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Last year I upgraded our small release automation environment to the latest version 6.6. Now I want to migrate our environment from Windows 2008 to Windows 2016. I have already read the CA Release Automation Best Practice and that has helped some.  At this point, I  already have installed the lasted version of Release Automation on our Windows… (Show more)
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Click to view contentHi,  the action "Preparar carpeta de check out - LX" is getting canceled:   The reason:   Show Execution Information Cancellation reason: Dependee step result evaluator failed, result was [Step Result: true - Executed remotely on agent []: Run Command Line action has finished successfully. Return value: 0 Std out: You have… (Show more)
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A shared component can have multiple revisions. A shared component can be shared across different CA RA infrastructure. When we need to align a shared component  on a given CA RA infrasructure, it can take time to export then export the shared component because all revisions are taken into account. It would be valuable to be able to…
Hi All,   I am trying to understand,   How to get userid, email id of a user, who approvers the workflow request. I am trying to include approver's details in notification object (similar to user who triggers workflow).    Thanks.   notify release send an email workflow approval approval notification
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Problem Description: ****************************** Is their a way for approvers to get an email when they need to approval a manual release.   Looking to see if it's possible rather then the user needing to manually check in the ROC   Environment: ****************************** Ca Release Automation 6.5
I need to ignore the ssl certificate for a REST call I am using in the CA Release automation action pack for REST operations. Is there a way to do so? Some headers  I can use?
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Hi,  I have 100s of groups defined in ldap. I import all of them to CA and set their role as 'superuser'. Now, I could log in to CA-RA with a username which is member of either of these imported groups. But then, the user does not carry a 'superuser' user role with it. It does not have any permissions to any of the applications even if it is a… (Show more)
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Click to view contentFirst, on a deployment, the agent fail with a copy from remote agent action:   Failed to transfer file [/ra/Temporal/TemporalCO/Mediacion-SMS/med-sms/Mediac-sms-2019-03-13_00-01-27-SMSv1.0.0.125/] from agent [plrelautoapp4] to location… (Show more)
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I have problems importing ldap users with version 6.6. When I go to Administration -> User Management -> Import Users - I select the directory server in the Import Users from Directory Server dialog box import from, I click on Filter but no user appears I installed JXexplorer on the same server as CA Release Automation and it works OK, I used the… (Show more)
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What permissions are needed for a user to use the REST API to read from the following? https://<servername>/datamanagement/a/api/v3/applications/{applicationId}/environments/{envId}/releases/{ReleaseId}   We have a requirement for a single user to have read access to this REST API, and probably others REST API calls at a later date, for all… (Show more)
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