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Click to view contentHi All,   All agents are actively in running state on test servers. But when we are trying to execute the action through Tool getting like intializing the action for long time.Even a simple delay action.We did stop and restart the agent in the server as well.still getting like this below snapshot.       Getting like this for long time.  … (Show more)
in CA Release Automation
I'm in the need to send a file from phpx0090 to another agent but I get the following error:   Agent: Description: Run Command Line action has finished successfully. Return value: 0 Std out: HP-UX phpx0090 B.11.31 U ia64 2719983236        2019-01-15 16:56:34,050 [New I/O client worker #1-2] DEBUG… (Show more)
in CA Release Automation
The Nolio Update Service, which by default runs on the same server as the NAC/datamanagement server, throws errors and fails to connect to the database in our RA implementation.   The service runs, but in the update-service.log is the following errors: 2018-11-25 13:01:18,670 INFO ( - Parsed file… (Show more)
in CA Release Automation
RA currently stores in its internal DB all the components that are developed (deployment plans, templates, etc.) In a scenario where there may be more than one RA environment, one development and another productive for example, the development teams develop new templates, deployment plans, etc. in the development environment and validate its…
It would be necessary to have a traceability of the changes made in the Release Automation templates ("Releases> Templates Categories"). Currently there is no control of who and when it modifies them. This, in addition, should be possible also for the changes in the processes that are made in the "Designer". It would be ideal for CA RA to use Git…
Jenkins plug-in version currently uses xml to call run-deploymentplan REST API. The best practice in REST API call is to use JSON format so the Kenkins plug-in should use JSON format instead.
With the CA Release Automation Plug-In for Jenkins 5.0.7 Jenkins jobs fail if RA deployments turn to a paused state while Jenkins Plug-In 5.0.8 let those jobs not to fail as the result of the bug fix. The characteristic of the Jenkins Plug-In 5.0.7 is useful as customers trigger build jobs from Jenkins and often monitor those status on Jenkins…
Easy integration of CA Release Automation actions in Jenkins Pipeline steps is not possible with actual Jenkins plug-in, which offers no support for Groovy Scripting. Jenkins Pipeline support should greatly improve CA Release Automation integration, maintenance and reliability in our Continuous Delivery toochain !
Hello, we are launching some deploys that runs in different servers.   At the end of the deploy I need to make next summary  according to the order of execution and write it into a file: - If the step is finished correctly I have to write "Step 1 has finished correctly" - If the steps finishes wrong: all of  my processes use a ROC Fail… (Show more)
in CA Release Automation
The input boolean "Replace Empty Values" in the action "ROC - Replace Tokens in Files" is a little misleadingly named. The name suggests control of the way the action works such that it would not replace a token found in a file if the value of the token is empty, or leave the token untouched in the file. However, what this input actually does is…
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