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CA Security Community: What You May Have Missed (Dec. 21st - Jan. 3rd)

Blog Post created by Chris Stallone Employee on Jan 4, 2016

What happened in the CA Security Community? Here's a quick recap...



News & Announcements

Take the CA Identity Manager Product Survey

Take the CA Privileged Identity Manager Product Survey

Take the CA Single Sign-On (SiteMinder) Product Survey

Ujwol's Single Sign-On Blog

General Availability Announcement for CA Single Sign-On 12.52 SP1 CR4

How to configure APS (Advanced Password Services) Help Desk Interface (APSAdmin)

Account certification task always defaults to EAdmin

Transcript CA Single Sign-On APJ Office Hours: A Live Chat (Dec 15th)


Upcoming Events

Office Hours for CA Privileged Identity Manager: A Live Online Chat [Jan. 6th]

Office Hours for CA Advanced Authentication: A Live Online Chat [Jan. 5th]

Office Hours for CA Single Sign-On: A Live Online Chat [Jan. 21st]



Account Template Creation Example

Creating MailUser Accounts using Identity Manager 12.6 SP6

Webfort Transaction id and ARWFSEQUENCE table.

Admin role scope issue in search results

Reading Policy Store Data

JAXB 2.2 Support on SiteMinder product

Siteminder Agent API Is not working with JBOSS

Impact of DisableUserNameVars....  and other header reduction tricks?

Assigning AD Group during Creation in Identity Manager

Siteminder SSO always login with Anon user with Siebel IP15 OpenUI

CA PIM case senstive sreach

Identity Manager monitoring

User Provisioning on Unix/Linux Endpoints


New Ideas

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Would like to see the Apache Web Agent configuration wizard automatically source the WA environment variables.

Would like to see the FSSUI updated to support the same features as the AdminUI

Would like to see the SDK offer full support of the features found in the AdminUI.

Log Rolling / Cleanup in IDM components

Certify IM r12.6 SP4 against JBoss EAP 6.4

Japanese Keyboard Enhancement request for CA SAM12.9

Support for ADAL in Secure Cloud

Additional LDAP fields to map mobile numbers and other additional fields needed for Flow Manager.

Validation of the Start Date for an access request

Programmatic provisioning of WAMUI administrators

CA Identity Governance User Access Review Administrator Interface Scroll Bars

CA Identity Governance User Access Review Portal  - Add a "Revoked" button