• How to control Operator Execution

    I have 3 operators which crates ticket, all of them are running in a loop . they trigger separately on the given condition . But when i have to go for next record in the loop , i am unable to determine that how can i...
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  • CA PAM - SSL Configuration

    Hello,   We have NGINX load balancer configured with CA Process automation and our site have two nodes. Checking on how can we configure the SSL certificate and to make site is public, accessible by anywhere. &...
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  • SSL Ports

    Having some small challenges with a configuration that has two Domain Orchestrators (behind an F5 load balancer) and one Agent on a Service Desk application server. The issue seems to be around the communication betwe...
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  • WSDL is working in SOAP UI but not in ITPAM

    i am trying to run a webservice and it works from SOAP UI but the same is not working in ITPAM. i am getting an error as ' SOAP invocation failed: java.security.PrivilegedActionException: com.sun.xml.messaging.sa...
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  • stringifyJSON turns integers to float

    I am noticing a strange result when using the stringifyJSON system function. All integers are being converted to float. For example, 1 becomes 1.0 when converted. This is not the expected outcome and when using JSON.s...
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  • Powershell - how to automate incident handling

    Hi! Our organization is using CA SDM 14.1 (will update to 17.1). We would like to automate some of the incident handling (for example password resets, user right changes etc.). I'm not that familiar with this product ...
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  • 4.3.04 Installation Error

    I'm trying to install CA IT PAM 4.3.04. After executing .\CA_PAM_Domain_windows.exe from a command line, I get a pop-up error saying I need a 64bit JRE installed. This I have in "Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (bui...
    Steve Harvey
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  • Move from Domain Orchestrator to clustered Domain Orchestrator

    Hi, at a customer we have to move to Multiple microsoft active directory domains in EEM ( After the change to multiple domains Process Automation is the only application which cannot login. All other EEM-...
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  • Is it possible to control the CurrentLoopIteration

    Hi,   I'm trying to change the CurrentLoopIteration value of an operator/loop but I'm getting an error saying that this is not possible because is a system value. Does anyone have any tip to do it? &#...
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  • Handling File Attachment with PAM

    We need to interlink our local CA Service Desk with another Service Desk Software (ARS Remedy) running elsewhere. The coupling includes the interchange of attachments in both directions. We are using PAM as the middle...
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  • GIT Integration with CAPA

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    Hi,   It would be nice to be able to seamlessly integrate CAPA with GIT.   While the code check-in/out feature is nice in CAPA, it is difficult to determine what has been updated.  GIT integration wou...
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  • Setup Configuration: to run the python script on run_script operator

    Hi Community,   Have a process to generate the CSV file using python. the issue that i am facing is when i run manually the Process ,it is executing successfully and CSV file is getting generated. but the proble...
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  • PAM workflow to close tickets in SDM

    Dear All,   i have a scenario, using SDM, SC and PAM.    i need to set SC request to complete when using classic SDM workflow after approvals in SC and completing this classic workflow and closing CO....
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  • PowerShell Process with Variables

    I want to create an powershell script to be executed by PAM script operator. I want to pass variables to script, but I don´t know how. Someone has examples of powershell scripts with variables?
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  • Can we change priorities of agent in host group automatically ?

    We want to plan the restart of each server on which are the agents of our host group.   We want to make sure that nothing turns on a agent at the moment we restart it, and therefore we would like to change the p...
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  • [Roadmap] CA Process Automation (IT PAM) March 19th, 2019 @ 11 a.m ET

    3/19/19 4:00 PM
    CA Process Automation RoadmapPlease join us for our CA Process Automation (IT PAM) Product Roadmap webinar series.   This roadmap session will provide you with firsthand insights from Sridhar Baratam, CA Process ...
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    [Roadmap] CA Process Automation (IT PAM) March 19th, 2019 @ 11 a.m ET
  • How much resources(memory and cpu) does a waiting state of a process consume on an orchestrator ? or let's say how many processes can simultaneously run in waiting state on a orchestrator (standard license) ?

    I am trying to add wait time in  my process so that a recheck can be done after a fixed interval (let's assume this to be 30 mins), so when this process is in waiting state then how much resource (in terms of mem...
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  • Convert to UTF on passing parameters

    Hi guys, I'm trying to execute a powershell script using the run script operator, the script works well, but when I pass the parameters for the powershell script, the parameters are converted to ASCII pattern.   ...
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  • Problem driver jtds-1-3-1.jar

    I'm trying the install PAM version 04.3.03, the page shows OK (orange and checkbox) for Installation JDBC-JAR Datei. Prerequesites sucessfully (German language) Driver Jahr mapped as DVD 1 under E:\drivers and copied ...
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  • Process Automation AGENT [Drive Access]

    Hi all,   We have set up the CA Process Automation AGENT and it appears to be working. We are returning any data without any problems from the C-drive location. However we store almost all of our critical data o...
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