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What happened last week in the CA Security Community? Here's a quick recap...Getty_166499394_75.jpg

News & Announcements

Federation: IDP(3rd party) is sending user attributes and SP(SiteMinder) should persist the attribute name and value but is returning null value.

RedHat How To Enable Core Dumps cheatsheet In RHEL6.docx

Transcript CA Single Sign-On Office Hours (Jul 16)

July 2015 Ideas Snapshot Announcement.docx

Tech Tips

Tech Tip : CA Single Sign-On :: Policy server :: SESSION IDENTIFIER in smaccess.log

Tech Tip:  CA Single Sign On: Problem to import metadata file by using the AdminUI

Tech Tip - CA Single Sign-On: How to change WAM UI SSL port (hosted on embedded JBOSS server)

Tech Tips - CA Privileged Identity Manager: How to set up Endpoint with ServiceName for Oracle Server

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Get to know Chris!



CA Communities username: Chris_Stallone


Company: CA Technologies


Title: Community Manager


Location: USA - Islandia, NY


What brought you to CA?

I was working at a non-profit and needed an opportunity with more growth potential. I love the tech field and applied to CA. Everyone I interviewed with was so relaxed, calm, happy, and smart. The people are what sold me and why I decided to join CA.


Why is the CA Security Community valuable to you and the customers you serve?

I interact with a lot of the communities, not just security, but I can say the Security community is easily one of the busiest. The amount of information coming in is incredible. I find the office hours events to be one of the best features, you can chat with product experts practically one on  one and they will answer practically any of your questions right there. Not too many are taking advantage of that yet.


Favorite dessert: Cookies, but soft cookies, not crunchy. I am not a cake person, it’s too much fluff.


Favorite 3 movies of all time: Oh this is tough, I go to the movies religiously, my family and I are movie buffs. Wall-E is definitely one – the first 30 minutes have no dialogue and you’re completely drawn in, incredible. The Dark Knight – it made everyone take comic book movies seriously, and I am also going to wiggle the rules and say the Lord of The Rings Trilogy, Tolkien is a master.


Favorite hobbies/interests: I volunteer at animal shelters in my spare time, walking dogs, and playing with them until they get adopted. You’re kind of their temporary family until then, they look forward to seeing you and the love they show is just the purest form. I am also an avid gamer, not multiplayer wise, I enjoy single player games with a rich story and characters.


If you were an animal, which animal would you be and why?

Most would say I would probably be a dog, but, I would want to be an animal on the endangered species list. Maybe if there was just one more of them they could last a bit longer, or build up a solid population. That would be a pretty amazing contribution in my mind.