CA PPM Tuesday Tip - Auto refresh an object instance once process runs

Blog Post created by am1 Champion on Jun 23, 2016

Following on from Dave_3.0's legendary tip, we can use this to auto refresh a object instance

One of CA PPM's annoyances to users is refreshing the object instance once a process has run.

This method can take care of where a user changes a value and you need a refresh to see the results of the process.


Video pre and post


How to replicate - basic example

  • Create a new object

  • create a few attributes, one boolean and one string

  • create a new dynamic lookup - this will execute the refresh script when we want it to

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="1">  won't work for all browsers, this is just for example!

t.refresh = 1 is the condition to refresh, but it can be anything


Unfortunately <script> will be removed by Clarity, so javascript approach to refresh won't work.

Update: It's possible to call javascript if you want, i'm sure you can figure out the way

CASE WHEN t.refresh = 1 THEN '<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="1">' ELSE ' ' END refresh
FROM odf_ca_test_refresh t
SELECT to_char(' ') refresh from DUAL
) x
  • create a lookup on the object as detailed in the tip and add it to the object

I have the refresh lookup text hidden in case you wonder where it is!

  • create a simple process that is triggered when refresh boolean attribute = 1

  • updates the string value to "hello world" and resets the refresh flag (to stop the refreshing!)