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What happened last week in the CA Security Community?


Here's a quick recap...


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What happened last week in the CA Security Community?


Here's a quick recap...



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Get to know Ujwol Shrestha!


CA Communities Username: Ujwol

Company: CA Technologies

Title: Senior Support Engineer – Advanced Authentication & Single Sign-On

Location: Australia – North Ryde, NSW

What brought you to CA?

I joined CA as a college graduate when it came to visit our college back in 2002.

Why is the CA Security Community valuable to you and the customers you serve?

It is valuable because it enables me to interact with a wider CA security products user base and help them solve their issues. The solution and the tips that we provide in the community is searchable in the internet, this will assist other customers having the similar issue in the future to solve the issue by themselves by just following the existing solution. In a nutshell, CA Security Community can serve as a central repository of our knowledge and also as a platform to have greater interaction between CA and its customers.

Favorite dessert: Cookies and Cream

Favorite 3 movies of all time: Armageddon, Tears of the Sun, 3 Idiots

Favorite hobbies/interests: Movies, Music and Investments

If you were an animal, which animal would you be and why?

If I were an animal, I would be an Eagle. I would soar high and enjoy the most amazing views that the earth has to offer.


Note from Kristen: Ujwol - Thank you for being such an active and valuable member of the CA Security Community. Your helpfulness and commitment do not go unnoticed. Keep it up!