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Looking for information on  CA Continuous Delivery Director this is now available  in the separate  

CA Continuous Delivery Director community. 


We just announced that CA Continuous Delivery Director  is now Commercially Available in SaaS .



6.5 Features and Enhancements

This release includes all features and cumulative maintenance up to 6.5 plus the following new features and enhancements:

Note: To use the new features that are provided in CA Release Automation 6.5, agent upgrade is required.


Single Sign-on
The new single sign-on (SSO) feature enables users using the corporate network to access the CA Release Automation web interface without entering their credentials.

For more information, see  Enable Single Sign-On.


Delete Process Tags
Users can delete process tags, even if they are in use by Release Operations Center objects (such as template categories and deployment plans). On deletion, the user can choose to switch all usages of the deleted tag in Template Categories and Deployment.


Templates to a different tag of the same process. 
For more information, see Tag Management.


Blocked Deployment Steps
A clear indication has been added to show a blocked approval step. Users can now easily notice blocked steps as well as detect blocking deployments.


System Settings
You can now configure CA Release Automation system settings in the Web interface. Previously, you could only configure system settings in the Java client.

For more information, see Manage System Settings.


Create Local Copy of Shared Component Revision
As a superuser, you can now create a local, editable copy of a shared component revision in a specified application.

For more information, see Shared Components.


Search Filters
Search filters have been added to the following views:

  • Template Category for the list of steps available for use in the deployment templates.
  • Deployment Plans by Project for search of projects.
  • Token Management for search of tokens.



  • REST APIs have been added to view design processes, process tags, process tag usages, and delete process tags.
  • REST APIs have been added to view shared component revisions, assign a shared component revision to an application, and create a local copy of a shared component revision in an application.

For more information, see REST API Reference.


New Certifications

  • TeamCity plugin support has been added for TeamCity 2017.
  • TeamCity Actions pack support has been added for TeamCity 2017.


Performance Improvements
Performance improvements have been made in the Deployments view and in the Administration views of the Agent management and permissions.


More Information
For more information about this release, including any updates made after this announcement, refer to the release notes section of the documentation.

You can download your copy of CA Release Automation 6.5 from CA Support Online.

CA's continuous delivery team is doing a survey with TechValidate called Continuous Delivery Calibration: Where Are You on the Journey? The survey is a quick 11 questions, no preparation required. And the exciting part is that, upon completing the survey, you'll be entered into a TechValidate monthly, random drawing for $500. 


We want to understand how your work is evolving, what tools you have become reliant on and what would help you accelerate your continuous delivery journey. 


We'd love to hear from you! 


Click here to access the survey.



We have two very big announcements today!


1. CA Release Automation and CA Continuous Delivery Director (formally know as Continuous Delivery Edition) will now have their own community. This separation reflects the growing user base and specific use cases for each product. You can find the the community for CA Continuous Delivery Director, here. 


2. Today, we are pleased to announce that Release Automation 6.4 is now available.


Release theme: DevOps productivity


Key features in CA RA 6.4 include: 


As Code support to streamline onboarding new applications.

To accelerate automation within the product, RA 6.4 introduces a new DSL that allows users to follow an ‘as code’ approach to add new applications. Users describe applications, environments, and processes to added with code, and without the need of a UI. Users can also leverage existing applications in the system as a baseline for creating new applications.


A new DSL editor is now embedded in the product, helping users to easily describe the application model they would like to create within the system. The editor includes productivity improvement options like auto-complete, real time schema, data validation and more.


See a video of As Code support in action.


Advanced debug capabilities to decrease time for resolution.

Deployment to production is often a major event. When errors happen and releases fail, it is critical to understand the root cause and solve problems quickly. In order to reduce downtime and MTTR, RA 6.4 introduces improved root cause analysis capabilities. This includes new logging capabilities that are available from within the UI with the click of a button. The new log shows all the pertinent information needed for analysis (inc. parameter values, workflow execution, failures, etc. This will help the users to accelerate the investigation and fix the issues faster than before.


Customer Feedback on Advanced Debugging

“I cannot express how great it is to see the input and output run time details in a log file after a deployment has finished.  Finally, I can see what is happening after the fact in detail!”


“For us, this feature is the go to why we're going to update as soon as 6.4 is available…, as it really hastens the debugging process, especially when a deployment is already finished…Communication on errors will also be improved as now … the log file can be attached instead of just sending screenshots.”



New debug capabilities are shown in the screen, allowing users to easily retrieve the logs in different granularity (deployment, step and agent level).


Real time parameters values are visible from within the UI.



Sample of the new log that contains all execution data (including. parameter value, process flow, errors, etc.)


Help shape products

CA Technologies invites you to provide input about your CA products and help shape future functionality by participating in the Design Partner Program. To join, email or register here and receive invitations to discussions and reviews.




CA RA and CA RA CDE 6.3 are now GA. Download them from the CA Support site.


What’s New in CA RA?


New – Deploy to Mainframe with the RA z/OS Connector - The CA Release Automation Connector for z/OS enables you to interact with IBM z/OS and the subsystems executing on it. Submit and manipulate jobs, allocate and maintain data sets, and control CICS and DB2 regions and WebSphere application servers. The connector interacts with the IBM mainframe through the IBM z/OS Management Facility (z/OSMF) REST Services installed as part of z/OS. See the datasheet and learn more here.


NewRA Express Mode – CA is focused on continuously improving ease of use of our products. This “wizard-like” capability helps new customers get set up and started with RA quickly and easily.





New Certifications and RA Platform Support

o    CentOS7.2, RHEL7.2 and Oracle Linux 7.2 for all Release Automation components

o    ServiceNow Helsinki certification


Community-Requested Features


Deployment Plan Designer permissions - This frequently requested feature allows users with this permission to create a Deployment Plan from a template without having permissions to modify the Deployment Plan template.


New “Must Succeed” setting– Users can use this setting to define whether a specific step should fail the entire release if it fails or allow the release to continue. The default setting for “Must Succeed” remains True for backward compatibility.


Block Deployment UI indication – Easily identify, troubleshoot, and solve blocked deployments. Clear inidations in the UI make it easy to identify a blocked process or deployment within the Deployments page. 


Add package at the Pre-Deployment stage per environment – Users can define and add an environment package within a pre-deployment step.


Stop for manual operation description is now added to the action’s result.


What’s New in RA CDE?


New - Release Tracks – Improve coordination and collaboration across the organization. DevOps teams can break releases to smaller deliveries that can be developed, tested, and deployed independently. Release Tracks also helps team to decide what can be deployed to production based on readiness level, quality and business impact.



New - Build Progression Visualization – See build-level information across the pipeline, including which build is deployed or running on which environment. Provide a better understanding of build progression and status throughout all releases in the organization. To automate this, CDE has a new Jenkins integration that allows CDE to receive notifications from Jenkins when new successful builds are ready, and to enter these builds to the release lifecycle and track them.


New - Release Analysis Report
- This new report helps team to investigate real time issues in a given release and perform retrospective analysis on historical execution, by displaying a full visualized audit of the release process (iterations per phase, errors, content, etc).


New - Environment Report - This new cross-application report visualizes, from the environment perspective, all applications and their deployment status.


Environment Report


New - CA Release Automation Plugin – “Run Process” Task - New task supports executing a CA Release Automation process directly from within CA Release Automation CDE (without it being part of a deployment). This task is useful when an integration has been defined in CA Release Automation and needs to be used as part of a release.


Jenkins Plugin - This integration lets you start the release lifecycle as a result of a successful build in Jenkins. See “Build Progress Visualization” above, for more information.


ServiceNow Plugin - This integration lets you create and update change requests as part of the release lifecycle, and to wait for a change request to be approved before proceeding (this can act as a gate at a beginning of a phase).


Pass Token Values Between Tasks - Allows passing values between tasks for an easier workflow in your release.


You can find more details on these features here.




You can download the software from CA Support site


Suggestions for Future Enhancements to CA Release Automation?


Please contact the sales account team/or share your ideas on the CA Communities website:


Questions, Comments and Your Feedback!


Please direct any questions or comments to the CA Support Team or refer to the CA Support Site to open a helpdesk issue



Want Help Shape the Future of CA Release Automation?


Join our Design Partner program to share your thoughts on upcoming features and get sneak previews into what we’re working on.


How Are We Doing?


Please take a few minutes to participate in the CA Release Automation Product survey, open until January 13th: CA Release Automation Survey Link

With the New Year approaching, we all start thinking about our resolutions—those promises to yourself to start doing something good or to improve in some way. You might pledge to give back to society through supporting local or global charitable causes. You might vow to lose weight or get in better shape (who doesn’t??). And many people will state, unequivocally, that they want to find a better work-life balance.


Did you know that CA Release Automation can help? Add these four things to your New Year’s Resolutions:


I resolve to stop living in the past: Upgrade to the current version of CA Release Automation to get the latest feature and performance enhancements. Happiness quotient goes up!

  • The newly launched Upgrade Center is a great resource for helping you move from whatever older version you are on to the latest version of RA. Version 6.3 was just released!


 I resolve to work more efficiently: Start using CA Release Automation ‘Shared Components’ (the gift that really keeps on giving!).

  • Shared Components are those reusable, standard deployment workflows that can be shared across many apps and environments, reducing deployment work and errors. You can start with this great ‘how to’ training in the community and then view GM Financial’s CA World slides to see how they are using shared components in their complex environment to deploy more than 1000 apps per month.


 I resolve to simplify my life: Move away from spreadsheets and manual management of releases by trying CA Release Automation Continuous Delivery Edition, the single control point for your continuous delivery pipeline.


 I resolve to give back: In this context, that means give your feedback as a user of CA Release Automation.

  • Product feedback is a valuable gift to help companies improve their products and services for you! You can access the RA customer survey here (it should take only a few minutes to complete). You can also provide a product review for the broader community of your peers at IT Central Station, the Yelp of the IT world.


As for your self-improvement resolutions…CA Release Automation can help you by freeing up some cycles to get exercise and to spend time with family and friends. And in terms of real charitable causes, I recommend supporting a STEM program to engage the next, next generation of CA Release Automation developers and other innovators who will transform our world.


Wishing everyone a wonderful Holiday and New Year from the CA Release Automation team!

Day 1 is in the bag - and it was a whirlwind from sun up to sun down - and beyond. The day started with a keynote from Mike Gregoire and space industry several luminaries (watch the replay) - flowed into a full schedule of labs and sessions covering continuous delivery and Release Automation, and ended with an open demo floor showing the latest developments and announcements across CA's portfolio. Hope to see you today for another action packed day. 



Day 1 Keynote participants



Beth Johnson - SunTrust 



Continuous Testing Mural - Color the World



Jeff Scheaffer Keynote

CA World gets off the ground today with unprecedented technical training. Are you ready? CA Release Automation more than doubled our pre-conference sessions this year, offering everything from beginner to advanced sessions and hands-on labs—all led by CA technical experts.


Anand Chauhan, CA Principal Consultant, is kicking things off with an automating application deployment 101 session. This is a great session for those dipping their toes in the water of release automation. He’ll talk about what best practices you should follow and how CA Release Automation can help. He’s followed by a session on how to upgrade to CA Release Automation 6.x, a session on becoming a power user of the tool and a detailed lab for building custom action packs.


Keith Puzey, CA Senior Principal Engineering Services Architect, starts off our second day of pre-conference education with an extensive walk-through of CA’s integrated, open continuous delivery framework—and how it enables zero-touch application releases. This session covers the CA Continuous Delivery portfolio, including the newly acquired performance testing dynamo BlazeMeter, and it will show you the beauty of a connected, end-to-end app delivery ecosystem.


Up next is, Andrew Cluttey, CA Principal Consultant, with a detailed getting started lab for CA Release Automation Continuous Delivery Edition. This session is for any organization that is starting to see the volume, quantity and complexity of releases from multiple organizations causing new bottlenecks in the release pipeline. You’ll learn things like how to plan multiple, concurrent releases, link user stories and defects and resolve dependencies. He’s followed by another great lab on how to build plug-ins for CA Release Automation CD Edition.


And this is just the start of the week.


We know that many of you can’t make the event this year, but we’d like to bring some of this pre-con brain food to you. Vote on the pre-con sessions you’d be most interested in seeing in a community webcast, and we’ll make it happen post-CA World!


Vote for CA World RA Technical Sessions You'd Like as Community Webcasts 


Stay tuned for more release automation news from CA World.


Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company, the only insurer dedicated solely to serving the jewelry industry in the United States and Canada, was founded in 1913 by a group of Wisconsin jewelers to meet their unique insurance needs. Today, Jewelers Mutual remains the trusted insurance advisor and loss prevention expert for nearly 10,000 jewelry business locations including retailers large and small, wholesalers, manufacturers, custom designers and appraisers.



To meet the needs of its customers, Jewelers Mutual needs the flexibility to evolve quickly and release new applications to market faster and more efficiently.



CA Release Automation is an enterprise-class, continuous delivery solution that automates complex, multi-tier release deployments through orchestration and promotion of applications from development through production.



Since deploying CA Release Automation, the insurer has been able to increase its monthly release cycle from just one, to four or five deployments, per month. This enables it to introduce new features faster, and align with its agile approach to development.


Read the full story here: Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company Releases More Applications Faster and at Lower Cost with CA Release Automation - CA Te… 

The 2016 Release Automation NPS survey is open - and we want to hear from you. The survey is open now - 1/13/2017 - and should just take 3-5 minutes to complete.


Your Feedback From Last Year

We heard your feedback last year, and incorporated those suggestions into Release Automation and our development cycles including: 


  • Steady cadence of releases (now approximately 3x year) 
  • New features/functions- Read about RA 6.2
  • Compatibility with CA products – CA CD framework - see demo
  • More training
  • Focus on usability (ongoing)


If you'd like to help shape a specific feature - check out our Design Partner Program. And don't miss CA World - where we'll have lots of exciting sessions and announcements


Tell Us How We're Doing

Please be a part of our continuous improvement by sharing your thoughts in our Annual Survey.  Let us know what we did well, and how we can improve. 


  CA Release Automation Survey Link

CA Education offers learning designed with doing in mind to help your teams improve user adoption and productivity, reduce your reliance on external support, and maximize your investment. We provide a variety of methods to suit your needs and budget, such as self-directed options including web-based training and on-demand courses, plus public or private instructor-led training that can be delivered virtually or in person.


Are you looking to learn more about and get started using CA Release Automation and CA Release Automation Continuous Delivery Edition? You’re in luck! CA Education has a variety of product training options for you…


Hot off the digital press, here are some of our latest offerings!

New and updated web-based trainings:


For all available, recommended courses by common roles, check out the Learning Paths at:

            Here’s an example – this is a common set of courses a new user could take to get started:

Prefer quick videos? See these YouTube playlists containing videos from some of our full product trainings: 

Note: These and many more helpful videos are also posted right here in the CA Release Automation Community.

  • Check out the full list here.


Stay tuned for more coming soon!

Updated CA Release Automation instructor-led trainings:

  • CA Release Automation 6.x: Application Design 200
  • CA Release Automation 6.x: Deployment Fundamentals 200

New web-based training for CA Release Automation CD Edition integrations with CA Agile Central & Atlassian Jira:

  • CA Release Automation Continuous Delivery Edition 6.x: ALM Integrations 200


Last, yet not least, meet the team that creates all this technical training content. We take learning seriously of course, yet not so much ourselves. Here are the faces and passions from behind the scenes…


Liz Reznak – Program Director

  • Former Developer and Professional Services Manager. Transitioned into Education because that’s a topic she’s particularly passionate about.
  • Based in Southern California, yet loves to travel, volunteer, continually learn, and have fun! Here are a couple pics from her most recent adventure, this time to the stunning country of Panama:
Snapped while snorkeling in the paradise of San Blas islandsHanging off side of a bridge while hiking through the mountains in Boquete

Snapped while snorkeling in the paradise of San Blas islands

Hanging off side of a bridge while hiking in Boquete


Tim O’Briant – Sr Education Consultant

  • Former Instructor, who traveled the world extensively on behalf of CA.
  • Lives in the Houston, TX area, where every year Tim’s wife, Cathy, plants Bluebonnets in the garden and he enjoys playing music with his friends in the Refreshed Band in Spring, TX.


Kent Perry – Instructional Designer

  • Started at CA in 2001 in the Lisle, IL office. Now based in Sarasota, FL with his family seen below.
  • Loves travel (particularly cruises) and standup comedy, passions he has combined as the host of the “Laughter on the High Seas” podcast, which features interviews with cruise ship comedians.


We’re always open to ideas for training content and monitor the CA Communities with that in mind. We invite you to post your ideas, suggestions, and feedback. You can also contact Liz directly – message her here or via


Thanks and Happy Learning!

from the CA Release Automation Product Training Team

It's that time of year again: Registration for CA World '16 is now open!!


The CA World team has done an amazing job building upon the success of last year's event, and enhancing the programming in response to your feedback. CA World is your opportunity to gain valuable, actionable knowledge and insights to help your company get an advantage in the application economy. New this year, attendees will enjoy:


  • 100% More Pre-Conference Education
  • CA Agile Academy with related certifications
  • CA Agile Bootcamp
  • CA Product Certification
  • Design Zone
  • Innovation Exchange
  • Development Track

The session catalog will go live in August, but in the meantime, you can visit the CA World '16 website to explore the Pre-Conference Education, learn Why You Should Attend and to View the Agenda.


Ready to join us November 14-18 in Las Vegas, Nevada?

Register by September 16 and get our Super Saver rate of $1,295. That's a $700 savings off our regular rate!


CA World Alumni: Look for an email with a code for a special discounted rate of $1,000


And as always, stay tuned to the CA World '16 for the latest info on all things CA World!

2016 has been an exciting year for our mission of helping customers to release applications at speed without compromising quality. We kicked off the year with the introduction of CA Release Automation Continuous Delivery Edition which was recently showcased as a key connecting point within CA’s market-first open and integrated ecosystem of continuous delivery solutions. A point well made in this great integrated CD ecosystem demo by Keith Puzey.


Today we announced the general availability of CA Release Automation 6.2, which contains product enhancements and new capabilities to make it easier than ever before to plan, coordinate and automate your continuous delivery pipeline at enterprise scale. We’ve added enhancements to automate the management of user permissions, introduced integrations to help you improve the quality of code before it reaches production, while adding support for the latest versions of Linux and Oracle. Click here to read the full details of these and other new capabilities.


One of the best aspects of my job is the opportunity to work directly with many of you on this journey towards continuous delivery. In fact, many of the concepts for CA Release Automation CD Edition came from listening to you, our users. As the number of application components and releases have dramatically increased, the number of dependencies and potential conflicts between releases have grown. In particular, we listened when you talked about the need for increased visibility to manage the growing number dependencies for each of your releases. Hi This is a critical area for many companies striving to achieve what my colleague, Benny Van de Sompele, calls readiness for continuous delivery.  Put simply, having the ability to deploy a change to “any environment” at “any moment” fully “zero touch”.




As more and more of you move to the cloud and begin to implement modern new architectures such as microservices, the requirement for this type of automated dependency management capability becomes ever more apparent. Manual processes for managing dependencies and avoiding conflicts simply can’t keep pace with automated deployments. Critical dependencies can be overlooked or executed in the wrong order leading to release failures, which lead to slower delivery of critical capabilities to your end users, and ultimately, more resources and expense to triage the problem.


With v6.2, you can now define, track and enforce dependencies between applications and releases using the highly visual release pipeline dashboard of CDE. Moreover, you can now receive alerts when situations are detected for deployments that may jeopardize the implementation of new features. I look forward to hearing what you think. Join me on August 10 for a deeper dive on all the new features available with CA Release Automation 6.2.


In closing, I invite you to participate in our private feature advisory community so your input can shape what’s up next for CA Release Automation. Click here to join.

Effective: Friday, July 29, 2016


We are pleased to announce the availability of CA Release Automation 6.2


What’s New:


CA Release Automation


CA Release Automation 6.2 contains all cumulative updates on top of Release Automation 6.1 and the following new capabilities and improvements:


  • New Certifications and Platform Support
    • AIX 7.2 agent support
    • Oracle Linux 6.7 support for all Release Automation tiers
  • Java 8 Support for Agents– Agents can run on Java 8 (Windows, UNIX and AIX)
  • Ability to delete unused environments
  • Public REST API for Permissions Management
    • Get user permissions
    • Set user permissions
    • Set user permissions in batch
    • Get group permissions
    • Set group permissions
    • Set group permissions in batch

TFS 2015 plugin – Allows users to create deployments with the artifacts created on a given build.

You can find more details on these features here 


CA Release Automation Continuous Delivery Edition


CA Release Automation Continuous Delivery Edition augments core CA Release Automation deployment capabilities with advanced capabilities to help you manage a complex and maturing continuous delivery pipeline.

As part of the CA Release Automation solution set, CA Release Automation Continuous Delivery Edition offers an easily configurable, visual, strategic, control point for managing, orchestrating, and optimizing the continuous delivery pipeline. Its benefits include the following:

  • Efficiently design and release multi-app, multi-team, composite applications from agile output through production—avoiding conflicts, driving collaboration and increasing visibility
  • Connect delivered content with business goals by tracking content such as user stories across the releases
  • Integrate with and orchestrate various tools that participate in your continuous delivery pipeline, enabling teams to leverage their preferred tool chains
  • Plan and execute releases using a flexible, visual interface that gives you complete control over your release cycle
  • Improve quality of processes, teams, and applications by defining and enforcing continuous delivery best practices


CA Release Automation Continuous Delivery Edition 6.2 contains the following new capabilities

  • Improved security model
    Allows better control and segregation of duty inside CDE. The release owner can now control who can perform which operation by assigning owners to the different phases and tasks inside the release. Access to third parties is controlled with a list of authorized users per endpoint.
  • Notification alerts
    Minimizes ‘time to action’ by sending email notifications to owners for important events, such as task failure. Notifications are sent automatically to all owners of the relevant task/phase/release.
  • New integration with CA Agile Central
    A new integration task with CA Agile Central (Rally) allows you to check the test case results in Rally to help you decide whether to promote the release to the next phase.
  • Dependency management
    Allows you to manage your functional /API dependencies between applications and avoid deploying partial content. For example, App1 has a new feature that requires a new API in App2. This is a functional dependency. Deploying the new version of App1 without deploying the corresponding version of App2 will break the new capability. You can now define these dependencies so that CDE can alert you when partial deployments are planned.
  • Manual approval on a phase
    Increase control and avoid errors in controlled environments (such as production) by configuring a manual approval on these phases. Only permitted people can approve, and deployment cannot start without this approval.


You can find more details on these features here




You can download the software from CA Support site


Suggestions for Future Enhancements to CA Release Automation?


Should you have suggestions for new actions or comments regarding CA Release Automation, please contact the sales account team/or share your ideas on the CA Communities website:


Questions, Comments and Your Feedback!


Please direct any questions or comments to the CA Support Team or refer to the CA Support Site to open a helpdesk issue

The Release Automation community is a great resource for getting feedback from our users, and ideas are the best way to gauge what type of features we should focus on for the future of the product. We wanted to show you that we are listening to your feedback - so we are starting a quarterly blog to highlight your ideas that have been implemented into the product or that will be coming in a future release.


Last quarter we released Release Automation 6.1. The version included the following ideas, as posted by you. These ideas have been marked as Delivered:

  1. Character Limit – Included in RA 6.1
  2. ROC: Fix Login Issues for LDAP users with certain characters in password -  Included in RA 6.1 cumulative (bug fixed in 6.2)
  3. Not able to delete applications from ASAP in all environments E1, E2 and E3. - Included in RA 6.1
  4. Add option when import an application with Shared Components -Included in RA 6.1
  5. Built-in Java Update for Release Automation Components - Included in RA 6.1
  6. Action Pack Atlassian JIRA - Included in RA 6.1


We also found some ideas we'd like to implement in future releases, these ideas have recently been marked as Currently Planned:

  1. Simplify SSL Application Between RA Components
  2. API for Nolio User and Permissions Management
  3. Collect logs filtered by time stamp
  4. Shared Component duplication


Please keep the ideas coming! In addition to taking your feedback through ideas here on the community, we are about to start a new partnership with our users where you guys can actively influence on the product roadmap as it is built...stay tuned for an announcement on that in the next few days!