• Unable Login ITPAM console

    Good morning to all communitie,   I'm having this issue when I'm trying to login I'm unable to get in ITPAM. The console doesn't do anything. In the c2o.log file I have this errors:   2019-02-22 09:42:55,...
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  • How much resources(memory and cpu) does a waiting state of a process consume on an orchestrator ? or let's say how many processes can simultaneously run in waiting state on a orchestrator (standard license) ?

    I am trying to add wait time in  my process so that a recheck can be done after a fixed interval (let's assume this to be 30 mins), so when this process is in waiting state then how much resource (in terms of mem...
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  • Can we change priorities of agent in host group automatically ?

    We want to plan the restart of each server on which are the agents of our host group.   We want to make sure that nothing turns on a agent at the moment we restart it, and therefore we would like to change the p...
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  • Convert to UTF on passing parameters

    Hi guys, I'm trying to execute a powershell script using the run script operator, the script works well, but when I pass the parameters for the powershell script, the parameters are converted to ASCII pattern.   ...
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  • Problem driver jtds-1-3-1.jar

    I'm trying the install PAM version 04.3.03, the page shows OK (orange and checkbox) for Installation JDBC-JAR Datei. Prerequesites sucessfully (German language) Driver Jahr mapped as DVD 1 under E:\drivers and copied ...
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  • Process Release Version

    Hi,   Is there a way to get hold of the "Release Version" of a process from the process or the REST web services?
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  • Retry process

    Hi All,   How to implement multiple retry of a failed operator in ITPAM before the whole process go to failed state.   I want the operator to do retry 3 times and upon failure after 3 retry it goes on...
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  • Keystore was tampered with, or password was incorrect

    Since North American support is offline today for holiday, and unable to look at my current ticket, I'm going to ask the community for support.    I'm trying to get Process Automation (PAM [4.3SP1]) to comm...
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  • PAM workflow to close tickets in SDM

    Dear All,   i have a scenario, using SDM, SC and PAM.    i need to set SC request to complete when using classic SDM workflow after approvals in SC and completing this classic workflow and closing CO....
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  • how can we get the processes and other data from a corrupted PAM?

    hi there, i need to know from where we can get the processes and custom operators created in PAM. actually a installation is corrupted and cannot be repair.
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  • Change ldap password

    Hello,           Can sone one, please  provide me the sample code (process) to change the AD password ,,,  Also, while using the Update Object Attribute, If I use port#636, I...
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  • Introducing Your New Process Automation Community Manager: Octavie Chakoute

    Hi Process Automation Community!   I just wanted to take a second and let you know that I am leaving CA, and as a result I will be turning over my community management responsibilities to my colleague Octavie. St...
    Luu Le
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  • A Stop with Warning Operator

    4 votes
    It would be nice to have more than just a exit success/failure stop operator.   I often find myself in the case of exiting a process with 'some' type of warning, it may be just informational, or it might be crit...
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  • Process Automation AGENT [Drive Access]

    Hi all,   We have set up the CA Process Automation AGENT and it appears to be working. We are returning any data without any problems from the C-drive location. However we store almost all of our critical data o...
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  • Clustered Node Display Name

    5 votes
    Our PAM environment consists of one domain orchestrator and a clustered node to that domain orchestrator.  When a process starts it will run on either the domain orchestraor (node1) or the clustered node (node2)....
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  • SDM Event not triggering IT PAM Workflow

    Hi everyone,  How are you? I am having an issue with a customization I am developing. Basically, when a SDM ticket is cancelled, a macro condition from an event checks if this ticket is either Resolved or Cancell...
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  • Comment exporter une liste d'objets (de type C_PERIOD ou JOBP) en fichier CSV depuis l'interface AWI ?

    Suite à une création importante d'objets, je souhaite exporter depuis l'interface en fichier excel pour avoir un tableau récapitulatif à fournir au demandeur ? D'avance merci
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  • CA Process Automation Sample Processes for CA Service Desk Manager

    CA Process Automation Sample Process Definitions for CA SDM The sample CA Workflow Process definitions provided out of box in CA SDM 12.6 (Order PC, Problem Analysis, and Change Management), have been converted to ...
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  • Parsing SoapResponseBody

    Hello, i need help parsing a SoapResponseBody on a Invoking SOAP method. I have this result:   <ns:getTicketResponse xmlns:ns="http://wrappers.webservice.appservices.core.inteqnet.com"> <ns:return...
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  • CA PAM::. Error incorrect workflow specified - Start Process Operator

    Symptom:     Solution:   On Operator Properties Select the Process Name  
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