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What happened in the CA Security Community? Here's a quick recap...



News & Announcements

Community Hack - Following via RSS Feeds

Community Member Spotlight: Kristen Malzone [January 2016]

Notification for removing platforms that are announced end-of-active-maintenance from CA Single Sign-On platform support matrices

CA Single Sign-On support status for Windows server 2008 & 2008R2

Chat Transcript: Office Hours for Privileged Identity Manager [Jan. 6th]

Chat Transcript: Office Hours for Advanced Authentication [Jan. 5th]


Upcoming Events

Office Hours for CA Single Sign-On: A Live Online Chat [Jan. 21st]



In HCO if we use cluster do we get traffic evenly across all the policy servers?

custom error page when user locked account due to invalid password

creating additional proxymanager

Legal Disclaimer in Search Definitions not working?

Single Sign-On Cumulative Releases

Limit Concurrent login

Modify user task [check box for listed users]

Siteminder R12 Slowness issue

CA Federation partnerships configure fails


New Ideas

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Certify IM r12.6 SP4 against JBoss EAP 6.4

"Require Re-authentication for Sensitive Resources" needs to be supported using the Application Object.

APS Agents need to be updated in order to support IPV6

Enhance the REST WS call in PX

CA Dataminder Desktop clinet 14.6 integration with MS outlook 2016

Configurability of the UBP Module

Customize VST tab

Need method to runtimeStatusDetail from ExposedEventContextInformation

Support for ADAL in Secure Cloud