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Good morning! We'll have more information soon, including programming, registration dates and pricing. But in the mean time, CA World '15 is November 16-20 -- save the date!


And, make sure that you're following the CA World '18 for all of the latest news and announcements.


Save the Date: CA World '15 is November 16-20

In continuation to our latest announcement on PAM 4.3 Alpha build validation program, we have  got a local sandbox instance ready on our LoD network to access it directly instead of going through PAM installation procedures.

The details are as below:

Solution Studio for solution designer:

Credentials: pamadmin/pamadmin


Solution Server for Administrator:

Credentials: pamadmin/pamadmin


Please access with Chrome or Firefox only. We are in the process of adding IE support.

Note: This is a shared sandbox environment so you may create your own sample solutions and deploy them. However, please take a backup by exporting the solution you have created as this environment may be refreshed periodically.


Once again, thanks for being part of PAM 4.3 validation program and we are eagerly waiting for your feedback and suggestions.

Once a month we'll shine our virtual spotlight on one of the CA Process Automation community's members. It's just a fun, easy way for us to get to know one another a little bit beyond our work-related interactions here on the site. This month, we're featuring Paimon Sorornejad, Infrastructure Engineering Senior, Cigna.


Location:  Bloomfield CT, working at Cigna

Current Gig: Infrastructure Engineering Senior.  Our Team is responsible for the dashboarding/monitoring and automation of the infrastructure

One word that describes how you work:  Automation!

How do you use CA Communities and any suggestions for others? The communities are my primary resource when it comes to asking “what do YOU do in your environment”.  One principle that we like to incorporate is not having to re-invent the wheel.  When it comes to automation, or trying to plan how to attack an issue, it’s always nice to get some feedback from the community on how others have tried to solve for the problem.  The idea sharing, as well as community based problem solving has also been valuable to our implementation of processes.

Mac or PC? PC (Booo expensive apple devices!)

Mobile Device? Android (Boooo iphones)

Apps/software/tools you can’t live without? Some form of social media (for keeping up with friends and family), Eclipse (for keeping my development skills up to snuff), Youtube (For how-tos and a good laugh), and Reddit (because all real news comes from Reddit)

Besides your phone and computer, what's your favorite gadget? Does my car count?

What’s your daily work space like? SOI running on one monitor, Spectrum/PAM monitoring on another monitor, and Email/Lync running on the third monitor.  Nothing else too fancy around my desk, except a picture of my dog and fiancée.

How do you balance life/work? Cigna prides itself on a Work-Life balance, so when we leave work, we do our best to detach ourselves from the environment and really focus on home life.  My mind is always thinking of innovating and automating which is what makes my work so enjoyable.  When you enjoy what you do, it’s very easy to seamlessly transition from work focus, to family focus.

Best advice you can give and you have received? The best advice I have received and can give is one of my favorite sayings “A bend in the road is only the end if we fail to turn with it”.  Every day we will face bends in the road, and just like driving a car, we follow that bend.  Too aggressive and we will eventually lose control, to lax and we will end up on the side.  Follow the bend with the bend, and you will eventually be comfortable enough where you can speed up and take the lead.

What everyday thing are you better at than anyone else? Well if you ask my fiancée, I’m very good at making jokes when it’s time to be serious.  I take it as a compliment, I mean she is in fact saying I’m ‘very good’ at it right?

CA Process Automation r4.3 Alpha build is published and you can access the same from validate.


Register in Validate, sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement, access the build and provide your valuable feedback.

PAM 4.3 FEATURES (Including Developer kit)


CA Process Automation Connector SDK 1.0

PAM 4.3 provides a new SDK and Eclipse Plugin that will allow developers to create native PAM (Java) connectors in the Eclipse IDE.  The initial version of the SDK supports the most commonly used input and output operator types, including but not limited to text inputs, dropdowns, date selector, passwords, and valuemaps. Operator logic can be tested and validated within the Eclipse IDE prior to deployment, saving significant time in testing and debugging.  Finally, the connector can be hot deployed to a PAM instance for actual execution in a PAM environment.


CA Process Automation Solutions Suite 1.0

As users leverage CA Process Automation more for building “solutions” versus implementing runbooks or processes, we have introduced a new paradigm focused on that usage pattern.

The solution suite is an integrated, easy to use UI which provides end to end support for developing, testing and deploying "solution" as composite applications.

A solution can have one or more “Activities” which are essentially trigger response pair where the triggers could be user interactions, in bound API calls or Schedule driven and the response is represented by a process. The new UX also provides a way to define solution level configuration parameters, Datasets, Dependencies, Script libraries, etc which are used for designing and configuring a solution.

Once a solution is developed and tested, it is deployed in to a Solution server wherein a Solution Administrator can configure the dependencies and monitor them.

User activities can be accessed via the end user UX where users can submit and track them. This UX is completely responsive and works well on Phone, Tablet and a desktop.

Please reach out to me in case you need any help.

Thank You.