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In my last blog I stated:


“While this is the community and we should not be advertising here, what I am within next is not a personal endorsement, but for informational for all those that did not attend. Anyone who is technical has a toolkit of various SQL queries that that use to help manage and troubleshoot CA PPM. We all want to put them into portlet form, but never have the time. Our own Stephen Forney  (He is the one who is managing our CA PPM Sandboxes) has made these queries into a highly impressive set of portlets. Since Stephen works for Excers, they made the decision to make a large number of the portlets available to the CA PPM customers for free. I recommend that you request a demonstration. We will also try to have the free portlets demo'd at the next CA PPM GUC meeting.“


Please accept my apology to the community and to any Clarity partners that were offended that I was promoting one vendor over another. This was never my intention. I was simply reporting on something that I saw that I was truly impressed with and wanted to share with the community. And that I wanted to give Steve Forney credit as the driving force behind the maintenance of our Community sandbox. Unfortunately, due to the concern we will be unable to present the portlets at the GUC.meeting in January.


I mentioned that Stephen works for Excers only to ensure that I was being forthcoming with his employment affiliation so not to show that I was hiding or supporting a vendor under the guise of a blog posting.


If you appreciated the blogging, please let me know. If not, I will refrain from this in the future so as to not cause anymore unintended partner issues.


Michael Thibault

Vice-President, Clarity Global User Community.