• Introducing Your New Release Automation Community Manager: Octavie Chakoute

    Hi Release Automation Community!   I just wanted to take a second and let you know that I am leaving CA, and as a result I will be turning over my community management responsibilities to my colleague O...
    Luu Le
    created by Luu Le
  • Is anyone using Informatica PowerCenter to migrate objects thru CA Release Automation?

    We replaced manual process of migrating objects from Informatica PowerCenter to CA Release Automation. We have interfaces that connect to SAP with ABAP thru PowerCenter (pmrep objectimport). If there's ...
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  • fail to retrieve FlowManager. Current thread is not associated with a job id

    Getting error as "fail to retrieve FlowManager. Current thread is not associated with a job id". Not sure where to start debugging the same. All the actions are cancelled. Complete Error Log is as below :   2018...
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  • We are planning to move Lisa DB

    We are planning to move Lisa DB, Lisa databases from one data-center to another data-center. Please suggest us the required below steps for post DB migration completed. 1. Verification steps 2. Publish the Zero depl...
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  • Slow response for test button in Process Design screen

    There is a long delay between clicking on the "Test" button on the Process Design screen and the appearance of the window to select the server on which to run the test. The delay can be anything from 20 seconds t...
    created by LukeRandall
  • Transition to Broadcom and a Pause in Our Virtual Events Programs

    As I'm sure you've read/seen by now, Broadcom's acquisition of CA Technologies is now complete. Because of some changes we're making to our systems (webcasts, registration, etc.) we will be pausing our product roadmap...
    Luu Le
    created by Luu Le
  • WAS-Uninstall Application Action cannot be loaded Error...

    Hi Team,   When I am trying to execute the WAS:Uninstall Application with Valid inputs.It is showing an error like     But it has already Java 1.6 version installed on test server where agent is ins...
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  • Security Notice for CA Release Automation

    Hello,  Please be advised that a security notice was issues for CA Release Automation.  You can find additional information in the following link: CA20180829-03: Security Notice for CA Release Automation&...
    created by bluno01
  • Tech Tip:How to run interactive command line

    In same cases deployment tasks include execution of scripts that required user inputs through interactive prompts during the script execution. The following example can assist you automate similar scenarios: Assumin...
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  • Run all approved deployment

    Hi everyone,   What would be the best way to run all deployment that are "approved".   Let me explain. Let's say we have a manual approval gate on environnement ABC. When the approver logs in and approves ...
  • Loop

    I need an assistance in a scenario where i want to rename same files after copying in same folder. Ex: lmn.cfg_201806, pqr.cfg_201806  (Filenames)   I copied these files from source path to target pat...
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  • CA World '18 Has Been Canceled

    CA World 2018 has been canceled due to CA’s pending transaction with Broadcom, which is scheduled to close in the fourth quarter of 2018. We made the decision to cancel the conference, rather than gather so many...
    Lenn Thompson
    created by Lenn Thompson
  • Update content in Text File

    i have a scenario where i want to use Add Text to a File action to update content in same file,
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  • Programmatic way of updating supernode in nimi_config on execution server

    Is there a way to set the value of supernode in nimi_config.xml on an execution server programmatically?   You can set this using the ASAP UI. In the Agent Management screen, click on an execution server and the...
    last modified by LukeRandall
  • Running the SQL query through RA action

    Hello All,   I am running an SQL query from the RA action "Execute SQL Query on Oracle(c) Database Server". The query "select * from ARACCEPT;" is running fine. But when I run the query    EXEC &...
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  • Hi When Ia m going to test the actions the assigned servers Are not Popping up in Test ? DB is Working fine checked with that-- Please suggest

    Hi When Ia m going to test the actions the assigned servers Are not Popping up in Test ? DB is Working fine checked with that-- Please suggest
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  • Hey CA!!  Are you Listening?  Tell Us What You Think About CA's Product Feedback Processes

    Listening to our customers is a NUMBER 1 PRIORITY for CA.  After all, it is our customers (and potential customers) who help us to validate assumptions about what features to put in our products.  As CA cont...
    Luu Le
    created by Luu Le
  • Top "X" Knowledge Document Feedback

    Hi All,   In efforts to further enhance your self-service experience, we are launching 3 polls within the Communities to help gain insight on your thoughts around Knowledge docs and how they are presented in th...
    Luu Le
    created by Luu Le
  • Changes in REST API URI's

    We came across many end-user facing issue "error 404", while accessing some REST API's. We identified and found that it is due gap in product documentation and restructuring made in Release Automation A...
    created by jaisa05
  • Put file (SSH) - explained

    the put file through SSH action type has some great capabilities, but the error messages and troubleshooting might be a bit cumbersome. Let me try to summarize how the action type works for both "put folder" as well a...
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