Ask a Question, Get an Answer (May 17 - June 6)

Blog Post created by Melanie_Giuliani Employee on Jun 6, 2016

This blog post will highlight the helpful users who have answered questions in the CA Release Automation community in the past 2 weeks and provide a list of targeted questions for the upcoming 2 weeks. Will your name appear next week?


Shout-out to the following members who helped to answer one of the questions posted in last time's Ask a Question, Get an Answer.

Those users are:









Think you have a potential answer? Jump in! Here is the list of unanswered questions in the last 2 weeks:

RA for Tibco Deployment Automation (still waiting on an answer from last time!)

Is possible attach a file to a JIRA Issue in REST API action

ERP Releases  - CA Release Automation

REST API to assign artifact version to an existing artifact package

Action "REST operation" hangs?

Is "JFrog - Retrieve Artifact" change in JFrog Artifactory action pack, version 10.8.1506 described correctly?

When attempting to remote upgrade agents, does not get renamed to nolio_w.exe.  Any one else seeing this or had experience troubleshooting it?