• Error Upgrade to 15.6 from 15.5

    Hello team   RHEL PPM 15.5.0   We are trying to upgrade to the new release 15.6 But we have a strange error:   We are using JAVA 11. Our gateway.xml seems ok   3/18/19 3:06 PM (ExecTask) 3/18/1...
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  • I have a PM who is suddenly unable to autoschedule a specific project.  He is able to autoschedule his other projects, and I can autoschedule this specific project as an admin.  We are on 15.1 currently.  What could be the potential cause of this?

    PM goes to autoschedule in the Gantt view, clicks on the Autoschedule with Options (clears all the options) and nothing updates.  As an admin, I go in perform the same steps and I get a tentative schedule.  ...
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  • NSQL view all dept X accounts for current user from dept X

    We have a "license usage" portlet which provides a view of all resources and their access rights, as per: SELECT @SELECT:DIM:USER_DEF:IMPLIED:RESOURCE:U.ID:UserID@, @SELECT:DIM_PROP:USER_DEF:IMPLIED:RESOURCE:U.LAST_N...
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  • Augmenting the Roadmap Projects in PPM 15.5.1

    I am having difficulty tracking down details/instructions on how I might synchronize additional attributes from in-flight Projects to import into a Roadmap. I would like to draw in: the Department OBS, %Complete, a...
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  • Can you set the New UX (/pm) as landing page of CA PPM?

    The company just installed CA PPM 15.3 to enable the New UX features. As part of the change strategy, they are enforcing the use of New UX for Project Managers users.  As we all know, every time you open the PP...
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  • Custom Views

    Is it possible to share a custom view I've created in my clarity?  For example, when I click on home - portfolio management - idea, the listing that comes up, I've customized the columns I want to see on that scr...
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  • Lock Project Cost Plans and edit only authorized group

    Hello , We have a requirement to lock cost plans after plan updation by project manager and it should be unlocked/able to edit only one group(Authorized group). Step1. Cost Plan should be Locked, once the project ma...
  • Configure New Clarity UI

    Is the functionality to 'configure' the new UI with a new data element (as in extending the data model using CA Studio / Classic UI) planned in the Product RoadMap?
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  • Error on team page while saving custom created lookup attribute value CA PPM

    Hi All,   I am facing error on saving custom created lookup on team tab. When i select value in lookup in team tab(Staff Member Properties) for a resource and hit save. i am getting "ERROR System error. Con...
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  • Can  all the details including the ID and Value of dynamic lookup be retrieved using XOG API?

    Can  all the details including the ID and Value of dynamic lookup be retrieved using XOG API? From the existing XOG API, only the value of a dynamic lookup field can be retrieved along with NSQL, but the interna...
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    Hi, Hoping somebody can shed some light on below issue. Please see attached word document. User is running Clarity (13.2) on Chrome, and when they try to click on Open in Sheduler, its not. Instead its brining up S...
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  • Posted transaction Review

    I have a user who can't view the posted transaction review. Why?
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  • Prevent Time Tracking to Project / Tasks closed for time entry?

    Hi,   The requirement is to prevent users from tracking time to projects / tasks that are closed for time entry.    This occurs only when the task has been added to a timesheet prior to time tracking ...
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  • Is there a way to hide Restore default button at the Object level?

    We wanted to know if there is a way to hide Restore button at the Object level?
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  • how to find Projects task which is being used from a Project template task

    Hello,   Can someone please provide some guidance on how to find if the task is being used from a particular template in a project. I have searched communities i was to figure out how getting the information of ...
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  • Execute/Parse lookup query from gel

    I have a requirement, where i want to execute some dynamic loookups from gel script. Is there any way to do the same?   we can execute a nsql query using soap call, so is there any way to call lookup in the...
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  • Has anyone worked on inbound integration via flat file into CA PPM?

    Hi All, I'm wondering how inbound integration works in CA PPM where data needs to be inserted into PPM via flat file. How does this work?   inboundintegration flatfile 
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  • Is there a way to increase limit on number of rows exported to csv from Clarity?

    Hi Experts,   I have a 50k limit for exporting to excel (data only) in the memory.properties file.   I understand this limit is for excel (data only) and not csv.  On exporting to csv, i get 25k reco...
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  • CA PPM Timesheets

    Good Afternoon, How do I access time sheets in ca ppm?
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  • Could not run any jaspersoft report

    Hello,   We are having this issue "  Repository file resource /ca_ppm/templates/reportStyleTemplate_null could not be loaded " when running any jaspersoft reports.   Any help or guidance to res...
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