• Cost Plan configurable fields

    In the New UX for Cost Plans, is there a reason why fields cannot be added other than Grouping attributes that are defined? e.g. our customer had a Notes field in Classic which they used per line item so I want to hav...
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  • What is the table name storing NSQL of dynamic lookups?

    Do anyone has any idea, what is the table name, where I can get full NSQL text for dynamic lookup? like their is a table "CMN_NSQL_QUERIES" containing full text of each NSQL query.
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  • working of Pivot mode in Resource staffing in Clarity (15.4.1) new UX

    How the Pivot mode feature works in Resource staffing of Clarity new UX of version 15.4.1 ?
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  • Como Adicionar aos Meus projetos automaticamente na criação do projeto?

    Como Adicionar aos Meus projetos automaticamente na criação do projeto?
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  • Problem Parsing CSV File in GEL Script

    I'm a relative newcomer to GEL and not a Java guru, so I'm hoping someone out there can give me some advice.   My goal is to use GEL to read a CSV file (which is exported from our ERP system and stored on our SF...
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  • Issue on Page with portlet filter

    Hello, I have created a page with portlet filter + 2 portlet based on NSQL queries and I have something very strange : When I update my filter data in flilter portlet, the page saty blank, I have to click again on t...
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  • GEL Script to update a table column based on conditions

    Hello,    Could some please provide me sample of a GEL script that updates a database column  based on Risks column value?   For example:     If (likelihood * consequ...
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  • Are You Double-Escaping Apostrophes in XOG?

    Special Characters Escape special characters in XOG requests to ensure a successful XOG read or write request. You can escape special characters or can use CDATA.   Escape Rules (in Docs from 2004 to 2018) Use ...
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  • CA PPM 15.5 New Report with Power BI Error

    Hello Community of CA PPM, I need your help because we try to create a new HTML report and when we put the url of Power BI the report not appear en CA PPM.   The HTML code is:  <div align="center" styl...
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  • How to set Cost Plan to "Submitted" Status using a Process?

    Hello -    Thank you in advance for your time and effort.   I'm working on a process that replaces the OOTB "Submit Plan of Record for Approval" workflow, as the latter requires the approver to have a...
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  • Unable to update/reflect changes of Default Value (Large String, Read Only) to End-User

    Hello -    I've created three Large String custom attributes (Project), each with a default value and read-only assigned.  When making changes to the default value of each and saving, the changes do no...
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  • Project Tasks - Associated Risks/Issues

    I am trying to figure out the DB table(s) where I can fetch to identify associated risks/issues for a project task. Any references on this would be helpful.   Thanks, Praneeth
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  • Default value is not reflected for an custom attribute

    Hi All,   We have an custom attribute with number data type , default  value 0.0% and   'populate null values with default field' unchecked.  When projects are created default values are not...
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  • Variables definition

    Hello,   I'm new to PPM. I would like to know if there is a document with all variables listed and definitions (what they are intended to be used for).   Many thanks,   Danielle
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  • How to embed a PowerBI report in CA PPM?

    So I have built this PowerBI report. I published it on the PowerBI server.   >> How do I embed it in Clarity (in a page)? I suppose it's through iframe / HTML portlet... but how exactly? Does anyone have a...
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  • Populating Application related data in Support projects

    Hi,   When I am trying to populate data througha gel script from application to a Support Project I am being returned null as exception.   Below is the xml used in gel script. Let me know if I have to make...
  • AI in CA PPM

    Hello, is there already any strategy in place regarding AI usage in CA PPM (e.g. see: Artificial intelligence seen taking over most pro... )
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  • Channels - Displaying internal Pages without Classic PPM header

    Dear Community,    During the 15.6 demonstrations, we have seen the a configured channel to display the benefits plan, the channel doesn't display the header of the classic PPM, any one know how we can conf...
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  • Compatibility Oracle v12 with Clarity v14.2?

    Hi, We currently still have Clarity 14.2 running on an Oracle 11 database. Is this application version compatible with Oracle v12? Thanks, Ann
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  • Error : ODF-0015: Value must be unique. While saving an existing project

    Hi All,   While saving an existence project, following Error is throwing :  Error : ODF-0015: Value must be unique.   Have anyone faced the same issue.    Regard, Freddy 
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