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CA Security Community: What You May Have Missed (Feb. 1st - Feb. 7th)

Blog Post created by Chris Stallone Employee on Feb 8, 2016

What happened in the CA Security Community? Here's a quick recap...



News & Announcements

Latest Knowledge Base Articles for Single Sign-On (Formerly CA SiteMinder) [2/8/2016]

CA IAM Gets Strong Customer Reviews

Chat Transcript: Office Hours for CA Privileged Access Management [Feb. 3rd]

End of Support for ObserveIT v5.6.4 and v5.6.8 from CA Privileged Identity Manager


Upcoming Events

Office Hours for CA Single Sign-On: A Live Online Chat [Feb. 18th]



when will the new PAM available ?

insert unique identifier to smaccess log.

USB and Network folder data can monitor on save ?

IDM java task API and task invocation options

PIM: Transitioned Communication Password Change

Difference between SiteMinder ValidateAccept/Reject and AzAccept/Reject

Is CA Webfort 6.2.9 is compatible with Oracle12c? We are using data direct driver 6 for webfort and WebSphere 6 to connect with current Oracle database 11G.

OAuth Authorization Grant and Best Practices in a JEE Application Server

IM events triggered after an ADS account is changed

AD Connection Error


New Ideas

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Remove CA Directory single core and single thread UPDATE limitation

Enhancement request for AssertionGenerate audit logging

Support OnAccessReject event for SSO federation partnership

CA PIM: Create group functions for ACL's

Need OverLookSessionX type of ACO variable that could key off of a request header such as XMLHttpRequest

Policy Server SiteMinder smaccess.log timestamps

SiteMinder password policy enhancement to help mitigate DoS attacks

IIS Webagent Reset when adding protection to new Site.