• Great new XOG tool - check it out!

    We've been on Clarity (on Demand) for about five years and I've done a little XOGing here and there just to move configuration between environments. I've always used the command line tool that CA provides which works,...
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  • OOTB Reports with incorrect data

    OOTB Reports in CA PPM are getting incorrect data. the dataware house job is running successfully but the data is missing in the reports. how to handle this.#OOTB reports.   Actuals updated last week in projects...
    created by DivyaM88
  • Clarity PPM 15.6 Patch 1 ( General Availability Announcement

    Date:          May 8, 2019 To:             Clarity PPM Customers From:         The CA...
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  • Rate Matrix incremental update or add new rows

    Hi    You can add a new role or updating existing records using XOG Operation.   incremental="true"  It will update rate matrix rows, if record present in input xml and Rate Matrix it will be a...
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  • CA PPM 15.4 Sandboxes Now Open!

    Hello everyone,        The sandboxes are now open and there are a couple of new changes: There are now 2 sandboxes for use.  The first one you will have Studio access and is used in the sam...
    Michael Thibault
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  • CA PPM 15.5.1 Patch 2 ( General Availability Announcement

    Date:          April 10, 2019 To:             Clarity PPM Customers From:         The C...
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  • New! CA PPM 15.4 Release Comparison

    A new CA PPM Release Comparison shows the value of upgrading to the latest release. You can access the comparison in the CA PPM product documentation using the links below: Release Information - CA PPM - 15.4  R...
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  • CA Clarity Tuesday Tip: Cost Plan 'Planned' calculations for past periods

    The "New from Task Assignment" feature work as follows: For every Cost Detail ‘Planned Cost’ in past periods, the data comes from the Actuals Units (taken from posted Transactions) and the Rate Matrix Co...
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  • JasperSoft 7.1

    This was rolled out to SaaS environments last night for at least Australia in non-production environments.   This requires a minor change in the JasperSoft Server Access Configuration.  Previous connections...
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  • Use Java to access Clarity PPM REST API

    The following is a simple example to access project data from Clarity using Java. This example demonstrates how to use a Java build-in HTTP client library to implement a simple Clarity REST API client. We will use &ld...
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  • Sandbox Upgrade

    I am planning an upgrade to the sandboxes to version  This will allow you to try out the new Phoenix Theme.  I should have the actual dates of the upgrades early next week.   MIke
    Michael Thibault
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  • Are You Double-Escaping Apostrophes in XOG?

    Special Characters Escape special characters in XOG requests to ensure a successful XOG read or write request. You can escape special characters or can use CDATA.   Escape Rules (in Docs from 2004 to 2018) Use ...
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  • TIP : Documenting your Configuration (via SQL)

    (I just posted part of this SQL on a 'normal' thread; and it occurred to me that this is quite useful and is perhaps deserving of "TIP status" on its own) Do you ever find yourself having to document your Clarity c...
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  • General Availability Announcement for Clarity PPM 15.6

    Clarity PPM  Date: March 11, 2019 To: Clarity PPM Customers From: The Clarity PPM Product Team Subject: General Availability Announcement for Clarity PPM 15.6   On behalf of CA Technologies, a Broadcom Compa...
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  • How are Automatic Rights Assigned?

    Originally published on the CA Clarity PPM Cookbook on Flipboard Also available in the CA Clarity PPM On Premise DocOps Platform Document ID: TEC468721   Contributed by: CA Technologies Support and edit...
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  • Clarity Sandboxes

    Hi everyone,        This weekend I will be addressing the creation of accounts to those that responded to my emails.   Regards, MIke
    Michael Thibault
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  • Clarity PPM 15.4.1 Patch 4 (

    Date:          February 27, 2019 To:             Clarity PPM Customers From:         Th...
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  • XOG : SOAP : C#.NET

    Heres a sample of SOAP XOG in C#.NET   using System.Net; using System.xml; /// <summary> /// Summary description for Class1 /// </summary> public class ClarityXog { String strUserName, strPassword,...
  • XOG : SOAP : .NET

    Heres a sample of a SOAP XOG in VB.NET   Private Function CallWebService(ByVal SOAP As String) As XmlDocument    Using wcConnect As New WebClient()       Dim xdResp...
  • Clarity PPM 15.5.1 Patch 1 (

    Date:          February 14, 2019 To:             Clarity PPM Customers From:         Th...
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