• CA Process Automation Sample Processes for CA Service Desk Manager

    CA Process Automation Sample Process Definitions for CA SDM The sample CA Workflow Process definitions provided out of box in CA SDM 12.6 (Order PC, Problem Analysis, and Change Management), have been converted to ...
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  • Problem driver jtds-1-3-1.jar

    I'm trying the install PAM version 04.3.03, the page shows OK (orange and checkbox) for Installation JDBC-JAR Datei. Prerequesites sucessfully (German language) Driver Jahr mapped as DVD 1 under E:\drivers and copied ...
    created by KerstinVo
  • Convert to UTF on passing parameters

    Hi guys, I'm trying to execute a powershell script using the run script operator, the script works well, but when I pass the parameters for the powershell script, the parameters are converted to ASCII pattern.   ...
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  • Process Release Version

    Hi,   Is there a way to get hold of the "Release Version" of a process from the process or the REST web services?
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  • Parsing SoapResponseBody

    Hello, i need help parsing a SoapResponseBody on a Invoking SOAP method. I have this result:   <ns:getTicketResponse xmlns:ns="http://wrappers.webservice.appservices.core.inteqnet.com"> <ns:return...
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  • CA PAM::. Error incorrect workflow specified - Start Process Operator

    Symptom:     Solution:   On Operator Properties Select the Process Name  
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    I´m trying to use ITPAM REST API To test I´m using postman and I´m receiving the message that This request requires HTTP authentication Someone can help me to use REST API
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  • Schedule a process based on change order schedule time

    Hello community , CA Process Automation Service Pack 04.3.03 CA Service Desk Manager 17.1   I am looking for an options to schedule a process based on the schedule time of the change order.   any suggest...
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  • Run_Script_1 - Powershell script- How to use Operator parameters

    Hi Community,   CA Process Automation Service Pack 04.3.03   I am using the run_script operator to run the a piece of powershell script on remote machine. I have defined the host names in Parameters sectio...
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  • Database Operator Loop

    I have a database operator inside a loop and using offset parameter to divide sql query. The problem is that I was not able to save results in variables for later use in the second run of loop. The way I did, in the...
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  • Process Resource Unavailable

    It is possible to configure some actions like sent an email in case a process resource will be unavailable after a certain amount of time?
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  • CA ITPAM for Cloud, Infrastructure, Application, Network and Database Automation.

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    Nowadays customer are demanding automation in various tracks and also getting maximum requirements on cloud (Azure and AWS) platform for automation and due to not certify by CA, we are facing challenges in p...
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  • Facing challenges in proposing ITPAM as a automation solution for Cloud environment.

    Nowadays customer are shifting to cloud environment and we are getting maximum requirements on Azure and AWS platform for automation and due to not certify by CA, we are facing challenges in proposing ITPAM as a autom...
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  • Service Desk - Create Request with Properties

    In the Service Desk Web services there is a "propertyValues" field in the createRequest method so that the caller can send property values that are associated with the Area the ticket is assigned to. How do I create a...
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  • Congifure NGINX load balancer to Internet facing

    Hi Community,   CA Process automation 4.3.03   successfully configured the load balancer with a cluster of 2 PAM applications. now I am looking to make the site to internet facing. how to make the NGINX lo...
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  • HTTP PUT method of CA Service Desk Manager REST API running for ever

    Hi Community, Process Automation 04.3.03 CA Service Desk Manager 17.1 REST API   We have a PAM Process to update SDM ticket, when the time of execution of the process if the ticket is in edit mode(someone is ed...
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  • update workflow task in change order

    hello guys, i need to craeye pam process to update status of workflow  task in change order after some days  how i can do tha??
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  • Parse XML response from doSelect

    I'm wondering if it's possible to parse the poorly formed XML with the doSelectReturn below?   <doSelectResponse xmlns="http://www.ca.com/UnicenterServicePlus/ServiceDesk"> <doSelectReturn xmlns="">&...
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  • PAM vs TerraForm vs Ansible

    Could anyone point out the differences between CA Process Automation, Ansible and TerraForm?
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  • Operator Running But Process not running..ITPAM Slow

    Hi,   ITPAM in my environment is very slow. So when we went to Operations tab, we found that there are many Operators are in running stage (more than 7000) but the process related to that operator is already abo...
    Sandeep Bhutani
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