• Historical record of artifacts

    Under review
    4 votes
    The customer requires the overall list of artifacts deployed by environment. By default, only the last version is kept for a given artifact in a given environment/agent/server type.   We want to be able to have...
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  • Unexpected error  during remote execution request handling on agent

    While executing a deploy all the "run command line" actions that were executed on the phpx0090 server agent returned this error. Unexpected error during remote execution request handling on agent [phpx0090.telecom.c...
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  • Automation Studio UI Support for windows 10

    3 votes
    Hello, Is it scheduled that win 10 can open Automation Studio?   regards Javi
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  • Release Automation how to know which node is the master

    Hi everyone,   What is the easiest way for our sysadmin to find out what server is the master server for the NAC ?   Regards, GGV
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  • Introducing Your New Release Automation Community Manager: Octavie Chakoute

    Hi Release Automation Community!   I just wanted to take a second and let you know that I am leaving CA, and as a result I will be turning over my community management responsibilities to my colleague O...
    Luu Le
    created by Luu Le
  • Getting Deployment (Deployment) Status runtime (Succeeded or Failed)?

    I am trying to get deployment status from below API during Runtime. POST http://<host>:< port>/datamanagement/a/api/<versionId>/release-status    I added REST Operation API action at the...
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  • Need Parameter to get deployment Status of Pre,Post and Deployment Status?

    4 votes
    It will be very good if we have separate build-in parameter or REST API to get the Deployment Completion (Success/ Failure) Status in each phase ( Pre Deployment Step , Deployment Step  and Post Deployment Step) ...
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  • Jenkins plug-in uses Json instead of xml

    Under review
    5 votes
    Jenkins plug-in version currently uses xml to call run-deploymentplan REST API. The best practice in REST API call is to use JSON format so the Kenkins plug-in should use JSON format instead.
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  • Action is cancelled by a non dependant action

    Hi,  the action "Preparar carpeta de check out - LX" is getting canceled:   The reason:   Show Execution Information Cancellation reason: Dependee step result evaluator failed, result was [Step Result...
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  • Feature to Stop/Cancel deployment stuck in Distribute to Artifacts step

    17 votes
    we need a mechanism to be able to stop/delete/cance; the Deployments which gets stuck in the Distribute to artifacts stage directly from ROC instead of going through the JMX route. At the moment you can only do it via...
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  • Check for Offline Agents in Validation/Distribution Pending Phase

    7 votes
    Hey everyone,   based on this discussion Offline Agent for Post-Deployment not checked in Validation Phase?  and the CA case for it, I found out that it seems like I had the wrong idea on how the valid...
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  • Has anyone worked with Mulesoft's Anypoint Studio to setup in Release Automation API's for deployment? If yes, can you provide example of how you designed the process in Designer. Thank You

    Plan to export *.jar (Mulesoft's API) and import into Release Automation and setup process to deploy from dev to qa and qa to prod.  Interested in hearing your experience and tips and tricks to share with us....
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  • ROC - Update String Parameter in RA 5.5.2

    Hi,   I have a problem with the "ROC - Update String Parameter" action and i didn't find an answer in the community (i'm sorry if it already exists) !! I would like to change the value of a parameter (Release I...
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  • LDAP authentication set up

    Hi,   with ca-ra version 6.6 and above, is it so that distributed.properties not used anymore to set ldap authentication? i have "use.general.ldap.authentication" commented in distributed.properties but lda...
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  • General Availability Announcement for CA Release Automation Connector for z/OS Release 1.1

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  • Custom actions in a deployment failure

    12 votes
    It would be very useful in Release Automation if steps could be defined to be launched automatically when deployments go wrong. For example, if some step of some phase (initialization, deployment or post deployment) i...
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  • Is anyone using Informatica PowerCenter to migrate objects thru CA Release Automation?

    We replaced manual process of migrating objects from Informatica PowerCenter to CA Release Automation. We have interfaces that connect to SAP with ABAP thru PowerCenter (pmrep objectimport). If there's ...
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  • Release Parameters tab in Deployment steps view not rendering correctly

    When looking at the Release Parameters tab on a view of a Deployment Step, sometimes the page doesn't seem to load/render correctly.   When this problem happens the tab title shows in capitals as  "STEP.DES...
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  • Hi Team, What permission required to delete tags in tag management?

    Hi Team, What permission required to delete a tags in tag management? Is users require a super level permission to delete a tag? 
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  • Artifact distribution to execution server failing

    Recently we have seen an increasing number of deployments failing in the Pre-Deployment, Distribute to execution server stage. When the deployment fails we see an error message displayed like "Failed to distribut...
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