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Dear All, 


“If you encounter an error  or a ‘Please Wait’ message that does not clear when attempting to access CA PPM Advanced Reporting after installing Jaspersoft Server Cumulative Patch 6.2.1_5.2.1.4 , it may be necessary to clear the browser cache on the client machine. The browser cache should be cleared for each user attempting to access Advanced Reporting.


If you are not able to access CA PPM Advanced Reporting after clearing the browser cache, or for any other problems using CA PPM Advanced Reporting please contact CA Technical Support ( for additional assistance.”


To confirm you are on the Jaspersoft Server Cumulative Patch 6.2.1_5.2.1.4


1. Login to PPM and click on About Page

2. If you are On Premise customer and you have access to Jaspersoft Console 

2a. Login to Jaspersoft console 

2b. Hit the URL http://servername:8080/reportservice/version.htm 




Suman Pramanik 


Jaspersoft Server Cumulative Patch 6.2.1_5.2.1.4 Fails to install on Oracle RAC Servers 


Steps to Reproduce:

1. Exact the Cumulative Patch 6.2.1_5.2.1.4 ISO

2. Start the Install 

Actual Result: The build fails with error ORA-12514, TNS:listener does not currently know of service requested

Expected Result: The install should be successful 




Jaspersoft 6.2.1 database is configured on a Oracle RAC server.


This is a bug DE36561 and workaround is mentioned below


This issue only will occur when JSFT is installed on Oracle RAC. To solve the problem, there is small config change in install.xml. To apply the changes do the following:

  1. Unzip the patch zip - to a folder - ca_ppm_jaspersoft_patch_6.2.1_5.
  2. Navigate to bin folder in the patch and find the file - 'install.xml' script file.
  3. Replace the existing 'install.xml' with the one attached to install.xml .
  4. Then, run patch installation command.

Additional Information

Note: Above changes need to be done only if Jaspersoft 6.2.1 database is configured on a Oracle RAC server.


Knowledge Document CA PPM Jaspersoft Server Cumulative Patch 6.2.1_5.2.1.4 Fails on Oracle RAC

Dear All,


Just wanted to keep you all updated with the new bug found where you can see lot of file not found errors in CA PPM 15.1 with Apache Tomcat 8.0.34 and above.


This is a benign warning and will have very little impact on Windows OS. We have provided an interim workaround and documented in the technical document. 


Knowledge Base Articles 



Suman Pramanik