• Routing all OOTB system actions to custom login page in Onpremise

     Hi,    We have a requirement to route the all the OOTB system actions to Custom login page we have developed  in OnPremise.  can  anybody please let us know is there any way to configu...
    created by simbaple
  • Digital Transformation Customer Summit - London @May 22, 2019

    Join us for an exclusive Digital Transformation Customer Summit. This event is a great opportunity to gain insights into the state of Agile, DevOps and Continuous Testing as the foundation for achieving Continuou...
    created by Octavie
  • Widget for deployment heat map

    2 votes
    Allowing the tool (CARA) owners to find downtime to perform upgrades, DR tests, or general restarts Allow app teams (with access) to see their typical deployment times to schedule other deployments better so as not t...
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  • Unable to open Automation Studio, blocked by java security settings

    Hi,   I can't open the automation studio anymore.   I don't know if our security settings actually changed or something else is going on here.   It says it's blocked because the start of an applicati...
    last modified by MichaelGebhardt
  • Enable RA to send log messages to central logging infrastructure

    30 votes
    There are multiple central logging infrastructures available in the market: Splunk, Kibana, Logstash, Graylog etc. RA still writes log files to various files somewhere on the NAC, NES, Agents. Getting log information...
    last modified by Ralph_Staub
  • Full functioning unique RA web UI only, for design & all administration (and no studio)

    18 votes
    Hi It been some versions now of RA that we are having to manipulate both web UI and studio. Most functions are now available in web UI except test agents, user management, change logs, agent / server configurations ...
    last modified by khore01
  • Defining global cross application parameters inside RA (parameter structure)

    Under review
    32 votes
    Hi We have several customer request regarding the possibility to define in RA global parameters which can be shared and used inside the different application process design.   Ex A recent customer has the foll...
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  • Delete Deployments in ROC

    Under review
    44 votes
    It should be possible to delete deployments after a failed deployment stage. During development of step/process/flow you might run several test runs with failed deployments for debug purposes. Currently you are not a...
    last modified by chami18
  • A command line action keeps running after shell script complete.

    I'm using a command line action to run a shell script on the agent server with a set of parameters. the action is not stopping its run however i see the scripts was completed, or at least most of it got completed. Wha...
    last modified by nfrr
  • Has anyone  experience this issue (failed to remove agents) before?

    Under Agent Assignment, I am trying to remove an agent (server) under the utility section and I am getting the error below.  SO I am wondering if someone has seen this issue before.  I checked the logs but I...
  • Identified Schema Issue Requires a SQL Script Update

    We identified a schema related issue (tracked against defect id DE410797) with cumulative released at below dates.  RA 6.5 - Cumulative March 15th 2019 RA 6.6 - Cumulative February 6th 2019 - released RA ...
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  • ROC - Get Deployment Steps: Forbidden Error when User ID is in 2 different permission groups?

    Hi,   we have our permissions set up in a way, that projects use 2 AD groups, one for pre-production environments and one for production environments. Of course the respective groups only have permissions on the...
    last modified by MichaelGebhardt
  • Custom actions in a deployment failure

    14 votes
    It would be very useful in Release Automation if steps could be defined to be launched automatically when deployments go wrong. For example, if some step of some phase (initialization, deployment or post deployment) i...
    last modified by elorente
  • Need Help Migrating RA 6.6 from Windows 2008 to Windows 2016

    Last year I upgraded our small release automation environment to the latest version 6.6. Now I want to migrate our environment from Windows 2008 to Windows 2016. I have already read the CA Release Automation Best Prac...
  • REST API permissions

    What permissions are needed for a user to use the REST API to read from the following? https://<servername>/datamanagement/a/api/v3/applications/{applicationId}/environments/{envId}/releases/{ReleaseId}   ...
    last modified by LukeRandall
  • Unexpected error  during remote execution request handling on agent

    While executing a deploy all the "run command line" actions that were executed on the phpx0090 server agent returned this error. Unexpected error during remote execution request handling on agent [phpx0090.telecom.c...
    last modified by Jvrvrs
  • Action is cancelled by a non dependant action

    Hi,  the action "Preparar carpeta de check out - LX" is getting canceled:   The reason:   Show Execution Information Cancellation reason: Dependee step result evaluator failed, result was [Step Result...
    last modified by JulioCesarDominguez
  • Has anyone worked with Mulesoft's Anypoint Studio to setup in Release Automation API's for deployment? If yes, can you provide example of how you designed the process in Designer. Thank You

    Plan to export *.jar (Mulesoft's API) and import into Release Automation and setup process to deploy from dev to qa and qa to prod.  Interested in hearing your experience and tips and tricks to share with us....
    last modified by Effie
  • export / import sharedcomponent at revision level

    4 votes
    A shared component can have multiple revisions. A shared component can be shared across different CA RA infrastructure. When we need to align a shared component  on a given CA RA infrasructure, it can take time...
    last modified by birma04
  • How to Get Approver's details

    Hi All,   I am trying to understand,   How to get userid, email id of a user, who approvers the workflow request. I am trying to include approver's details in notification object (similar to user who trigg...
    created by AshishPataskar