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What happened last week in the CA Security Community? Here's a quick recap...


News & Announcements

GA Announcement for CA SSO Agent for SAP 12.51, CA SSO Agent for Oracle PeopleSoft 12.51 and CA SSO Agent for Siebel 12.…


Tuesday Tips

CA Security Tuesday Tip: Privileged Identity Manager: How to disable HTTP interface to ENTM GUI so that it can only be a…

CA Security Tuesday Tip: CA Single Sign-On - During Federation IDP intiated transaction, we get redirected to the /redir…

CA Security Tuesday Tip: CA Single Sign-On - When displaying the Partnership list in the AdminUI, one partnership is mis…

Question on time considerations for IDM generated temp password

What is ModJK?  When is needed with Identity Manager?

Videos & Slides

CA Security Community Replay: What's new in CA Privileged Identity Manager v12.9 (May 18th)

SLIDES: CA Privileged Identity Manager v12.9 Community Webcast


Answered Questions


Open Questions

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Upcoming Events

CA API Management Office Hours (May 28th)

Office Hours for CA Privileged Identity Manager: A Live Online Chat (Jun 9)

CA Advanced Authentication Office Hours (June 15th)

Office Hours for CA Single Sign-On: A Live Online Chat (Jun 18)


New Ideas

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Allow Logon ID to be editable

Need an user console method to cancel recurring report shapshot requests.

Support custom SAML

Remove SPS Location Dependency "/opt/etc/CA"

Separate Valid and Invalid ACO Parameters

CA SecureCloud to Support Postgresql v9.4.x (as a minimum)

Admin UI - Manage ACO in "text mode"

Remove IgnoreURL Case Sensitivity

Create Federation RunBook for SiteMinder/

Allow Valid Email Addresses


What happened last week in the CA Security Community? Here's a quick recap... Getty_166499394_75.jpg

Product Tips & Resources

CA Privileged Indentity Manager: Linux. JBoss will not start...?

CA Privileged Identity Manager JBoss Start, Stop and Restart Script For Linux

Upcoming Events

CA Security Community Webcast: 10 Ways to Improve CA Single Sign-On Monitoring (May 7th)

CA Advanced Authentication Office Hours (May 18th)

CA Security Community Webcast: What's new in CA Privileged Identity Manager v12.9? (May 18th)

CA Privileged Identity Manager Office Hours (May 12th)

CA Single Sign-On Office Hours (May 21st)


Open Questions

Answered Questions

New Ideas

Get to know Herb!


CA Communities Username: mehhe02


Company: CA Technologies


Title: Senior Director, Product Management


Location: USA - Framingham, MA


What brought you to CA?

My view that Security Management was a very important compliment to an overall IT Management solution and CA was one of the few vendors in the world that really covered both bases with industry-leading capabilities.


Why is the CA Security Community valuable to you and the customers you serve?

There is a tremendous amount of knowledge in the community members that can benefit other members and can help CA, which in turn, can further help members of the community and their organizations. It represents a perpetual value engine that benefits all.


Favorite dessert: There are too many to have a favorite!


Favorite 3 movies of all time: I like mindless action (Avengers), intricate plots (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy), gritty plots intertwined with history (Saving Private Ryan).


Favorite hobbies/interests: My 3 children and their activities (ballet & soccer), which I fully enjoy. My interests, independent of my children, will return when they are all off to college. I expect my hobbies won’t be the same as they were before children.


If you were an animal, which animal would you be and why?

Cheetah, fastest animal on land!


Note from Kristen: Herb - Thank you for your contributions to the Security Community! I'm looking forward to working together on more Community Programs around CA Single Sign-On this year to better serve our customers.