• Calculated Risk - Pre and Post treatment - Value in NUX - not number.

    Hello,   There is one set of risk rating available as seeded attributes.   Calculated Risk , Probability (likelihood)  and  Impact (consequence). Calculated Risk =  Probability * Impact. ...
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  • Sandbox Upgrade

    I am planning an upgrade to the sandboxes to version  This will allow you to try out the new Phoenix Theme.  I should have the actual dates of the upgrades early next week.   MIke
    Michael Thibault
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  • Originating Template attribute update

    CA PPM Saas 15.5.1   We have several projects with 'Originating Template' attribute is blank.  This attribute is set to read only and I can't manually edit.  How do we update this?   I do not...
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  • Advanced Reporting Permission appear twice

    CA PPM   Page:  Advanced Reporting->Folder->Permissions.   We noticed that, the below permission appear twice.  Any idea?     Thanks in advance for your help
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  • Is there any plan to introduce conversations at cost plan level? i.e. like done for risks/tasks etc. in the new UX

    Is there any plan to introduce conversations at cost plan level? i.e. like done for risks/tasks etc. in the new UX
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  • How to add Line Breaks in Default Value of Read-Only String Attribute?

    All -    I've read through past posts in the Clarity PPM community and wanted to see if this type of request has been resolved yet through the years (last post I read was dated 2014).   I'm hoping to ...
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  • working of Pivot mode in Resource staffing in Clarity (15.4.1) new UX

    How the Pivot mode feature works in Resource staffing of Clarity new UX of version 15.4.1 ?
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  • In a GEL script, could we query data stored in an array-type variable?

    We're trying to design a script where a part of it needs to read a csv file containing membership info of security groups in Clarity.   The contents of the feed looks something like:   USERID, GROUPID use...
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  • Different Actuals in POR and Scehdule and Performance Page

    Hi All,   What could be the reason behind different values of actuals showing in cost Plan-Plan of Record and in Schedule and Performance subpage of the project. I ran Update cost totals job, still Schedule and ...
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  • Preview of New Clarity PPM Phoenix UI Theme

    Open video

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  • I have a PM who is suddenly unable to autoschedule a specific project.  He is able to autoschedule his other projects, and I can autoschedule this specific project as an admin.  We are on 15.1 currently.  What could be the potential cause of this?

    PM goes to autoschedule in the Gantt view, clicks on the Autoschedule with Options (clears all the options) and nothing updates.  As an admin, I go in perform the same steps and I get a tentative schedule.  ...
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  • ErrorRPT-0006: The user does not exist on reporting server or Incorrect login credentials

    Hi everyone   I have a system Clarity On Deman and When I try executive a inform, this fails.   Does anyone know why this happens?   Thank you for your help  
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  • Error on team page while saving custom created lookup attribute value CA PPM

    Hi All,   I am facing error on saving custom created lookup on team tab. When i select value in lookup in team tab(Staff Member Properties) for a resource and hit save. i am getting "ERROR System error. Con...
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  • Error Upgrade to 15.6 from 15.5

    Hello team   RHEL PPM 15.5.0   We are trying to upgrade to the new release 15.6 But we have a strange error:   We are using JAVA 11. Our gateway.xml seems ok   3/18/19 3:06 PM (ExecTask) 3/18/1...
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  • NSQL view all dept X accounts for current user from dept X

    We have a "license usage" portlet which provides a view of all resources and their access rights, as per: SELECT @SELECT:DIM:USER_DEF:IMPLIED:RESOURCE:U.ID:UserID@, @SELECT:DIM_PROP:USER_DEF:IMPLIED:RESOURCE:U.LAST_N...
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  • Can you set the New UX (/pm) as landing page of CA PPM?

    The company just installed CA PPM 15.3 to enable the New UX features. As part of the change strategy, they are enforcing the use of New UX for Project Managers users.  As we all know, every time you open the PP...
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  • Augmenting the Roadmap Projects in PPM 15.5.1

    I am having difficulty tracking down details/instructions on how I might synchronize additional attributes from in-flight Projects to import into a Roadmap. I would like to draw in: the Department OBS, %Complete, a...
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  • Custom Views

    Is it possible to share a custom view I've created in my clarity?  For example, when I click on home - portfolio management - idea, the listing that comes up, I've customized the columns I want to see on that scr...
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  • Lock Project Cost Plans and edit only authorized group

    Hello , We have a requirement to lock cost plans after plan updation by project manager and it should be unlocked/able to edit only one group(Authorized group). Step1. Cost Plan should be Locked, once the project ma...
  • [Webcast] CA Clarity PPM - Roadmapping: Accelerate Innovation – April 18, 2019 @12 p.m. ET

    4/18/19 4:00 PM
    Roadmapping: Accelerate Innovation   End the long planning meetings with strategic roadmaps, which let you forge strategies with drag-and-drop speed while involving key stakeholders on the go.   ***NOTE - Th...
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    [Webcast] CA Clarity PPM - Roadmapping: Accelerate Innovation – April 18, 2019 @12 p.m. ET