• Recover deleted Files from Document Manager

    Hi,   is there any way to recover a deleted file from Document Manager? (In PPM 15.1) Or is this even possible in 15.6?   Regards Christoph
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  • How to queue multiple processes start in the same time?

    Dear all,   We have implemented functionality: project create by process . The process is invoked by SOAP from another application. In this process we have these steps: 1, evaluate input values 3, get ne...
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  • Can you the MSP connector from latest CA PPM with version 14.3

    We are trying to use msp with our version of clarity but are encountering issues, we read that later version of the connector have addressed these issues, can you use the connector from the latest version of CA PPM to...
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  • PPM Pundits: Industry and Product News

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  • Gartner MQ 2019: Clarity PPM a leader for 17th year

    By Alf Abuhajleh PPM Pundit   Gartner recently issued the 2019 Magic Quadrant for Project and Portfolio Management. For a 17th consecutive year, Clarity PPM is a leader. In the report, authored by analysts...
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  • Q: How do I audit portfolio investments within the Portfolio?

    Hello All, Hope I am not just being blind, maybe I just need to be reminded...   I want to be able to audit the individual investments within the portfolio. Meaning, when someone adds an investment or removes an...
    Keri Taylor
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  • Task Actuals are not reversing when reversed through WIP

    Initially there were a few transactions created by users using Transaction Entries (Voucher Expense/Other). But they have entered on wrong task and they want to revert them back to zero.    What I did -...
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  • Classify and accounted IT projects (capex and opex)

    Hi Community, surely some of you have been immersed in the discussion of what elements of an IT project should be classified and accounted for as investment (capex) or expense (opex). Based on your experience and g...
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  • Connecting external form to DB

    Hello All,   Can the CA database be accessed by external source? Let’s say a form?  Is it possible to add values in the database using an external form?     Eg: I want to create a form i...
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  • Percent field is growing when saving

    Hi,   It's version PPM 01 51   on any ootb Percent field (task or project object) I see strange behavior. When entering 1 (meant to be 1%) the field is populated with 100,00 % after saving. Wh...
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  • Clarity with DBaaS

    Hi All, Anyone using clarity application with dbaas (Oracle Database as service).?   please do let me know we are working on way to achieve this. we are having issues with establishing connection from clarity t...
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  • REMINDER: This Site Becomes Read-Only on May 24 at 9 a.m. ET

    Good morning, everyone. This post is just a quick reminder that this Friday, May 24 at 9 a.m. ET this site will become read-only in preparation for our final content migration and the creation of the new Broadcom Comm...
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  • Does anyone are sure that CA PPM is officially called as Clarity ?

    Hello Shall we get new Clarity Logo.
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  • How To Add 2 filters to 2 NSQL OBS queries in CA-PPM

    Trying to add 2 filters (Investment Type and Booking Status) to 2 queries:  Allocation Compliance Pie Chart Query ID: rego_allocation_comp_chart and to Allocation Compliance List QueryID:  Drill: Allocation ...
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  • Clasificar y contabilizar proyectos de TI (capex y opex)

    Hola Comunidad, seguramente alguno de ustedes se ha visto inmerso en la discusión de qué elementos de un proyecto de tecnología de la información (TI) deben clasificarse y contabilizarse como...
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  • No longer have a User with admin rights , PPM v 15.5.1

    Hi I mistakenly deactivated admin group , now there is no user who is an admin to activate it again , is there any way I can do to activate the admin group again ?
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  • Updating the actual (ACWP) in the New UX

    Hi,   I want to know how can I do to update ACTUALS(ACWP) in the new experience . Now we use 'Transactions Details' but I didn´t see where can we do that in teh new UX.   Regards,   Cira
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  • Is there a way to include the Overall Status of project on a Portfolio?

    We are starting to explore the Portfolio functionality in the classic UX.  On the Investment tab we want to be able to add the Overall Status from the Status report object. It would also be useful on the Waterlin...
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  • Grant edit privileges to admin team for all action items

    We occasionally run in to issues where an assigned action item goes ignored or the employee leaves the company before taking action on an action item assigned to them. I'm looking for a way to grant edit/view rights f...
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  • Query for Projects

    How would one create a query to see inactive projects and when they were made inactive?  For example, if I look in the audit log I can see when i made an investment inactive.  Is there a query that can do th...
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