PPM PUNDITS: Five Takeaways from Gartner 2017 PPM MQ

Blog Post created by Alf-Abuhajleh Employee on Jun 7, 2017

Earlier this week, Gartner released the 2017 Magic Quadrant for Project Portfolio Management, placing CA Technologies, Changepoint and Planview in the leader square. Here are five takeaways from the report.


1. They got it! Combining the cloud-based and self-hosted PPM reports shows Gartner finally understands today’s software-as-a-service market. One of the fastest growing cloud companies, ServiceNow, isn’t SaaS. It’s advanced managed hosting. Salesforce, Workday and Google, on the other hand, are pure SaaS players, with one multi-tenant instance for all users. However, from the customer’s perspective anything hosted off-premises is considered cloud. The rest is semantics.



2. Who says elephants can’t dance? CA Project and Portfolio Management, which has been around for a while, is considered to have the greatest ability to execute. That is, “ease of use, balanced with functional depth, and cost-effective pricing,” especially as it relates to the project management office. This staid old firm also flaunts the third-best product vision, leaving you curious about what all those startups are working on?


3. Where’s the beef? The report’s leader, Planview, had three peculiarly identical strengths: To target all sizes of companies, it bought a slew of solutions, which it is trying to integrate. Not very original.


4. Show me the money. Gartner pegs the global PPM market at $2.3 billion. That’s almost double the $1.2 billion market IDC painted in 2015. Even at a healthy 11% annual growth, according to Gartner, it’s hard to reconcile the numbers.


5. Welcome to the party. Open-source and cloud-based LiquidPlanner fell out of this year’s report, while Innotas disappeared into the bowel of Planview. Filling the gap are London Stock Exchange-listed Sopheon (Challenger) and Minneapolis-based KeyedIn Solutions (Niche Player). Bet on the churn to continue as project management apps modernize.


What's your take? Comment below or find me @alfzoo. Alf Abuhajleh works in CA PPM product marketing.