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Sanish Twitter.jpgSanish has been at CA Technologies for nearly 8 years. After starting his career in computer science and engineering, Sanish eventually found himself on the CA support team for CA PPM.

“CA has one of the best work cultures and it is an excellent place to work and learn.”


It’s not just Sanish that’s developing and growing. It’s the whole support team, as well as the customers. “Support has significantly changed over the 8 years that I’ve been here. Today CA customers are benefited by enhanced self service capabilities provided via CA Communities, and other socializing channels.”


“CA communities provide customers the communication entry point to our technical organization. In addition communities also provides a collaborative environment that gives the needed insight to product and dev team about how customers use the product and where they are challenged.”


Sanish never says no to learning a new skill or technique for support -- and he never says no to a game.


“I'm not a big fan of working out in the Gym, but I love playing sports. When not working, you can call me over for a game of Tennis, Table Tennis or Cricket.”


Follow Sanish here:johsa07


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Antonio Facebook.jpgAntonio Arenas has been a member of the support team for less than a year. Antonio holds certifications in ITIL and Solaris. Today he supports Clarity PPM from Santiago Chile.


Antonio says he loves the CA working environment. CA Communities is one of the many ways he interacts with his colleagues. It’s a great outlet for him and the other engineers to exchange and share new information about the products at CA, not only with each other, but with the customers as well.


Outside of work Antonio takes a step back from the tech world and into the world of futbol. He loves reading coaching books from time to time and watching and playing.


Even though Antonio has only been with CA a short time he is already looking to help CA support grow and develop, by not only getting involved with CA communities, but contributing to Knowledge Articles as well.


If you are considering a career with CA, start at


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JG Twitter.jpgJeanne_Gaskill_CA_Clarity_Support


Jeanne came to CA as part of the acquisition of Clarity in 2005. So, she's been a expert in Clarity PPM for over 10 years. Jeanne works in the Plano Texas office by way of California. She began her career with a "temporary" job in technical support.


"I received my Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and took a temporary technical support job while I figured out what I wanted to do with my degree.  It turned out to be such a good fit for me that I have been working in first hardware and then software technical support ever since then. I use the logic, troubleshooting skills, and knowledge I learned from obtaining my mathematics degree every single day at work."


Jeanne also  also taught Ballroom dancing for over 7 years. "The ability to explain things and break them down multiple ways, the teaching skills, the ability to work with/teach many different types of people and most of all the sales skills I was taught in the ballroom help me at work!" 


The people and the challenge keeps her at CA. Jeanne enjoys the people she works with and enjoys helping our CA PPM customers.


"CA PPM (Clarity) is a wide product that continually keeps me challenged because there is always some new technology or some new facet that I haven’t learned about yet."


When she first started support most companies were still using DOS, and Windows was brand new. She came into the "Windows World" kicking and screaming in protest.  Pretty much all communications with customers were done by phone and fax because email was not in widespread use yet.  They didn't have web sharing back in the day. They had to have extremely good listening and questioning skills to understand a customer’s problem without being able to see a thing!


"I remember when we used to consider ourselves lucky if an email sent to a customer arrived within an hour and emails often did not arrive until the next day. I used to help run and respond to technical support forums on AOL and Compuserve as well as email lists."


Learn what other Engineers have to say about things changing in Technical Support in the video below. (Video shot in Plano at Jeanne's office!)



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Rachel Facebook.jpgRachel_Minch is a native Texan and has been at CA for six years this August, and currently supports customers of CA PPM (formerly Clarity). Rachel has always been on the tech side of things. She's worked as a programmer, developer, QA and product support -- all of which help her see things from our customer's point of view.


"CA PPM is extremely customizable, and the product is ever-changing. Our job is to divert the repetitive issues and focus on unique complex cases."



Customers are encourage to search the communities and the knowledge base documentation before opening a ticket. Chances are - the support team has had your question before!


Click here to search the CA PPM Knowledge Articles


"The biggest change I have seen in support since I started is that the clients are much more savvy.  They are interested in self-service, chat sessions, mobile apps, and participating in the CA communities.  They enjoy sharing knowledge and exchanging ideas with other clients and CA employees."


Learn how to Chat with CA PPM Support Engineers


Outside of work, Rachel enjoys reading, gardening, and spending time with her family - husband, two daughters, and three dogs!


"CA has a diverse work environment that celebrates everyone’s uniqueness and combines their strengths to build great teams.  CA cares for its employees and it shows when thru their great attitude and they constant drive to deliver superior customer service."


Rachel_Minch is also featured in our lastest CA Support mini-documentary:

CA Technologies Expands the Definition of Technical Support


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