to 3, 100 page documents. So we did. Finally we delivered the document to the client CIO. His response was that the architecture document should be only one volume. Naturally we then presented the original 300 page architecture document. Two weeks later the project funding was reduced and the project shelved.


Needless to say during all the activity in the example above the stress level was getting quite high, and my vocabulary grew with new expletives. I lost a few pounds (I could use that now) and my hair started to turn grey. At the end I learned a great lesson. The business made a business decision not to continue due to lack of funding, and also, nobody at the local bar cared about my troubles or that my project was axed. We just played pool and laughed at my misfortune.


The above started me to think, “why am I getting so stressed at screwing up or at failure that I cannot control”? If I cannot control the outcome, I should just accept it and move on. I then started to look at my co-workers and those close to retirement couldn’t care less about screwing up as they would say “I am retiring next year, so why get stressed”. While my younger co-workers were getting stressed much easier. sometimes to the point of tears, or taking sick days off.


After a few nights of consuming a few cold, carbonated, barley beverages, I started to think about failure further and tried to understand it. This led me to the realization that we would not have progressed as far as we had as a species if it was not for failure. We have learned so much from failure and watching others fail, such as: not to eat certain berries, mushrooms, and that wild animals that are really cute do not want to be hugged. Castles and buildings fall down if not designed properly. Our building codes were created based upon failures. Edison, Bell, Ford all had their share of failures and from the ashes of disaster grow the roses of success (I just had to throw that in). Anyone remember the Apple Newton?......Apples huge failure, or was it just ahead of its time?


Now days if you fail, you might get a reprimand, might be told to learn from the mistake, or in the rare case even fired. Guess what, life will go on, and this can be a great opportunity to learn. Isn’t this a question during interviews “What was a recent failure you have had, and how did you deal with it?” I know I have had that question given to me a few times.


So now how about we all change how we deal with failure. Lets embrace it, especially since #$%^ happens. Let’s learn from it, lets teach others not to make the same mistakes. Lets pay it forward.  Let’s not get too stressed about it. Especially, since we have all heard that stress can kill you.


We have also heard that laughter is the best medicine. So no matter what happens on a project, if it succeeds or fails, the sun will come up the next morning, the world will carry on, and there are bigger issues in the world, and to be blunt, for the vast majority of the people in the world, they will never have heard about your project or its status. So take comfort and learn from the failure/*****-up. I still take failure seriously, but I also now laugh at it. My hair is still partially grey, but I am a lot less stressed! And I also have a lot more fun at work!


So when involved in a failure, head out with some with friends and have a great laugh. After all, didn’t we all laugh with our friends in high school when we made a major *****-up or failed a test?  We can learn a lot from our own past as to how to deal with failure.


Until next time,

Michael Thibault

I was a bit stumped coming up with this weeks blog topic. But after a visit to the CIO's office and a conversation with his executive assistant, a topic came to me. For those that follow Canadian commercials, there was one a few years ago from Molson's Brewery called "The Rant", here is my version of it.





I'm not a techie, or an executive assistant.


I do not work on the raised floor, or in a data centre, or eat only pizza.


And I do not know Jim, Sally or Suzie from tech support. Although I'm sure certain they're really, really nice.


I have a laptop, not a server.


I speak English not JAVA or .NET.


And I pronounce it 'Zog'.


I can proudly use and display my CA Technologies back pack.


I believe in supporting the process, not enforcing the process.


PMBoK! Not adhoc.


And that Clarity does work with Microsoft Project!


A project has an end date.


Service packs should be applied.


I know resource, project, and procurement management!


Clarity is the best PPM tool out there,


The Global Clarity User Community rocks and has awesome members who share,


and is the best part CA WORLD.


My name is Mike!


  And I work with Clarity and am not a Techie!

Michael Thibault

Clarity GUC Webcasts

Posted by Michael Thibault Champion Aug 11, 2014

What would the community like to see more of during our quarterly webcasts? Are there any particular topics you would like to see presented?


Please let us know.

Michael Thibault

Dear CA Clarity Community Member,


With so much going on in the Clarity Community I have consolidated recent activities in case you missed anything. I'll also note that it's been awhile (my bad!) since I've posted one of these so please post what I missed in the comments for others. We'll make this a collaborative effort!


CA Clarity PPM – The Big Picture.  Free 60 minute training for new and existing users.  Tips, tricks and best practices to maximize your investment.  Presented June 10, 2014. 

You can check out the playback here:


Free Training: Keeping Projects on Time and Within Budget with CA Clarity PPM v13

As a project manager, you are responsible for completing projects on time, on budget, and within scope. And, as your organization increases the size and complexity of the business, your project management responsibilities are probably rapidly increasing, as well. Despite this challenge, you cannot afford to let your projects fall behind schedule. But, by knowing how to set up the right resources for your projects and investments, you can quickly adapt to dynamic business conditions and stay on track.  CA Clarity Project & Portfolio Manager v13.3 (CA Clarity PPM) enables you to maximize your business’s full potential for delivering innovative products by providing a comprehensive view of people, projects and portfolios.

You can check out the playback here: Event Registration (EVENT: 817465 - SESSION: 1)


Miss the July 10 Office Hours for CA Clarity?

Check out the conversation here: Office Hours for CA Clarity Thursday, July 10 @ 1 PM ET


Did you miss this CA Clarity PPM Support Webinar: Timeslicing? During this free webinar, we will take you through a presentation and live demo explaining Timeslicing best practices, the logic behind it, debugging, tips and tricks and other valuable information that will be useful during your day to day use of CA Clarity PPM.

You can check out the playback here: CA Clarity PPM Timeslicing

Check out the 2014 1st Quarter CA Clarity Global User Community Webcast - Apr 15

Webcast Agenda – 4/15

11:00 Opening remarks – President, Clarity GUC

11:05 CA Update – David Werner , CA Technologies

11:10 Top Down Portfolio management – Fernando Santiago

11:50 CA Customer Reference Program – Zoe A. Meyer – CA Technologies

12:20 User involvement and Treasury update – President, Clarity GUC

12:25 Questions - Membership

You can check out the playback here: 2014 1st Quarter CA Clarity Global User Community Webcast - Apr 15

Curious about CA Clarity Playbook? This is the story of how Forward Hotels utilized CA Clarity Playbook to develop, fund, and implement a strategic plan to modernize their guests' check-in experience through a new technology initiative. See how their use of CA Clarity Playbook led to a successful initiative resulting in increased customer satisfaction and higher revenues.

You can check out the playback here: CA Clarity Playbook

Some great videos you may have missed from CA Education! We have a few published 'YouTube' videos available showing you 'how-to' do something in Clarity. These videos are published on our CA Educate YouTube account. Check them out and subscribe to the channel for future updates.

You can check out the videos here: CA Clarity PPM  How-To Videos

Help us improve the experience: Looking for usability testing participants!

CA Technologies and the ITBM Group are looking for a few volunteers to participate in a usability testing research study. We are looking to talk to people who currently use Clarity V13.x on a regular basis. The sessions will last about 1 hour and take place over phone and webex. Participants will be e-mailed a $50 Amazon gift certificate after their session is completed.

If you are interested in participating, please click the link below and fill out the form.

You will be contacted directly with further details if you qualify for our study. Even if you don’t qualify for this study, we will keep you in mind for future studies.

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That's it for now folks but I'm sure there will be a lot more soon! Take a moment to get on the discussion in CA Clarity and make your voice heard!




Chris Hackett
Community Manager, IT Business Management

Have you ever tried removing a resource from a task after adjusting timesheets to 0 hours, or after deleting the timesheets and still got an error "PRJ-07580: One or more staff members cannot be removed. This may be due to security, committed actuals or booked requisition."? Is it possible to ever remove a resource from a task after actuals have been posted on the assignment?

The short answer is yes, but you would want to be very clear about the results from taking the necessary steps


Per the current product design it is possible to achieve this goal, however the actions required for such removal will impact a larger scale of data than what you may initially expect: you should be ready to remove all timesheets that fall within the affected time reporting periods, and all financial transactions on the project from not just for a specific resource but all resources.

Carefully review the steps below and decide if they are feasible given the scope of the problem and the impact area:


1. Adjust the timesheets where hours have been posted from, zeroing out the hours from the task and post the adjustment timesheets. If project is enabled for financial, new transactions will be generated from the adjustment timesheets to back out the quantities in WIP. Complete the financial posting so that these new transactions are posted to WIP. If you query the WIP tables where the status is 0 (i.e. current) you should come up to a net 0 for the assignment. At this point the resource will now shows 0 actuals on the task assignment


2. Close the time reporting periods in which the timesheets for the unwanted assignments fall; mark the periods for deletion. Run the Delete Investments job.


*** IMPORTANT *** This job run will delete ALL timesheets from all resources that fall within the time reporting periods closed at step #4, the impact area is all resources, on all projects, within the chosen time periods.


3. If the project and the resource were financially enabled and financial transactions have been posted to WIP, you would need set the project financial status to CLOSED and run one job against this project: Purge Financial Tables job


*** IMPORTANT *** This job will delete ALL financial WIP transactions for the projects. The impact area is all resources on the project


You should now be able to remove the resource from the task, and remove the resource from the project team as well.


In some situations a data cleanup of such large scale is not feasible for the purpose of correcting just one or a few assignments. Clarity's Product Management team is looking to collect use cases and business impact of this limitation of the product design, so that the design can be adjusted in the future to better its users. Please promote and comment on the existing Idea on the Global User Community through this link :