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Note: Weekly Recaps have been rebranded! Now, we are calling these "What You May Have Missed" - new tags are below.


What happened last week in the CA Security Community?


Here's a quick recap...



CA Security Community Member Spotlight – Louis K.

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Does CA Support meet your Language Requirements?


Questions Answered

Using OR operator in Policy Xpress

Custom SPS Error Page

Clarification Needed on SiteMinder Rules

When I click "Follow" should I have the ability to Add a new stream?


Product Tips

Policy Server :: Session Assurance : SmHost.conf

What is the correct Installer for SiteMinder ASA for Jboss EAP 6 server 64 bit ?

Do we support Load Balancer between Siteminder ASA agent and Policy Server ?


Product Surveys

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CA IdentityMinder Product Survey*

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Upcoming Events

Office Hours: Improving the CA Security Customer Experience - Potential New Support Offerings (Dec. 15th)

CA Single Sign-On Office Hours (Dec. 18th)

New Member Webcast - January 2015


Event Recordings & Transcripts


New Ideas (click to vote)

ARCOT OTP Soft Token PIN resets

ARCOT OTP Soft Token PIN complexity rules

ARCOT OTP Soft Token PIN support alphanumeric characters

Siteminder Agent: redirect to original target on wrong bookmarks

Certify R12 SP3 SDK for Windows 2012 Standard and R2

CA Single Sign-On (SiteMinder 12.52 SP1) - Report Server Certification for WebLogic 11g Application Server

Ability to propagate context template changes to linked partnerships

RSA SecurID Authentication Manager connector - managing some additional attributes


Be able to limit Unix commands to allow only specific options (without having to create an sesudo job or wrapper script to do this)

Single Sign-On Service : Sign and Encrypt Federation Messages : Key and Certificate Management for Federation

File scanning of Sharepoint blogs

TEMP RESOLVED: CA DataMinder / Data Protection - Allow Block Silently

CA DataMinder / Data Protection - iConsole event trigger queries hit the database directly, not via sproc or view

Get to know Louis!

louis kelly.png


CA Communities Username: LRKelly

Company: Citi

Title: Engineer Specialist

Location: Irving, Texas, USA

Why did you choose a career in IT/IS?

I saw the movie Hackers... then followed the White Rabbit... "Why, oh why didn't I take the Blue Pill?"

What value does the CA Security Community bring to you and your company?

An intuitive, centralized repository of knowledge for troubleshooting as well as a voice for clients to unite on enhancements that benefit all users.

Favorite dessert: I'm a foodie, so can't just settle on one... recipes, seasonal, mood, it all depends.

Favorite 3 movies of all time: I'm a movie buff, so this is even harder, here's a few I can watch on infinite loop: The Shawshank Redemption, Heartbreak Ridge, and Barry Gordy's Last Dragon "Catches Bullets with his Teeth?"

Favorite hobbies/interests: Billiards, Chess, Cerebral Games, Working Out, Physical Sports

If you were an animal, which animal would you be and why?

Grizzly Bear for sure. I love fish, wilderness, caves, cold weather, cuddly at times, hibernating and don't get on my bad side...


Note from Kristen: Louis - Thank you for being a valuable member of the CA Security Community. You rock!